Inside QVC Podcast Episode 53: Harry Slatkin

Will Gowing talks to entrepreneur, philanthropist and fragrance expert Harry Slatkin, who The New York Times called “The King of Home Fragrance”. He tells Will all about his celebrity clients and why the world of fragrance is so special to him.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Will what a lovely podcast story with Harry slatkin I really enjoyed listening to Harry about his journey and his family. Love he’s candles and hope QVC keep them coming to us.xx

  2. Love this and Homeworx. Mr Slatkin is a genius and a wonderful gentleman. He helps me to smile through it all and I Love how all of the scents make all of my home smell beautiful

  3. My favorites are always floral scents follow by fruits. I have to be careful with bakery scents due to making me soooo hungry!!! Any candles from Harry is exquisite!!!! As long as I can I will always purchase Harry’s candles. I wish I could use his bath products but I have very sensitive skin til I have to use a prescription soap! Keep up the great job!!!!

  4. I have been inspired by this wonderful podcast. I so enjoy the presentations and the feeling of warmth and kindness from Harry Slatkin when describing the candles and holders. I adore the candles that I have purchased from the range. My Dad is very ill and I have been burning the candles for him, as scent has always been important to him. It gives us great pleasure as they are so lovely, the perfumes make a great deal of difference when his other senses have diminished dramatically for him. Thank you the fragrances will be a great connection in the future. Many thanks. Stay well.

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