While we’re all about embracing and loving what nature gave you, we’re also the first to despair on those days when our hair is just plain out of control. While some hair types are more prone to frizz than others – coarser, curly, Afro, thin flyaway or bleached strands experience it more than most – it always helps to have a few tips and products ready for an unexpected crazy hair day.

To find out what products we should have at hand, we asked Living Proof Ambassador Lotti Tyson for her hero products for smoothing out hair. In addition to her advice not to towel dry hair and sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid unnecessary friction, Lotti recommends oil as your number one frizz-fighting agent, as it both “tames and conditions at the same time”. She also advocates using a priming formula on wet hair to help smooth and block humidity. However she also says know when to admit defeat and let nature take its course: “When it’s super humid outside, embrace the frizz by using conditioning, styling products that enhance the curl or wave”.

Armed with Lotti’s recommendations, we rounded up the products perfect for maintaining smooth, manageable hair.

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