Inside QVC Podcast Episode 62: Dale Franklin

Will Gowing catches up with QVC’s longest serving male presenter, Dale Franklin! Dale reveals some of his QVC highlights from over the years, landing the job in the first place and the early days of the channel.

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  1. Dear Dale, love you you’re top dollar, Mrs Dale and family, dogs, congratulations 35 years, you’re the luckiest family. Yes Dale would love to see you on prime time it must happen soon please don’t ever give up, you have it, the X factor, I can see you like a Michael Parkinson figure, you need your own show you listen, you’re intetesting, and you’re so handsome. Wishing you all the very, very best! from mandy, oxfordshire! xxxxx

  2. Lovely podcast Dale. Very interesting how you got your audition! Fate is a funny thing. My late Dad used to say that everything happens for a reason but at the time it’s tricky to work it all out. Only looking back can you appreciate why things happened.

  3. Great podcast Dale, I absolutely love you presenting on QVC, you make me smile. I found your podcast very interesting,loved hearing about your life before QVC. Your a very knowledgeable man, your dress sence is impeccable also very handsome, I think you could host your own talk show,have various guests on, it would be wonderful, you have 2 gorgeous dogs, I’m a big doggie fan myself. Enjoyed listening Dale, your wonderful at your job. Wishing you & your family a Happy New Year. All the best from Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland.xxxx

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