Inside QVC Podcast Episode 51: Alison O’Reilly


Will Gowing talks to jewellery expert Alison O’Reilly about the significance of jewellery throughout our lives, why she loves working on special commissions, and the cosmic nature of gemstones. Alison also shares a candid account of her recent health issues and thanks QVC customers for their incredible support.

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  1. Hi Alison.
    I’ve just listened to episode. Firstly I want to wish you all luck, love and hopes for you getting over everything that’s going on…. BIG HUGS.
    I’ve listened to you saying about the very special blue diamond. I’m not on facebook or instagram, just twitter and I’ve been trying to contact you to say a VERY BIG thank you for advising me on a company who do lab grown diamonds [ via Charlie Brook ]. I now have my special lab grown orange diamond grown from my little dog’s fir [ and now desperately trying to get her set into a ring and having trouble ].
    PLEASE hurry up and get well soon and get back to QVC and our screen.
    We all wish you well and get better soon.

    1. Hi Debby, thank you so much for your lovely kind wishes. I’m so glad that could help with the diamond.

      I’d love to hear more about it as I’ve not heard of fur being used before- wow! You can search my contact details on google xx

  2. Hi alison.

    So glad you’ve seen my message. I’ve taken the chance and tweeted you. fingers crossed you see it. Would love to give you all the details about my diamond and send you photo’s.

    Do take extra care.. xx

  3. Dear Alison,

    It was lovely to hear your podcast and I was so sorry to hear that you had been unwell and had missed you on QVC and wondered where you were.

    I am glad that you are on the mend and I am sure that your very positive attitude helped you on your way.

    I am a jewellery fanatic and just LOVE diamonds. In fact I think I have an obsession with them.

    In memory of my late Dad I had a ring made with some of my inheritance from him and chose a marquise diamond in 18ct yellow gold and had a “D” for Dad engraved into the band.

    It was a very emotional experience but I am so pleased I did it.

    My Dad new I loved diamonds and in fact bought me diamond stud earrings for my 21st Birthday which I knew nothing about and so it was a huge surprise. I still have them of course 37 years later, jewellery is special and creates lovely memories too.

  4. It’s Jan we speak on Instagram, still missing you at QVC Alison, great pod cast. You’ve great knowledge. Wishing you loads of luck in your recovery.

  5. hi alison,

    i am so pleased you have been in remission what a year for you and your family
    i wasn’t so fortunate. my precious 36 year old son, Bill, was diagnosed with stage four cancer in january this year having had no symptoms at all. it had spread through his bones and sadly we lost him on 25 march. this disease is so cruel and causes devastation for so many. Bill leaves a wife and three beautiful children and we are still picking ourselves up and coming to terms with this tragedy. our lives will never be the same again obviously but i am happy that you and your family have been spared the devastation it can cause. I wish you well

  6. Hi there lovely Alison
    I have only just found this – I am not on Facebook, Twitter or anything like that but I have wondered what the situation was with you as I have really missed seeing on the best TV shopping channel, that is QVC!. I am SO pleased you are better and I so wish you all the very best.
    Take care Alison and am sending you my very best wishes. Looking forward to seeing you again on QVC.

    Lusia x

  7. Hi Alison,
    So good to listen to your podcast and hear your upbeat chat about my favourite subject …diamonds! Very pleased that you’re starting to feel better after such a dreadful illness in the last year. You have been missed on QVC by us viewers and we really look forward to seeing you back on the jewelry shows. Like you, my most favourite diamond cut is the emerald cut followed by baguette, just simply beautiful. My least favourite is the princess and radiant emerald cuts. I never tire of looking or buying beautiful jewelry and especially love pre owned pieces. Having recently redesigned two of my own diamond rings and designed my daughters engagement ring, I think you must have the best job in the world to be doing this daily.

    Take care, keep getting well and hurry back to QVC when you’re well enough.
    Very best wishes,

  8. Hi Alison
    So sorry about your year, but great news you are in remission.
    I am going through chemotherapy at the moment having being diagnosed last year with bowel cancer spread to the liver, another 3 rounds to go.
    I hadn’t heard about your cancer and often thought where you were as l missed seeing you on QVC, but hopefully it won’t be long before you are back.
    Take Care xxx

  9. Hello l have missed seeing you on QVC . I wondered what had happened to you. I am so glad that you are feeling better and look forward to seeing you on QVC very soon presenting all the lovely Diamonique jewellery. Love and best wishes, Lou x

  10. Alison.. sorry to find this out. Wishing you the very best.
    I love watching you on Q.. your knowledge is amazing !! So interesting, I could listen to you all day x

  11. Dear Alison,
    I am so sorry to learn of your cancer diagnosis. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time.

    I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back at QVC. Good luck and stay strong.

    Love from,
    Sally x

  12. Dear Alison

    I was wondering why i had not seen you on air recently, and sadly now I know why. I was heartbroken to hear your news. It sounds like you have really been through the mill in recent months, but listening to your podcast I was so inspired and humbled by the way you are dealing with your situation, it’s very easy to spiral downwards after news like yours, but clearly you have taken a positive stance in dealing with your condition and I admire you greatly for that. Your very much missed on our QVC screens and I personally can’t wait to see you back. Your presentation of jewellery is just so superb, really informative, descriptive and interesting, your passion for your profession shines through on screen which makes your shows so amazing to watch. I wish you all the very best for your recovery, I’m sure your positivity & inner strength will help you through this tough time, and that we can look forward to seeing you back on our screens soon. Big hugs.

  13. Hi Alison,
    Just heard your podcast wondered why l had not seen you on QVC with diamonique
    I was devastated to hear about you journey
    health wise and glad to hear your good news l know you have a great sense of humour which l have missed, my best wishes and Love for your recovery and hoping l will see you once again on QVC
    Shirley Shaughnessy xxx

  14. Hi Alison so glad you in remission. I had an operation last year for bowel cancer and consider myself very lucky to be here today. My husband not so lucky he died eighteen years ago from bone marrow cancer still miss him so much he was my rock. My eldest son has prostate cancer but doing ok thank god. So I’m no stranger to that horrible disease. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you back at Qvc. Take care.

  15. Hi Alison
    SO sad to hear about your battle with the heinous disease that is cancer. You are such a vibrant, positive person so I am sure you will win any future battles you may have.
    Sending positive thoughts to you. You have been missed on QVC for your knowledge, beautiful presence and personality. Looking forward to seeing you on screen again in the very near future. X

  16. Hi Alison, I’ve just listened to your podcast, I was wondering where you had gone, I hope you keep feeling strong and wish you the best in the future.Come back soon to QVC, xx

  17. Hi Alison

    I’ve just listened to your story of your Cancer journey, and I do wish you continued health in the future. I’m pleased you got the help you needed and required.
    All the best.

  18. Hi Alison I’ve just listened to your podcast, I kept wondering where you were as I hadn’t seen you in a while, I’m so sorry to hear how poorly you have been but also how brave you are, be strong. Hope to see you back on QVC when you are feeling up to it. Sending Angel Healing to you, big hugs 🤗

  19. Hi Alison
    I have been wondering where you were. So shocked, what can I say but thinking of you. Sending lots of positive energy

  20. Dear Alison,

    I was thinking about you this week and was wondering how you were doing and have just put QVC on whilst I’m working from home, and am delighted to see you on screen looking so well! Really great to see you back, I hope you are over the worst and are feeling a lot better. Alison C xx

  21. Dearest Alison, just watching you today on live TV. I just wished to say, that you look absolutely stunning with hair shorter. I wish you the very best of continued good health. Great to see you back on screen. Although we do not know each other i wish you lots of love from all my family. God, bless, keep safe. Hilary x

  22. Hello lovely , wondered why I had t seen you on qvc, watched Dominique today. 22 october. , I hope your getting g better, Dominique isn’t the same without you . I must say you look amazing, Hope your taking it easy ,I wish you all the best for you’re health & happiness & welcome back it was lovely to see you’re beautiful face smi?ing out of the tv. Xxx

  23. Hi Alison, I had wonder how you weren’t on the diamonque shows. missed your cheery wee voice & great knowledge. Great to see you back. Big gentle hugs.

  24. Hi Alison

    I’ve just listened to your podcast. I was wondering where you were. I couldn’t seem to find out if you were ill or had left QVC. I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer but so happy your treatment has gone so well. I love watching the jewellery shows. You are so natural and friendly and your knowledge is brilliant. I really hope everything goes well for you. Welcome back. Take care. Carol. Xxx

  25. Hi Alison

    Like others I had wondered where you had disappeared to and so very sorry to hear of your fight with the big C. I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago and have just had my clearance from the hospital so count myself as one of the lucky ones. My husband passed away 3 years ago this September with pancreatic cancer and my niece 5 years ago. I am so pleased that you are on the road to recovery and I saw the gorgeous picture of you on Julia’s QVC blog and you look wonderful. I wish you every good thing healthwise and send you lots of love and hugs. Stay strong Christmas is coming and they always say its the time for miracles.

  26. So missed you Alison , can’t wait to see you and hear all your info on jewellery , I have learnt so much from you . Keep well . Much love from a very happy customer , from Deborah .

  27. Hi Alison, just turned on QVC and you popped up on the screen. I’ve missed you soo much your such a lovely lady, only just heard you’ve been very ill but happy to hear you are on the mend.
    Take care lovely lady.
    June 😘

  28. Hello there, I’ve just watched you on air looking fabulous and such great news that you’re in remission. I’ve missed you talking so passionately about jewellery and especially diamonds, for which I too love! I have worked in the industry in previous years and particularly loved watching and talking to the goldsmiths while they worked, and meeting the reps who would come with the loose gemstones, and we’d chat about the cuts and colours etc, oh lovely!!! I still love learning about gems now, and I love hearing you tell us about them! It’s super to have you back, and I hope we’ll see more of you now you’re feeling better! Take care. X

  29. Hi Alison it was lovely to see you on the Dominique show last night I have missed seeing you I’m sorry to hear you have been very ill but so happy you are feeling so much better. Sending you lots of hugs look forward to seeing you very soon xx

  30. hi ali, so sorry to find out you have been unwell. still miss you , never forgotten , nice to see you are getting better , you take care my old friend . x

  31. Hi Alison hope you are feeling better.i was wondering if there is a chance that diamonque could make the wedding ring set like yours .I think it is so lovely but not be able to pay the price for yours.please let me know

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