Inside QVC Podcast episode 22: Glen Campbell

Will Gowing talks to stylist, model and presenter Glen Campbell about his early years, how TV presenting came into his life, interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world, and of course, his work with QVC.

Ep22 Glen Campbell

Will Gowing talks to stylist, model and presenter, Glen Campbell, about his early years, how TV presenting came into his life, interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world and of course his work with QVC. 

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  1. Hello Will, thank you for your lovely podcasts. I’m really enjoying them. It’s so lovely to hear so much from all the guest, and getting to know more about them. Please keep them coming. Love all your shows as well with Allison and Katie. I love shopping with qvc. Thank you. God bless you. Antoinette. Ps can’t wait for your next podcasts.

  2. What an interesting man Glen Campbell is, he comes across as a lovely guy with the old fashion values our generation has, will definitely listen to more of Will’s Podcasts in the future, many thanks to all at Q.

  3. Love Glen – he’s honourable, honest and has hinterland in fashion and style. I value his expertise and listen attentively to his tips.

  4. Just a joy I enjoyed every minute and I always felt there was so much more Glen Campbell you are just the most natural guy with such fun with style and just so cool loved this Will A star pod

  5. I love Glenn C I always find that I can totally trust what he has to say. Such a knowledgeable chappie . Many years of expertise , good sound knowledge and wonderful at pointing out various things that I would never think of. He is always bang up to date and never rests on his laurels. He reminds me of my highly regarded favourite cosy wooley jumper. When I have it on it makes me feel just so. I dont think that QVC get him on air as much as they ought to.

  6. What a lovely interview with Glen…….very knowledgable and loved his analogies!
    He is such a smart and well respected gentleman on QVC.
    Keep up the good work Glen and thanks for all your fashion advice.

  7. Fascinating interview- what an extraordinary and interesting life, Glen is obviously a very intelligent and eloquent man, as well as being fun and a really nice genuine guy. Lucky folk who bump into him in the supermarket! Good work, too, Will!

  8. I think i may have just seen Glen Cambell on a train going down to Paddington. What a gorgeous looking man. Enjoy your Journey where ever you are heading. If im right about who you are its because im a fan of qvc.

  9. Very interesting to hear Glen’s various experiences from school to career.
    Always glued to QVC when he is on as he is genuine. You can tell he is doing more than selling. He is also advising so there is less returns from his presenting. He is a true fashion consultant.
    Nice honourable genuine gentleman.
    Thanks for all your advice.
    Well done Glen!
    Thanks Will enjoyed the interview.

  10. Watched Glen with Chloe this morning with Denim and Co fashion. Glen, thanks for a lovely cheerful show inspiring some great fashion ideas. I love the different stories and ways you tell us of how to put items together. I found your podcast today, so good.

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