We love a relaxing evening shower or bath, with sleep-inducing oils and a luxe scented candle, but pre-8am, we’re sometimes in such a rush we’ll grab whatever shower gel is closest and be on our way. If this is your usual mad-dash morning routine, trust us, you’re missing a trick.

To give your day a proper kick start, it’s important to choose the right product. Much like we steer towards lavender and chamomile-infused evening treats in the evening, bright, fresh scents are essential in your morning routine for putting a spring in your step. Plus, there’s scientific proof of the benefits: Shelley Carson PhD, a psychology lecturer at Harvard, states that a morning shower can act as an “incubation period” for creativity – allowing your unconscious processes to mull over an idea and let it take shape – perfect if you’re gearing up for a big presentation or meeting at work.

Sound good? We’ve hand-picked a great selection of reviving washes, gels and creams for you to try out.

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