What I’ve been up to this January

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? I really don’t to be honest. I think you should be able to start behaving better at any time of the year. But if you were to ask me about resolutions this year, I’d say to be a bit quicker with what I do in my garden… I always seem to be running late on everything, but you know, I’m a busy guy!

Ah, January has been really busy. Somehow the first few days were very quiet but it’s just exploded since. I’ve been busy at QVC, and also up north on Steph’s Packed Lunch, plus I’m also putting the finishing touches to my book!

But I did fit in a few days to start a couple of new hobbies – knitting and making cappuccinos! You can see the pictures here. Yes I know, I dropped a stitch, and my froth is too fluffy. But I’m learning…

When in London, I like to go out and explore, try new foods and see new places. At the moment the winter containers are looking super fit, especially the ones in Mayfair, with no expense spared of course.

Check out the amazing Christmas rose displays. I was also overjoyed to find the tiny parks – these are old London underground ticket booths that have been filled with plants. Here’s a photo of one at Kilburn Park.

I’m very excited about the snowdrops, they should be coming through soon. I spotted a couple the other day in a graveyard near my home. When snowdrops start, we really know the year is starting.

Have you seen the BBC show Green Planet yet? I am transfixed every Sunday evening. There’s so much to learn, I need a notepad!

I’ve been super lucky to see some of those plants in the wild too, such as the Rafflesia flower in Borneo. I bet you can guess what my book is about right?

Just before Christmas, I did sneak in a little visit to the Eden Project, almost in preparation for the Green Planet. It’s always humbling to see what goes towards making the every day things that we eat and drink, such as coffee trees, and the pods that chocolate are made from.

I rounded off the month with some videos and photos too. I had another photo shoot at a new local flower shop in Chiswick, with Capri from the backstage team. It was fun, and she has made me look really rough and ready – I love it! I’ve also been filming new content for QVC. We recently did composting with our new rotating composter – very fun and educational. And lastly, I’ve been convinced to do my first Reel on Instagram, which is like TikTok – check out the dancing!

This month at QVC, you should be looking out for summer flowering plants. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s a good time to order them, so we can get you to the front of the guest list. This way, you know you’re getting just the ones you want, and they’ll be sent at the right time for planting out.

You also still have plenty of time to plant bare root plants, such as perennials, fruit bushes, and roses. It’s a really economical way of filling your garden, and winter is the perfect time while they’re dormant!

Till next month.

Michael x