Inside QVC Podcast Episode 199 – Jenny Blackhurst

Will Gowing speaks to presenter and fashion expert, Jenny Blackhurst. Jenny tells Will about growing up around her parents work and the influence they had on her, as well as talking about Jenny’s world away from QVC and her love of fashion.

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  1. Thank you for this interview, Jenny is my favourite Presenter at QVC.

    Jenny is so warm and friendly also so informative, I try not to miss her when she is on screen at Qvc.

    Thank you Jenny, although I am 85 I feel you are a lovely friend.

    PS. I so love fashion too.

  2. Yes, Jenny is also one of my favourite presenters. Beautiful lady and always goes into great detail on Kim & Co’s clothing.

  3. Me too love watching Jenny on QVC and the interview was so nice to listen to. Jenny you are so knowledgeable about fashion, natural, down to earth and happy as you say yourself. So interesting hearing about your Dad and his business, nostalgic hearing about the very big wallpaper sample books too! Thanks

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