Introducing: BeU by Brenda Edwards

It’s finally here: Brenda Edwards‘ brand new fashion collection, BeU, has arrived! Chock full of iconic, bold pieces, including gorgeous jumpsuits and standout separates, this stylish collection has been designed with inclusivity in mind so you can look and feel amazing every day.

We recently caught up with Brenda to find out more about the fabulous collection and the inspirational woman herself.

Hi Brenda, we’re so excited about the launch of BeU! What can we expect from the collection?

‘You can expect lots of bold, beautiful prints and bright, vibrant colours. Every piece in this collection was designed to make you feel as good in yourself as you will look wearing them.’

What has surprised you about the process of creating your own fashion range?

‘I’ve learnt a lot about how much work goes into the material and colour choices, and even the process of making my own prints! I was surprised to learn that different types of materials are better suited to different types of clothing and that certain materials can make two designs look totally different. This collection has been two years in the making so the lead in time was also a huge surprise.’

BeU by Brenda Edwards

What are some of the core messages you have tried to communicate with your range?

‘I want women to feel that they can be adventurous with their clothing and never restrict themselves. Everyone should feel confident in their bodies and know that they look good while also feeling comfortable in what they’re wearing. The pieces in my collection aren’t restrictive and look great no matter your shape or size. I put a lot of myself into each piece, so when you wear them I want you to feel that you can truly Be U!’

What excites you about spring fashion?

‘I love spring fashion because you can really experiment with colour and vibrant prints. We have used a range of lightweight materials in this collection that will blow and flutter in the spring air and truly put a spring in your step!’

BeU by Brenda Edwards

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

‘I can’t wait to see women walking down the street wearing clothes from my collection, seeing that they look amazing and knowing that they feel it too. I’m also looking forward to continuing to work on the range while getting feedback from customers – with them at the heart of the collection it can keep growing and evolving.’

Thanks so much Brenda! We can’t wait to see more fabulous styles from you in the future.

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To explore BeU by Brenda Edwards and find gorgeous pieces for yourself, shop the styles on our website here.