Inside QVC Podcast Episode 49: Julia Roberts


Will Gowing catches up with QVC Presenter, Julia Roberts, to talk about life before QVC, determination through illness, and the world of writing.

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  1. Loved listening to your pod cast Julia
    What an amazing life love your strength and courage is inspirational.
    I wish I was more like you and took challenges head on well done

    Like you I got married abroad in beautiful Greek isle of Skiathos in 2015 just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary too so congratulations to you and Chris xx

    Take care and keep safe xx

    1. Hi Clair

      Thanks for your comments & so pleased you enjoyed the podcast. I think contracting and surviving polio has certainly contributed to the way I deal with issues, particularly health issues.
      We visited Skiathos many years ago when our children were 9 & 10… they are now 32 & 33 😱 – how did that happen? It’s a beautiful island – congratulations on your 5th wedding anniversary
      Julia x

  2. Hello Julia, I don t know you personally but I have been watching QVC for a long time, probably more than 25 years when I came to live in the UK (I am French and has been living in Scotland, in Edinburgh for 30 years) and I have always liked and admired you! I have now decided to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to your podcast, it was very interesting and it seems you had (and still have!) a great life although with lots of obstacles on your way. I admire your determination and positive attitude. Your Mum seems a great person and happy anniversary! I also wish you all the best for your heath and your writing career! I really just wanted to say this really! All the very best! 😊 Thank you Will for a lovely and interesting interview 👍 I will try to find episode 4 so that I know a bit more about Julia & QVC.

    1. Hi Genevieve
      Thanks so much for listening to the podcast – I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and also watching QVC.
      I’m very lucky to have a mum who wouldn’t accept the first answer given – she’s a very strong woman… I’m very proud of her living independently at the grand old age of 94.
      Will is great isn’t he
      Julia x

  3. First time I’ve listened to a QVC podcast. Thought I’d dip in as 50 mins too long BUT absolutely fascinating! Listened to the end…feeling uplifted! Thank you for sharing Julia!

  4. This is the first time I have listened to a podcast, and how interesting Julie and I are the same age also she and Chris moved together after 2weeks well I can beat that I met and married my husband within one month and are still married after 43years. I love QVC and Juila is just great and the fact that you can return anything you buy after using is great. Will definately be listening again.

    1. Hi Hatice,
      Thanks for listening to the podcast – re meeting & marrying within a month… when you know you know! Congratulations 👏🏻
      So pleased you enjoy QVC
      Julia x

  5. Hi Julia,
    I have followed you stories about you illness and determination. I understand you strong attitude to not let your health hold you back. I was 5 years old when I had Polio, and as a result I ended up in a wheel chair for months and suffered weekness at the back neck and spine. My sister also ended up with her Polio undetected due to her having nemonia same time as my illness which resulted later life in her 30’s having toes broken and reset with surgical inserts for her shoes. Myself I had to go for otherpedic exercises 4 hrs every week for 7 years. Took calcium for my bones, that strengthend my bones.
    Following on to my secondary school I ended up playing goal attack for my competing netball team at secondary school, a very good dancer, good posture, and became one of the first 3 females to get Management status in a top bank.
    Then in my late 40’s I noticed my leg would collapse walking at least 4-5 times a week, could be either leg the doctors at the hospital stated that it was due to my spine. My sister lives in Australia and she follows up on some of the papers written by top medical consultants regarding Polio and confirm that it is common for Polio victims to have problems with their bones late forty.

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