Gardening season is upon us!

Hey guys!

Gardening season is upon us, and doesn’t it feel good! My plant addiction is back with a bang – as if it ever went away… I even snapped up a few Nemesia on QVC, from last week’s Garden ReLeaf Day for Greenfingers.

Now, don’t be too fooled by spring. As I write this it’s summery, but alas frosts are still very much a thing. Even though we are braving shorts and legs during the day, it’s still like zero degrees at night. Don’t fall for the “fool’s spring!”

I’ve been busy with the telly this month, not just at QVC but also with Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4. We got behind the scenes at Kew Gardens to cover their orchid festival and find out a few extra tips and tricks for growing these home beauties. Now I know exactly where to cut the dead flowers off – and what a resting period really means.

At home, I’ve been playing as usual. I recently brought some of the lovely Belarina Primroses inside as a houseplant. It lasted twice as long as a bunch of cut flowers, I’ll tell you that. I actually took a trip to the breeders behind the plant this month too – the Kerley family – where I spotted a few new colours (and a few that I can’t show you!) Amazing plants are on their way. There’s also trailing frilly pansies, it was like a sweet shop, and I was a kid in it!


We’ve had a few Today’s Special Value offers this month too, the most fun of which was the faux trellis with my dear friend Lorna. She doesn’t half make me laugh. We created some super content to promote the offer, and it turned out to be a very successful day. If you watched, you’ll also have seen the other fun and games we did, such as the “guess the garden” game…


For the first time in two years, the garden press event was on in London. It’s always a hot bed for new plants and gardening accessories, and I was particularly taken with the rubber seed trays. Never buy a seed tray again!


Back home, I was experimenting again with some tropical coloured pots, oh and a gorgeous black and white one. I do enjoy creating pots, it’s possibly one of my favourite tasks. Although, I did need to clear up my garage, so my weekend off was spent doing just that. It took ages, but at least now I feel more Zen and I finally have a work space. As soon as it was cleared, I was trying out a few kokedama – trying to get right – but I’m happy with my results.


The month rounded up with a little northern trip. I was sent to a daffodil field near Lincoln, filming a live segment for Steph’s Packed Lunch. It was brilliant, and we even “delivered” a bunch back to Steph in the studio! Later that week I was in the studio building rockeries on tables.


And as I write this blog, I’m catching up on my emails in London and preparing for the hottest plant Today’s Special Value offer of the month. It’s the amazing miniature fuchsias… hope you snap a pack up!

See you next month,

Michael x