If you have combination skin, you’ll know finding a foundation that suits the varying oilyness and dryness which makes up your complexion can be tricky.

Combination skin is typically characterised by an oily T-zone – your nose, chin and forehead will be more prone to shine and make-up separation, aka. sliding off your face a few hours after application – paired with drier skin on your cheeks (and sometimes chin as well).

With all of these different factors to take into account, it can be hard to find a foundation that suits combination skin types. We enlisted the help of Bobbi Brown’s Senior Pro Artist Amy Conway, who told us what to look for when searching out the best foundations: “Water-based products are so great for combination skin types because it boosts the skin with water as opposed to oil, which helps to balance both dehydrated and oily areas.” she says. Amy’s go-to for combination skin is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15: “It’s perfect as it’s a water-based formula that controls oil whilst hydrating, for an all-day wear that is natural and fresh-looking. I love it for an everyday foundation as it’s so seamless on the skin.”

If you have combination skin, Amy also recommends using a brush to apply your foundation: “Applying with a brush is always best for combination skin types to ensure you get an even finish that will last throughout the day.” If you’re wondering which type of brush, Amy adds: “a brush like the Full Coverage Face Brush is great for this as the bristles give a buffed-in application and creates that airbrushed look to the skin.”

With Amy’s advice in mind, we rounded up the best foundations for combination skin below.

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