Those with dry skin will know finding a foundation that hydrates your complexion while not clinging to dry or flaky patches is tricky. Finding one that gives decent coverage and has good staying power is even tougher.

If you suffer from mild to moderate dryness in your skin, the first place to start is skincare, as even the best foundation can only sit so well if your skin hasn’t been nourished beforehand. But once you’ve got your skincare covered, which foundation type is the best for your dry skin? Bobbi Brown’s Senior Pro Artist Amy Conway recommends looking for liquid formulas, as “they are packed with more moisture and often have so many nourishing ingredients”. She lauds the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40: “it’s a treatment and foundation in one, which leaves the skin looking radiant and plump whilst locking in all the moisture to the skin. The sheer to medium coverage of this formula is so great to wear everyday and build up for evening also.” And with regards to ingredients, she adds ” the Cordyceps mushroom in this formula acts as an energy in the skin to ensure the formula looks radiant and glowing all day long.”

If you have dry skin, Amy also recommends using a brush to apply your foundation, as “a brush will always give you the most flawless finish”. She adds: “A top tip for dry skin is to apply with a brush, and then use the warmth of your hands to press the formula in throughout, for a really dewy finish.”

With Amy’s advice in mind, we rounded up the best foundations for dry skin below.

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