Inside QVC Podcast Episode 84 – Kathy Tayler

Will Gowing catches up with QVC presenter, Kathy Tayler, for a special announcement! We also hear from some other familiar QVC voices as we reminisce, look forward to the future and share some QVC love.

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Well, to hear fellow presenters give such honest and charming comments regarding their time working with you, must make you feel very proud. I really enjoyed your podcast, it was interesting and informative.
    However I will be very sad not to see you on QVC, you’ve always been very down to earth and tell it like it is, but always very professional and with a SMILE!
    I remember seeing the photographs of your daughters wedding and your outfit, (you looked so happy). I really hope you all have a great day when your son gets married. Something good to look forward to when you suddenly realise, no more early mornings.
    So enjoy your retirement with Mr Olly! Enjoy the things you have planned, but take of your health as well. Enjoy your family and grandchildren, you’ve earned it.
    Best wishes.

  2. Really enjoyed your podcast.GOOD LUCK with anything you may do in the future. You totally deserve your retirement. May all your hopes and dreams continue to come true.Wishing you and your family well.

  3. Wishing you all the very best in your retirement.
    Thank you for the many years you’ve kept me company on the telly.

  4. We will be sorry to see you go from QVC but I totally understand why you are retiring. Such exciting times ahead for you and I wish you, Ollie and your family all the best for the future. xx

  5. Will be so sorry to see go .what ever you do in the future good luck to you .Hoping you have a great life and enjoyable one missing you already .cheers to you x

  6. So sorry to hear your leaving QVC but I hope you enjoy your retirement.God Bless You. X❤⚘

  7. Enjoy your retirement Kathy more to life than work.Hope you have many happy years with Ollie and your family You are such a lovely lady Such a beautiful smile.

  8. Aw Kathy, I am sad that you are leaving. I will miss watching you as I love your style and chat, as you called ‘over the garden hedge’ style. I enjoy your honesty and don’t claim everything to be a ‘must have’ or give the ‘hard sell’ which I find off putting in some others. Your personal life sounds amazing. I envy you and send my very best wishes that you manage to achieve all those things you still wish to do and see and experience x

  9. Hi Kathy

    So sad to hear you’re leaving QVC. I wish you a very happy life with your family and friends. It was always a pleasure to watch you on QVC – so professional, honest and charming. What an exciting life you’ve had. I’ll miss you. God speed.

  10. Sorry too read that you will no longer be on qvc, But enjoy your new retirement plans. Life has so many paths for you too take. We have a caravan you never know I might spot you at a uk campsite very soon.

  11. So sad to hear you are leaving us will miss you and you’re stories about your family . But good luck in your retirement , I’m total enjoying mine fare well

  12. Hi Kathy,
    Sorry to hear you are leaving QVC, enjoy your retirement, meet you twice at Beauty Bash and Fashion Show with Simon Biagi.
    Will miss you on Wednesday Morning Style,
    stay blessed.

  13. Have a wonderful retirement Kathy, I have enjoyed watching your style evolution over the years and it has really inspired me. I loved Morning Style, loved watching you on QVC and shall miss seeing you on air. Take care.

  14. Dear Kathy,

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy retirement. Enjoy your free time. You will be missed . Good luck .

  15. What an amazing woman, wishing you all the very best in your retirement.Wishing you a long and happy life with your family. Good luck in your new venture. You will be missed xxxx

  16. Really sorry to hear of you going Kathy.
    Will miss your fabulous personality. Have a very happy and healthy retirement and may God and our lady bless you and your family. 🙂

  17. Hi Kathy
    So sorry to hear you’re retiring from QVC..I will miss your no nonsense straight forward approach! I wish you all the best in your retirement.
    Bev x

  18. Hi kathy so sad to see you go.
    As your in the same age bracket.
    Watched you on telly for many years.
    Love QVC, the presenters are very down to earth.
    I wish you lots of happiness in the future, sounds amazing.
    Enjoy you sons wedding.
    Time flys,i remember when you was oon the breakfast programme, before here and you brought on your first baby,sure her name was Rebecca.
    Im now 60 , would love to retire
    But not possible ,have a lovely time.
    Do as much as you can and enjoy it.
    So sorry to here about your mum
    I lost mine too,and miss her so much.
    Im sure your mum, would be very proud of you.
    Have fun
    Best wishes Angela xx

  19. Hi Kathy, it is with great sadness that I say goodbye and good luck to you for your future. You have always been my favourite presenter, no shouting, no putting on airs, graces and frills, always smiling, I will miss you so much, you have felt like a friend all these years! Enjoy your family and life. With love June x

  20. Kathy enjoy your busy retirement, not sure that’s the right word to use when I hear all that you want to do. I remember you when you were competing in the Modern Pentathlon, which I think was late 70s or early 80s. When I first started watching QVC about 13 years ago and saw you presenting I thought I know that lady from somewhere and it just popped into my head where from. You deserve to enjoy all that you want to do and I hope you get over long Covid as soon as possible and enjoy the wedding in June. Take care.

  21. Aww bless what a lovely lady Kathy is it was woderful listening to her life on and off QVC and I wish her the very best of health and happiness now on her retirement ‘ will miss you on style shows Good Luck Kathy enjoy your retirement and your family. Much love Nerina Xx

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