Inside QVC Podcast Episode 193 – Alison Keenan

Will Gowing catches up with QVC presenter, Alison Keenan, for a very special episode of Inside QVC. Ali has an important announcement to make, and we take a trip down memory lane with some very familiar QVC voices!


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  1. I’m listening in my cabin at the end of the garden on a very windy and cloudy BH Monday..a great listen, you deserve a rest! Enjoy what life still has to offer and enjoy your family and friends. Much love Mary x

  2. So sad to hear that you will no longer be on QVC, always a pleasure to watch, professional and knowledgeable, and always look beautiful.
    I wish you health and happiness for a long retirement.
    Ali you will be missed.

  3. Glad I had the chance to listen to Alison Keenan last QVC interview. One of my Favourite Presenter NO Falseness about her. Enjoy your Retirement. My husband retiring soon so more travelling for us also.

  4. I really wish you were not leaving as really do enjoy your professional presentation’s , you are a joy to watch and listen to . I wish you a happy healthy retirement and would like to know if there is any other social media you may be found ?
    Hopefully QVC will ask you to come and do a special guest appearance now and again … Christmas would be great fun for an appearance.
    ( although you might be hot tailing it outta there 😂)
    Anyway have a wonderful retirement I’m sure you deserve it .
    Love and best wishes to you
    Caroline xx

  5. I didn’t know you were leaving but I wanted to say how beautiful you looked in a blue slim fitting dress recently, sorry don’t know what brand!

  6. From 1 Ali to another Ally you will be missed loved watching you over the 23 years your so down to earth and genuine thank you I wish you a very long and happy retirement enjoy your sons fast approaching wedding in a few days been a pleasure always enjoyed watching you take care Ali lv from ally xxx

  7. Enjoy your retirement alison you will be missed keep well lovely lady you so deserve to enjoy your rest.x

  8. Beautiful lady, always always enjoyed listening to you and I have enjoyed QVC from its very beginning.
    Enjoy your retirement, enjoy your family you truly deserve some downtime in your life.
    Much love xx

  9. My goodness, what a shock. You’ve certainly earned a rest Ali but I can’t imagine QVC without you. I’ve always enjoyed your shows and have appreciated your comments and opinions. You could always be relied upon to be honest and I truly valued that.
    Whatever was going on in your life you were always happy and bubbly on screen and cheered me up when I was feeling a bit down.
    Have a lovely retirement. What a lucky family to have you and now they’ll see more of you.
    Thanks for the lovely memories.
    God bless

  10. Sorry to lose you from our QVC family, but I wish you all the best in you retirement. Enjoy your time now with your actual family.
    Wishing you health and happiness in your retirement.
    Alison you will be missed greatly.

  11. Probably my favourite presenter ever! 💕 Alison, I have thoroughly enjoyed your informative, hugely humorous, extremely honest & accurate presentations. Your Diamonique & beauty shows being my favourites. Have a wonderful, happy, long & healthy retirement. I will miss your smiley, witty shows & can I just say I love your hair styles over the years. The number of pictures I have taken to show my hairdresser of a ‘do’ I like. Much love. xx

  12. Hi Alison
    Sorry that you are leaving I wish you and your family
    all the best for the future good health &
    happiness 🥰

  13. You are such a lovely lady Ali, you will be soo missed. Enjoy your retirement and time with your family. Happy healthy retirement.xx

  14. Sorry to see you go. I always enjoy your sales chatter with the presenter and us watching. But….sometimes you just need to say ….its my time now. So enjoy your days filled with family, loved ones, the garden and travels I’m sure you will go on. I wish you all the very best retirement has to offer you. Miss you.

  15. Just wanted to say Thank you for all the times you have cheered me up with your lovely smile and delightful style of presenting over all the years at QVC and earlier at Good Morning, l hope you have a very long, happy and healthy retirement. All the best wishes you will be very much missed by the viewers.

  16. So sad we will no longer see you on QVC, such a lovely lady and always enjoyable to watch over the years. Wishing you all the very best for the future. Sounds like you will be even busier! Hope you achieve all of your goals, you deserve it…. You will be missed, take care x

  17. Dear Ali, you deserve a happy retirement because of your dedication to the QVC Community. You have also been such an inspiration to so many, God Bless you for that. Take care and enjoy this new chapter in your Life with those you Love.
    Love and sincere regards, Ali x

  18. Loved listening to your special final QVC poscast Ali. Nothing ordinary about you. Take care and enjoy your time.

  19. What a lovely lady you are Alison Keenan, you always have a lovely smile and a genuine warmth with you. Enjoy your retirement after a long working life. We as women need to look and care for ourselves as we give so much to family and sometimes you need to put yourself first. You will be greatly missed by so many viewers.

  20. Just want to wish you all the best with your next chapter Alison. You have been an inspiration in so many ways. We will all miss you

  21. Oh Ali, sorry to hear we won’t see your lovely face on QVC, but you deserve the rest and to spend time with your Husband and Family. Wishing you all the best for the Future xx

  22. Sad for us, but happy for you that you will be able to enjoy your family and boy oh boy you sure have earned the right to retirement from QVC. I met you many moons ago at a QVC jewellery preview event and I was struck with (1) how beautiful and tiny you were and (2) how lovely and kind you were. Onwards and upwards, gorgeous lady and thank you

  23. Ahh Ali. You will be very missed. You’ve always been my favourite presenter. You have a lovely personable way about you.
    I wish you all the best of luck and happy times during your richly deserved retirement.

  24. Congratulations on your retirement Alison. You are a lovely person as well as an excellent presenter.
    Your story reading during lockdown kept me going while I was shielding and I will always remember you for it💛.
    I wish you a long and happy retirement doing all the things you want to do especially spending time with your lovely family.
    You will be missed more than you can ever know.
    Good luck. Love Sonia xx😘🎉

  25. Dear Alison, wishing you all the best for your retirement. I will miss you so much. QVC has always been like a family to me from the beginning. Much love. Long happy and healthy retirement. XX

    1. Alison will be badly missed she was a great presenter all the best,and, god,bless good luck for the future you were a star with a great personality and sorry to see,you, go but, enjoy your, retirement Marian

  26. Will miss you so much beautiful Alison. A true pro and lovely lady. Enjoy your retirement and your new adventures to come xxxxxxxxxxxx.

  27. You are such a lovely lady Alison, you are a credit to your profession and I am sure you will be missed by all the viewers of QVC and your colleagues.

    May you have a wonderful retirement and enjoy your time with your family.

    Take care of yourself.

  28. My favourite QVC presenter. I started watching QVC 23 years ago when I was expecting my 2nd child. I discovered QVC when I took out some sort of TV subscription which QVC was on. I also used to watch you Alison on This Morning and was struck by your beauty.
    In my experience you are definitely as lovely off screen as on screen as many years ago at Sainsburys in Dunstable I heard someone cheerily chatting with the checkout assistant next to where I was checking out and it was you. I was quite star struck. Then when I was leaving the store and was crossing over to the car park, the car driving past stopped to let me cross. I was surprised in the first place as I hadn’t expected the car to stop and then when I looked at the driver it was you smiling at me. I was chuffed! (When I had crossed and you drove on l noticed it said “Ali” In small letters on the back if your car.) That moment of kindness has stayed with me, it was so lovely.
    Best wishes for the future Alison creating memories with your family, and good luck with your writing. You deserve any and every good thing that comes your way.

  29. One of my very favourite presenters, so enjoy every show she’s presents. A very professional lady, I will miss her hugely, such style.

    Wishing her all the happiness in the world. Stay safe and well Alison and your whole family. 💕

  30. Wish you all the best on your retirement Alison is such a lovely professional presenter l will miss her
    Enjoy your freedom lovely lady xx

  31. So very sad to say goodbye We haven’t been in contact for a while but you will be missed. Qvc won’t be the same without you your generosity of spirit and genuine warmth is so impulsive.I hope you enjoy being with your family with wee Honey Bee buzzing around you . you’re one in a million!

  32. lovely lady you will be so missed be healthy and happy. I have been here with QVC frrom the start and you are 1 of the best ever to work there h bailey (mrs)

  33. Look forward to lovely Alison’s last shows on QVC such a brilliant presenter will be sadly missed.

  34. Alison has been a great presenter throughout the years I’ve watched her for her wit and charm and is a very smart and classy lady you will be missed at QVC enjoy your retirement with your family good luck in all that you do

  35. Very best wishes in your retirement Alison you were an exceptional presenter good luck in all that you do. You will be sadly missed.

  36. Congratulations on your retirement, you will be sorely missed but a new life awaits and that’s all we can hope for.. you’ve battled so much in the past years with your illness Ali and come out on top, though I am sure there were many tears behinds the scenes.
    Good luck and thanks for all the fun and beauty you’ve brought to us viewers over the years xx DIane xxx

  37. wishing a very long and happy retirement, I’ve enjoyed watching and listening to you all these years at Q.. God Bless you and enjoy spending time with your loved ones 💕💐

  38. Very sad to see Alison go, I enjoyed watching her very professional and funny some times…lovely lady a big loss to the show but we all have to move on.
    Enjoy your Retirement.

  39. So enjoyed listening to your podcast. Have a much deserved rest, will miss you on QVC you always are professional and one of the most interesting presenters. Watched you last night with Charlie what a delight you both were, hope you got to open the champers!
    Wish you a long and happy retirement.

  40. My dearest Alison what a privileged it has been watching you over the last 23 years. Through the ups and the down but I would just like to thank you and wish you all the very best to you and Colin in your retirement.Enjoy xx

  41. I’ve purchased many items from qvc simply because you modelled them so well from dresses to Diamonique inspiring me as a mature woman giving me the courage to wear beautiful things. Qvc wont be the same without you! Good luck on this new chapter of your life.
    Thank you.

  42. I’ve purchased many items from qvc simply because you modelled them so well from dresses to Diamonique inspiring me as a mature woman giving me the courage to wear beautiful things. Qvc wont be the same without you! Good luck on this new chapter of your life.
    Thank you.

  43. One of the best presenters. You will be missed Alison. Not shouty like some.
    Have a wonderful retirement.

  44. What a wonderful podcast – such a remarkable lady who’ll be greatly missed by colleagues and customers alike – loved the Joan Rivers story! Wishing you continued success and best of luck with your next adventure Ali – will look forward to following you on Insta!

  45. Such a good presenter only been watching the show three Yrs I wish you well and enjoy your retirement hope you come back to visit them on qvc they will miss you dearly xx Deborah taylor new qvc customer xxx

  46. Aww Ali what a great interview…. You are going to be so missed… I hope you enjoy every second of retirement… please include Northumberland when you’re on your travels…. It’s not so grim up north 😂😂 … I’ll be eagerly watching your instagram.
    Best wishes lovely lady x
    Lots of love
    Christine xx

  47. My favourite presenter was my first person I watched on QVC and I will miss you so much lost my partner suddenly last year and you helped me through this. Hope you have a wonderful retirement and a long life .

  48. Good luck Alison on your retirement A wonderful presenter for 23 years Enjoy your family never ever change live life to the full

  49. Oh ALI,
    I’m going to miss you so VERY much. I’m one of the original Ali’s Army friends, and I can indeed call YOU one of my special friends. I hope you’ll have a long, happy and very healthy retirement. Loved reading all your blogs. Hope that little fairy I made for you many years ago is still doing its work, and will continue to do so for many years to come. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses.

    Love and very best wishes,
    Sue Radford xx

  50. I feel like I know you Alison.
    A true professional and a warm hearted person who makes it all look so easy – you will be truly missed.
    I’m semi retired myself and I can recommend it…. But don’t disappear’re still needed.
    Here’s to a new chapter … Enjoy … It is a true gift xxxx

  51. What a talented, accomplished person and lovely pod cast dedicated to Alison’s retirement. As we approach different stages in life so many important decisions to make, and none no more important than being with family. Take care and enjoy.

  52. Happy retirement Alison, will miss you and seeing your lovely face. Lots of love Linda O’Leary XX

  53. Hi Ali. So sorry to see u leave QVC. I’ve always loved your shows due to ur presenting and knowledge especially in jewellery. However all good things come to an end and it’s time for you to move onto pastures new. I wish for you the very best of health and happiness and may you enjoy every day of your retirement. Live for the day Ali and always look for the blue sky on a cloudy day. God bless you and thanks for the memories. Catriona 💕💕 X

  54. Thank you for all the years of presenting, hope you have many happy years of retirement, you will be missed. Lots of love.💕🌹

  55. Hi Alison
    Happy and healthy retirement xx
    You are such a beautiful lady and I really enjoy watching you on qvc. I’m going to be miss you so much but wish you all the best har

  56. Always loved you as a presenter because your so natural – you are you! I often watch at night when I can’t sleep because the chat between the presenter and the brand ambassador feels like a chat with family which includes me too – always pleased if your on. You always look so smart – I’d like to look like Alison Keenan and to wear what you wear. You’ve been so brave over the years and remained so cheerful when perhaps you weren’t feeling too good. Here’s to the next chapter in your life. I’m sure there’ll be lots of exciting things ahead for you. Loved the cake you shared with Charlie 😋
    Sue QVC customer

  57. Was a absolute joy listening to Ali talk there, reminiscing on everything. She’s such a lovely lady. I wish her all the best things in her retirement, and many years in which to thoroughly enjoy them. Ali, we will all miss seeing you on our screens. Take care of yourself sweetheart. Lots of love 💕

  58. You will be missed it has been a pleasure to watch you thank you enjoy yourself and keep safe

  59. Lovely Lady Alison.
    Mom and I watched you since you started , and through your journey with your presenting and your journey with your health. That you overcome and shared so bravely with the nation.
    You will be sadly missed on qvc presenting. Your a lady we can trust to buy from and when you say its good then it’s good.
    Enjoy your retirement with family and friends and most of all enjoy yourself its your time.
    Best wishes
    Big hug
    Cheryl x

  60. Dear Alison, I m so very sorry to hear of your retirement. I have watched you presenting over the years and must say how very professional
    You are. You have been a friend to me as you remember I followed you during and through your breast cancer and recovery. I feel very privileged to have been a friend and you likewise to me. I wish you the best of times ahead and hope you fill in as much as you can doing the things you love. I hope I will be able to keep in touch through the media. Happy days my lovely friend and I still hope one day we will meet. My love and hugs as always. Judith xx

  61. Alison,
    Your dignity and grace will be sadly missed. I watched your last two days with a lump in my throat. You were as ever the consummate professional!

    May your retirement be bright and your footsteps be light as you embrace all that’s precious to you. Go gently and be happy with all good things surrounding you and protecting you, with many blessings and much laughter.

    It’s been a privilege and humbling to see you through the storms and emerge as a butterfly. Your fortitude and courage have been an example to me and countless others, I’m sure.
    Angela 👼❤️

  62. Alison wishing you a happy retirement. Good health and all the happiness in the world. You will be missed.

  63. absolutely wonderful to listen to ,i felt quite emotional at the end ,wishing alison the very best of everything for the future ,a beautiful lady ,much love to you xxx

  64. I to retire today Ali and hope like me you are looking forward to sunshine and cocktails. I will miss seeing you on QVC and wish you a long and happy retirement. 🍾🥂 xx

  65. I will miss your sunny personality and fun filled shows. I wish you a happy and healthy retirement, have fun. Luv Carol xx

  66. Alison, You will be greatly missed. It is true QVC kept so many lonely people company during the pandemic, the thought of QVC without you is awful but I hope you will be happy and have a lot more adventures with Colin and enjoy your family and friends.


  67. You are in for such a treat. The one and only thing I will say is make sure you ENJOY yourself each and every day, you have earned this time. All the best to you and your

  68. Will miss you Alison, always love your shows, you’re a very special person , it won’t be the same at qvc without you. Wishing you a long and very happy retirement with your lovely family xx

  69. A tear in my eye Alison, knowing I will not see you on qvc again. Good luck with your new journey. I’ve been watching qvc for over 20 years. Lots of love, Layla x

  70. Dearest Alison , gosh I’m going to miss you so much, such a lovely person who inspires me so much and always cheers me up I feel as though I know you and your lovely family personally. I wish you good health and happiness always and enjoy your family life and retirement to the fullest . Thankyou for making my qvc experience so enjoyable , keep happy , enjoy your travels, sending much love. Caroline xx

  71. Alison, I wish you a long and very happy retirement. No that’s not quite right, I wish you all that you wish for yourself and your family and much more.
    God Bless
    Jenny Morrison

  72. Dear Alison l have watch you over the years and you are beautiful inside and out and your lovely smile l will miss seeing you on qvc hope you a wonderful retirement 😊 r

  73. So professional and yet so full of fun. You will be missed on QVC !!! Enjoy your retirement … well deserved and as a fellow retiree I can hand on heart say …. These are the days of our lives ❤️❤️❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  74. Hi Ali I’m writing this while listening to your podcast. Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while, time runs away doesn’t it. I used to write to you about our Charlie who was born the same year as your lovely Honey. He was 8 last January! Where have the years gone? I missed your blogs when they stopped during covid. I read your book about your cancer journey and found you truly inspiring. I had a health scare last year and I hope that had the worst diagnosis happened that I would be as brave as you were. Fortunately I was fine!
    I wish you a very long and very happy retirement. Make some beautiful memories with your family Ali. You will be greatly missed.
    Lots of love Sue xx

  75. Ali , what a lovely and genuine lady wishing you a very happy ,healthy retirement your be so missed in QVC
    Here’s to new adventures x

  76. Watching this incredible inspirational lady on QVC retiring brought tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing presenter in all ways. My mum loves you very much especially all youve been through and especially when you present diamonque. You deserve an amazing retirement. Bless you. You will be deeply missed by many. God bless you.xx

  77. Watching this incredible inspirational lady on QVC retiring brought tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing presenter in all ways. My mum loves you very much especially all youve been through and especially when you present diamonque. You deserve an amazing retirement. Bless you. You will be deeply missed by many. God bless you.xx

  78. It’s been a privilege to watch you over the years Ali. Your professionalism, knowledge, friendly approach have been exemplary and you’re going to be very much missed. I’ve never left an email before and wanted to do so in acknowledgment of the splendid, lovely lady you are. I wish you and all your lovely family, the very best for the future and the next stage of life’s journey for you. With love from Paula xx

  79. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast and watching you on your last Diamonique show.
    You will be missed very much.
    Wishing you a very happy and enjoyable Retirement, you truly deserve it.
    Much love from Lorraine Gray from Norfolk. XX

  80. I just heard today that you are retiring after 23 years! Listening to you on this podcast with Will is a snapshot of your personal story, thank you for sharing this . Your colleagues and friends are very complimentary and honest in their words too. You have been a true inspiration to many people including us. Wishing you all the best for your retirement, to spend with your beautiful family and friends ❤ xx

  81. Sorry to see you go alison, you will certainly be missed by the viewers and your colleagues.
    Everytime I see you on screen you look fantastic and dress so elegantly.
    Wishing you a fabulous retirement take care X

  82. A genuine lady ! No showing off , no cackling , just a genuine person . You will be missed : there is no one like you xx

  83. Well Ms Keenan. Its been a WHILE.
    Life has been very weird, as always in our house. Lockdown/Covid certainly knocked the stuffing out of us.
    Been such an epic effort trying to pull it all back together, but FINALLY seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
    Been difficult to keep in touch, as the QVC blogs don’t happen anymore, and I’m not on any social media. So glad I heard someone mention the podcast, but I wasn’t even sure if this was a platform to be able to comment.
    Meli starts secondary school after the summer break. Technically, she could have gone last year, but we all decided it was more prudent to hold back for a year. Shes more than ready now, and her 2 best friends will be in most of her classes. She’s using a very cool sparkly walking stick now, other than that, no other aid is needed. She amazeses me every single day.
    Adam, what can I say! He is a human tornado. SO funny, and a brilliant mimic. We have to apologise to some stranger every day, as he mimics people in supermarkets or anywhere else he happens to be. We still have the occasional behaviour, but nothing like before. We still have to leave lights on and doors open, but we are so used to it now, it really doesn’t matter. Hes calm, happy and absolutely THRIVING, we can’t ask for more right now.
    Graeme is still as wonder and lovely as ever, and I thank my lucky stars every day that he came into our lives when he did.
    OK lovely lady. This is where I wish you well. Sending massive hugs to you and Colin, and wishing you a long and very happy retirement with your family. Hugs to wee Honey too.
    We’ve been through it Alison, you and I. Some days we struggled, but always there to hold each other up, as did your entire Army.
    My love and very best wishes to you ❤

  84. Ah Alison – sad to hear this news but very pleased for you. I was lucky enough to meet you in Liz Earle’s store for a Mother of The Bride event. It was my first outing in my wig following chemo for BC and was devastated when you also had the misfortune to join the Pink Army! But we’re still here to tell the tale and feel blessed as you will too. Enjoy your retirement – you have certainly deserved it

  85. Will miss you but good luck in your retirement. Bet you will wonder when you had the time to go to work!

  86. Alison sorry you have left QVC I enjoyed everything you did and you will be very much missed.Enjoy your retirement just be happy 😊 xx

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