The humble make-up primer has gone from being seen as a ‘nice to have’, to an essential step in any make-up lover’s repertoire. Primers work to address the look of any skincare issues, before applying foundation and concealer – so whether you have dehydrated skin, redness, excess oil or enlarged pores, a primer will help to start counteracting these signs and make skin look even and fresh.

This beauty hero is also crucial for helping to extend the wear of your make-up, and create a barrier between the skincare you’ve applied, and the make-up you’ve chosen to use after. It creates a smooth base that evens out skin texture, so you’ve got the perfect blank canvas to work on.

We’ve compiled our favourite problem-solving primers, each specifically formulated to target a specific skin concern. If you have more than one complexion quandary, choose a few that suit your needs that you can layer up or mix together.

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