Jungle hotels and houseplants

Hello everyone!

My gardening journey pretty much started with houseplants, and I’m really happy that they seem to have become so trendy at the moment, with even kids and teenagers getting involved. I think we have Instagram and other social media platforms to thank for this!

I was growing houseplants with my grandma from a very young age. She used to have hundreds on her windowsills (I’m not even even joking). I’ve spent the last few years trying to find a lot of those types too, so I can use them to help her memory live on.

Houseplants are often seen as a little bit tricky to grow, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You just need to make sure you plant the right plant in the right room. If not, it could to lead to failure. A cactus won’t grow in a shady room or a moist area for example, but a fern absolutely will!

The amazing ‘Houseplant movement’ also means that we have some beautifully designed containers that the houseplants are stood in. This means you can really add some personality to your indoor decor, thanks to the plants and the fun pots.

I was very lucky to be asked to make a house plant installation in an East London hotel recently, and I really let my imagination run wild!

Part of a big promotion with the Dutch flower council, me and two other designers were asked to install houseplants into the suites of the hotel. The intention is that it become the first jungle hotel in the UK.

I really enjoyed doing the project, and in particular, some very nice multi-planted containers that I made up in the lounge, with a whole range of different jungle-like plants. This really helps guests feel immersed in nature. Not only that, but I also commissioned the U.K.’s first living floor rug, a mat made entirely of moss!

For the bathroom I managed to find some very neat suction containers, so we could dress the walls with beautiful trailing plants. I also made an impromptu living wall by stacking ferns on the shelving in the bathroom.

It was such a fun project, and because it was a short term installation, we could really be imaginative. However, there was a serious point to it. The separate areas were designed to inspire people to copy that little part in their own home.

A few little tips for houseplants:

It’s often better to water from below, by placing a source of water beneath your plant and topping it up every so often. That way, your plant will just drink what it needs.

Also, reduce watering in the winter. This is the time of year when plants are not growing as strongly, so they won’t need as much water or food.

Give your plants a summer holiday, too! During the warmer months your plants will appreciate cooling down on a shady patio.

At QVC, we recently introduced an exciting range of  different house plants.  What’s more, they come in great decorative containers. They’ll be sent to you ready to place in your favourite corner of the home.

You’ll see me in many of the videos on the website, giving you that all-important positioning advice!

Have a click on the website today. A houseplant would make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone.

See you soon, and happy gardening!



Photography by Joy of Plants