Stay tuned for the Brenda Edwards Style show

Are you ready to inject more fun and colour into your wardrobe? Because singer and TV personality Brenda Edwards is here to help you do it, as she showcases pieces from some of her favourite QVC brands in the Brenda Edwards Style show. First airing at 8pm – 9pm this Thursday (9th June), it’s one to watch for the latest fashion ideas, brought to you in a passionate and engaging way.

We recently caught up with Brenda to find out more about it and the inspirational woman herself.

Hi Brenda, we’re very excited about the Style show! Are you looking forward to getting started?

“I’m very excited to get started on my Style show. I’ve been keeping the secret of joining the QVC family since mid-2021 and I’m really looking forward to helping to boost the confidence of the viewers with my style.”

What can viewers expect from the show?

“You can expect to hear some stories of the challenges that I have faced over the years shopping for what I want and how I overcome them, which isn’t always easy. I want to show how to have fun with fashion and not be scared to go for it with colour and print. I will be putting outfits together from head-to-toe, to achieve that complete look.”

What are some of your favourite QVC fashion brands?

“Some of my favourites from QVC include Julien Macdonald, Phase Eight, Helene Berman, Denim & Co. and Du Jour. I’m also a bit of a magpie and love shiny things, so naturally I’m attracted to the Diamonique range and of course, my dear friend and fellow Loose Women colleague, Ruth Langsford (to name a few).”

Are there any designs you’ve got your eye on at the minute?

“I have been wearing a lot of Kim & Co – I have an outfit for every event. I love the comfortable cut and feel of their garments.”

Where does your love of fashion come from?

“When I was younger, I wanted to do two things – to attend performing arts school and to make my own clothes to wear. I always knew I wanted to do something creative and music and fashion go hand in hand beautifully. I used to draw up little outfit ideas for when I was performing and I would save up my money and ask a friend to make them up for me. I loved the fact that no one else had my outfit on if I went out on that stage and really enjoyed creating my own pieces back then.

For me, it’s about how I feel when wearing my clothes. I always want to feel confident and happy when I step outside, and how I look naturally assists that. And a nice bit of jewellery is a bonus to give my outfit that sprinkle of sparkle! I love to find the right accessories for my clothes with a beautiful jewellery set.”

We often see you in fabulous jumpsuits, what do you like about jumpsuits especially?

“My staple piece in my wardrobe is the jumpsuit. I like to wear jumpsuits for ease, and you don’t have to always think about what top goes with what bottom, or if the dress is dressy enough or long enough. The jumpsuit can be effortless. I used to think that I had skinny ankles, so didn’t tend to wear many dresses. In my mind, I wanted to cover my ankles up as much as possible and jumpsuits, trousers or jeans would do just that.”

You also know how to rock vibrant colours and bold prints! Do you have any tips on how to wear them?

“I always used to wear black. Bold colour and prints were the last thing you would see me in, and then when I went through cancer and chemotherapy, I wanted to do something to give me a pick-me-up and restore my confidence in my body after undergoing surgery. I realised that wearing colours and prints would really make me smile and feel empowered in my clothes. My advice is to just try introducing a little pop of colour and print here and there to start with. I admit that my wardrobe is predominantly bold colours, prints and sparkles now!”

Do you have a favourite print?

“I’m more into geometric prints than animal ones, and I do love a polka dot too.”

It’s all about summer styling right now, so do you have any go-to’s when dressing for a warm day?

“When dressing for a warm day it’s all about comfort, so a lightweight flare jumpsuit, with a nice wedge or pump for comfort in the feet. I’d usually put my hair in a ponytail, showing off my hoop earrings, with a matching chain and bangle maybe, and a bag big enough to hold my little bolero for later should the weather change, which in the UK it usually does!”

Lastly, if there was one item from your wardrobe you couldn’t be without, what would it be?

“I guess really the one item from my wardrobe that I couldn’t be without would be my standard black jumpsuit as it’s suitable for all occasions. Some things don’t change!”

Thanks so much Brenda!

To watch the Brenda Edwards Style show, tune in to QVC Live at 8pm this Thursday. In the meantime, get a sneak peak of what Brenda’s loving and shop the styles on our website here.