Inside QVC Podcast Episode 79 – The Garden Escape Part 1

As part of our Garden Escape series Will Gowing is joined by QVC’s gardening expert, Michael Perry, to catch up with guru Richard Jackson and also Joe Smith from The Grumpy Gardener.

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  1. Hi micheal perry, i need a bit of advice on my fruit trees. I purchased the 4 bare root mini orchard fruit collection 718125 from QVC.
    Out of the four trees 2 have sprouted cherry and the apple, both have green shoots but the plum and pear have nothing. What can i do to get them growing, apart from watering, give them warmth and food.

  2. Hello I would be grateful if I could pose a question to one of your gardeners. I have always had a lovely lawn but over the last couple of years had a lot of patches have lost colour and now I have quite a lot. It appears I have ants in the lawn. Can any body suggest what to do to try and eradicate them.

  3. Hi. I’m sure riot boost is great but I fear I’ll never get to find out. Every single thing I plant with it gets dug up by the foxes. Any ideas on How to prevent this? Thanks

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