Inside QVC Podcast Episode 48: Renée Greenstein

Will Gowing talks to fashion designer Renée Greenstein about believing in yourself, getting what’s right for you, moving forward when faced with life’s challenges and the power of women.


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  1. Hi Renee love your dresses. I bought some dresses by Monsoon, but my favourite dress I bought this summer was your dress in navy with lips. Everyone admires it and I feel very confident when I wear it.
    Hope you do some more midi dresses for sale on QVC.

    Cheers and good health,
    From Hazel one of your many fans xxx

  2. Renee, just wanted to say how much I love your dresses. Bought the midi dress with lips design. So wonderful to wear. Fits so well and gets so many positive comments. Makes me feel very confident and happy.

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