The number of factors that can dry out our skin is exhaustive, with a long list of both internal and external elements at play. The environment around us can drastically affect its condition – think air conditioning and heating, cold and hot weather, and pollution. Then there’s our water intake (always the first thing you should up, no matter what condition your skin is in!) and our diets, plus other irregular factors such as trialling a new skincare product, or undergoing a treatment for acne or illness – basically everything we put into our bodies and apply topically can play a part in drying out the skin.

We have little direct control over a number of those elements, so it is important to focus on the factors we can actually influence. If you’re getting your two litres a day and eating right, it’s worth turning your attention to the products you use and how they could help alleviate a dry skin spell. Swapping in a few hydrating heroes with targeting, moisturising ingredients could be the simple switch your skin needs to realign. And if your skin is constantly on the dry side, then the products in your regime are key to managing any discomfort and flakiness, and ensuring your make-up sits well in spite of your dry skin.

See below for our hydrating picks that will slot seamlessly into your current skincare routine.

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