Inside QVC Podcast Episode 161 – Kim Mendelson

Will Gowing catches up with fashion designer, Kim Mendelson, as she celebrates Kim & Co’s 25th anniversary with QVC. Kim tells Will about the highlights over the years, the inspiration behind her designs and some of the brand new pieces coming to QVC.

3 Responses

  1. Please Kim can we have a flare denim trousers in the variety of colours available in deluxe denim knit wide waistband narrow leg petite trousers(183279) a flared version in ace white,poppy,etc I would love I’m an avid Kim and co customer and have a wardrobe full of your clothes

  2. Hi Kim nice to hear that your coming to see us all again. I really enjoy your designs and and colours are amazing in which I have purchased many of your items since many, many years now, well actually since you came on air my wardrobe is full. I wonder if I could just ask you if you would be so kind as to make me a black wrap (on the too) dress which I bought in a few colours years ago but would love another new black one to take with me on holiday. This is because I am actually going on a cruise in June and would love to wear this dress on the captain’s table. I understand if your too busy but many thanks.

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