Inside QVC Podcast Episode 67: Thank you – a 2020 review

Thank you to all our listeners for your support in 2020. In this special episode Will Gowing recalls some of his and your favourite interviews of the year!

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  1. Brilliant ….I’m gradually making my way through all the podcasts Will and a huge thank you to you and everyone who has taken part……I’ve been a QVC customer since the beginning and over the years you have been a lifeline for me (even though my family have never understood I now realise I’m not alone in feeling that you are special people without realising it and to get to hear about your families as they grow has been wonderful and I know absolutely that you have all helped a whole lot of us just by being there especially over the last 18 months or so) I did laugh the other day when Jilly said her daughter was 18 and I thought “she can’t possibly be 18, I remember when she was born!!! So many memories over the years,and thanks again for these brilliant podcasts, great idea xxx

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