Sometimes, only a heavy-duty base will cut it: a foundation which covers every pimple and pore and leaves you flash photography ready and then some. At other times, something light and sheer which simply offers a helping hand is all you want and need.

Tinted moisturisers are that product. They can blur blemishes, cover dark spots and protect you from the sun’s UV rays (if you choose the right one), all while giving you a natural looking glow. And they’re not just great for the summer.

They’re multi-purpose, too, because on nights where you do want full coverage, they’re great for wearing under foundation. Make-up artist to the Kardashians, Joyce Bonelli, famously said that she applies tinted moisturiser instead of normal moisturiser to Khloe’s face before applying her foundation for a guaranteed flawless finish.

If tinted moisturiser is good enough for Khloe K, it’s good enough for us. Without further ado, here are the best tinted moisturisers to have you glowing all summer (and winter) long.

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