Boasting great coverage, non-irritating formulas and a longer shelf life than traditional make-up, should every cosmetic bag have some mineral in it? Mineral make-up hasn’t always been a beauty favourite. In fact, it used to be seen as hard to apply with the effect being almost mask-like, giving anything but a natural-looking finish. Make-up artists loved it, because it photographed so well, but in the real world it could end up looking patchy, and the loose powders could be messy and their packaging bulky. While the idea of make-up that doesn’t contain preservatives, chemical dyes, binders and talc is an appealing one, it’s only recently that innovations in mineral make-up have made them wearable and easy-to-use.

What makes mineral make-up different from regular make-up?

In actual fact all make-up could be classed as mineral-based, but where mineral differs is in the ingredients it leaves out of its formulas. Mineral make-up formulations won’t include parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives or chemicals, which is why they are a good choice if you want natural make-up or have sensitive and/or reactive skin.

Can it safely cover spots and breakouts?

Mineral make-up became a firm favourite with acne sufferers for its ability to cover angry breakouts without suffocating the skin. It means hiding a breakout doesn’t compromise the skin’s ability to heal itself and the non-comedogenic formulas won’t clog pores, which could potentially lead to even more spots.

Will it stay on all day?

Mineral make-up is very long-wearing and compared to traditional make-up formulas is actually highly-resistant to sweat, heat and humidity. If you daren’t hit the treadmill, your early morning spin or your break-of-dawn bootcamp without make-up, then mineral is a good option because it won’t dissolve when you’re getting hot and sweaty. If you find your usual make-up struggles to stay on the whole day without touch ups, then switching to mineral could see your base go the distance.

Will it protect my skin?

By its very nature mineral make-up contains a natural, non-toxic SPF in the form of zinc oxide so if wearing sun protection every day is on your wish list then it’s an easy win. Mineral formulations also reflect light and give the appearance of soft focus, so you get SPF and airbrushing in one.

How do I apply it?

With traditional mineral powders the application technique involves swirling a kabuki or short-bristled brush in the powder, tapping off the excess and then buffing into the skin in a circular motion to get a seamless coverage. Mineral liquids can be applied like any other formula – apply with fingers, sponges or brushes.


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