Getting set for spring

As I look out across my frost covered garden, it’s hard to imagine sitting out there in shorts and a T-shirt listening to the humming of bees collecting nectar from our Ceanothus… but spring and summer are on their way and now is the time I start thinking ahead and preparing for those warm, balmy days ahead.

I’m not a “list” person by nature but here are the three areas I consider ahead of spring…

1)  Tidying up after winter – simply clearing your lawn of leaves or creating small leafy refuges for wildlife or turning over soil, etc. few of us want to, but it’s got to be done! So perhaps it’s time to finally replace that much-loved rake, you know.. the old heavy one that gives you that blister? Modern designs now incorporate strong but lightweight materials that’ll make your life easier in the long run. Take a look at the Grumpy Gardener 3-in-1 telescopic Leaf Rake, it’s affordable and versatile! I can also highly recommend the Radius range of shovels and spades.

2)  Pruning existing shrubs (if necessary). Some plants and shrubs need pruning back in the spring, such as roses, and some varieties of clematis, so make sure you have a good pair of secateurs. The Grumpy Gardener Ratchet Bypass Secateur duo will prove invaluable and make short work of pruning and cutting back.

3)  Planning new planting ideas and getting the most enjoyment from our space. Winter is a good time to take stock, think about what you would like to see grow in your garden, maybe buying some summer flowering bulbs, improving your lawn or getting a better show of flowers from existing shrubs? You might also want to attract more birds or other wildlife into your garden, patio or balcony or add garden furniture or decor this year. If your lawn suffers from moss or is looking a little shabby after the heatwave last year perhaps Richard Jackson’s excellent Premium Moss Remover and his Lawn Magic are worth a try? They worked wonders for me last year as did his ever popular Flower Power.

Put out nutritious food for the birds and they will come to your balcony, patio or garden. There are various designs of feeders available at QVC together with “no grow” bird seed mix from Richard Jackson and The Grumpy Gardener DeLuxe Fat Balls. Online at QVCUK.COM  we have curated a really comprehensive selection of fantastic Plants, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables from our top quality brands giving everyone with access to a balcony, patio or garden the opportunity to grow something special. On top of that we have a wonderful selection of gardening furniture, lighting and decor to help you enjoy your own space even more this year, however big or small!

Dale 🙂

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