How to dress an hourglass shape

In need of a wardrobe update? Dressing for your body shape is a straightforward way to find styles that complement your figure perfectly. Here are our key tips and top picks for when it comes to dressing an hourglass shape.

Tip one – nail your base

If you’re an hourglass, chances are you have a full bust and rounded hips that create that coveted curvy figure. One of the key things to start with when it comes to dressing an hourglass figure is your underwear.

If you haven’t for a while, get yourself measured! A well-fitting bra will help to lift and shape your breasts, without compromising on comfort. If that old bra you dig out from the back of the drawer is the wrong size, your clothes won’t sit as they should. A good bra will help to emphasise and smooth your shape.

Tip two – it’s all about the fit

With such a defined figure, hourglasses can look boxy in looser, flowier clothing. Just think, if you have a full breast and a small waist, a flowy top will come out at the chest and drop straight down, completely covering your narrowest point.

You might assume the curvier you are, the more you should avoid fitted styles. Not the case! We’re not aiming for tight, but a slim-fit that follows the lines of your body can make you look leaner, while highlighting your best assets. Think belted waists, tailored blazers and form-fitting dresses – these will all give you that va-va-voom factor.

Tip three – raise those waistlines

When it comes to trousers and skirts, a higher waistline will flatter an hourglass figure. Let’s take jeans as an example. The eye is drawn to the waistband of the jeans. If you opt for a lower rise, the waistband will hit you at your hips, which can have a broadening effect. Go for a high-waisted pair and you’ve effortlessly highlighted your slender waistline.

The same works for dresses too. If you’ve ever worn a dress but can’t put your finger on why it isn’t working, it could be the waistline. When trying a dress on, just think “is this hitting me at my smallest point?” If the answer is yes, you’re ready to go!

Tip four – keep it simple

Ruffle sleeves may come in and out of fashion, but they aren’t always the best choice for an hourglass shape. With your natural curves, you want to avoid adding volume around the shoulders or hips, as this will make you look wider.

Aim for fuss-free sleeves and boat or V-necklines on top, and trousers and skirts that are slim to the hips and you’ll maximise your amazing figure.

Tip five – that’s a wrap

The hero of the hourglasses wardrobe – the wrap-over. Whether a top or a dress, a wrap-over will complement your curves. Generally featuring a V-neckline, a fuller chest is beautifully highlighted while feeling supported, before the wrap takes the eye down to the waistline, emphasising your narrowest point. Details such as ruching and ties at the waistline also help to bring the eye down.

Not only are wrap dresses and tops flattering, the style is also easy to dress up or down depending on your occasion. A midi-length wrap dress will look just as stylish with a biker jacket and trainers as it does heels and sparkling jewellery. This will be a staple in your wardrobe you can rely on.

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