You may have heard the phrase clean beauty often used alongside other terms such as vegan, natural and organic. It’s been gradually brought into the spotlight, fueled by Gwyneth Paltrow’s health and wellness site Goop, and a growing shift in public consciousness led by millennials and Generation Z.

But what exactly is it? Richard Walker, CEO of vegan and cruelty-free brand Dr Botanicals, describes the term as “products that are free from harmful, or potentially harmful, ingredients. It also involves taking a more conscious approach to how beauty products can harm the environment, and how they can be made while keeping the health of our body in mind.”

The focus of clean beauty is on non-toxic ingredients, animal welfare and an eco-friendly ethos. Richard states that protection of our environment goes hand-in-hand with non-toxic ingredients: “clean beauty products should still be eco-conscious too”.

It certainly seems that our priorities are changing as we learn more about ingredients and the importance of preserving the world around us. Richard adds that it also means transparency, saying they are calling for “more regulation for potentially misleading packaging that may not match the product’s ingredient list”.

However, it is tricky to know which products and brands truly are ‘clean’, and getting your facts right can take a lot or research. So we’ve saved you some time, and rounded up just a few to get you started.

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