Inside QVC Podcast Episode 98 – Ophelia Dennis and Annaliese Dayes

Will Gowing catches up with QVC’s newest presenters, Ophelia Dennis and Annaliese Dayes! Ophelia and Annaliese talk about their backgrounds, previous jobs, the audition process and what they’re looking forward to here at QVC.


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    1. Hi Dorota, thank you so much for your message. We are so excited and loving it, it’s comforting having your support and hope you’ve managed to catch us xx

  1. Welcome ladies, can’t wait to see you both. I am looking forward to seeing how Ophelia’s skincare journey progresses to see how QVC brands work on women of colour of ALL shades.

    1. Hi Tree, thank you so much for your message. We are two weeks in and loving it! I’m really looking forward to my skin care journey also. I had a brief chat with Ali Young, she’s so lovely and real, and it was so eye opening, I’m planning to spend a bit of time with her in the next few weeks and will share..I’m glad you’re here for the journey xx

  2. Just watched both ladies live today and thought they were brilliant and professional! Good luck for your next shows and welcome to the QVC family.

  3. Looking forward to seeing both these ladies in action – it’s a pity their Twitter details are not on this page!

  4. Hi Will,

    A warm welcome and good luck to both Ophelia and Annaliese.

    It’s great to see QVC have employed two presenters that will represent us Black British SKIN when it comes to the Foundation, Powers, and lip-sticks.
    I look forward to watching you both, if you’re anything like your podcast wel I’m in for a treat.

    Ps. Alison Young is a great teacher in my opinion as she goes the extra mile when it comes to us Black Skin Girls.

    Warmest Regards.

  5. Hello ladies, lovely to meet you both.

    QVC has been a big part of my life for15 years, especially these past 18 months or so since we have had our evil unwelcome guest 🦠

    I look forward to seeing you both but since my husband is working from home, you are no longer on in the background 24/5 😂🤪😆

    Can I please ask for the number of the beautiful pink and purple you have on in your picture….I just love it 😍.

    Take care and be safe and well, and more importantly….happy…..Jane….xxxx

    1. Hi Jane

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a message for us! We are so excited to be part of QVC and everyone is so lovely.
      The pink and purple number is Kim a Co Brazil Contrast Stripe Jumpsuit (black/purple) 179245, it was the first time I’d worn the brand and love it!


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