7 tips to master the art of jewellery layering

Stacking necklaces, bracelets and watches, earrings and rings – jewellery layering is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, that’s for sure. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. What necklaces work well? Which rings look best stacked together? In truth, there’s no definite way to mix and match your jewellery – it’s definitely not one size fits all. But if you’ve no idea where to start or need a nudge in the right direction, we’ve got some tips to guarantee a stylish jewellery stack every time. And just a note – its perfectly fine (more than fine!) to layer more than one type of jewellery in the same look. Just follow our tips for each separate part (earrings, rings, necklaces etc), and then use our last tip to ensure they look great both separately, and together too. Choose your base A simplistic foundation should always be on your list. This could be a couple of pieces or just one. Think a delicate chain, a classic watch like this one from Diamonique by Tova, or band ring. Something fairly minimal or simple. This helps to ground your stack, making it look more effortless and not too OTT. We think this flat herringbone bracelet from Diamonique is the perfect place to start. Think about a focal point This is a centerpiece for your stack. Whether you have a delicate pendant (we love the star cut of this Diamonique one) or a chunky chain to draw the eye, large hoops to set your stack scene, or a sparkling rock to center your rings around, you can build your look around a piece just like you would an outfit. If you’re feeling bold, a piece like this Lola Rose Kreena necklace or these Dannii Minogue Megastar Earrings are perfect. Size matters A crucial part of jewellery layering is allowing your pieces to shine through and not crowd each other out. Finer pieces sit well together in most scenarios, but for example when it comes to necklaces, different lengths and shapes are crucial to getting the layering look spot-on. Fine rings and earrings always look incredibly chic together. This Diamonique set of round studs in different sizes can be worn  up your ear stack for a very cohesive, minimalistic look. Or, if you’ve chosen a large pair of earrings or a statement ring for your earring and ring stack, think about graduating away from that focal piece with smaller, finer additions. Bracelets lend themselves particularly well to this, especially if you’re pairing with a watch. For your wrists, try this dazzling Diamonique watch, or bracelet, paired with another smaller sparkling piece like this Diamonique pave link bracelet, and then complete with a couple more delicate pieces such as these Kings Road bracelets by Lola Rose. Make some shapes Again, there’s no hard and fast rule, but a good way to think about this is to either match or contrast your shapes. If you’re wearing chains or rings that are a similar size and colour, different shapes can create a cool-looking contrast. A simple way to do this is to team round stud earrings like this set from Diamonique, and pair with these Diamonique Star studs – same gemstone, same style – just contrasting shapes. You can choose to deviate a little too – your shapes don’t have to completely mirror each other. So with a necklace like this round locket, you could pair with a fine chain with round stations like this one from Diamonique to help to echo your focal piece. Add an element of colour We love a monochrome jewellery look, and stacks look gorgeously chic in the same metal colour. But if you feel like there’s something missing, you could try adding in a different hue to the mix. Whether it’s mixing your metals (always an on-trend look in our opinion), adding in colourful gemstones like the ones in this Diamonique bracelet or some coloured beads like the Eversham bracelet or the Oscy necklace from Lola Rose, it can lift your layering look to the next level. Contrast textures Textures are a great way to add a different element of interest to your layering effort. It’s very understated, and if you want to keep all your jewellery the same colour, its an alternative way to create a multi-dimensional look. Different chains can be a good way to try this, for example, pair our base herringbone chain bracelet with a twisted rope chain, and complete the look with a smooth rope chain like this vintage-style friendship bracelet. Think holistically Most importantly, whatever jewellery you’re layering, it’s a good idea for have an element of  synergy to your pieces. Whether that’s the same metal colour, stone colours or shapes, try to keep one part the same for a theme to (metaphorically) tie them all together. Visit our jewellery department for more inspiration, and to start building your stack!