Chores, chores, chores

Hello – I do hope you’ve been keeping as well and safe as you can. It’s certainly a strange time that we find ourselves in. Something that I’ve been obviously thinking about, is how much time we could find that we have on our hands.

We were supposed to be going on holiday to Lanzarote, but that’s obviously not happening now. So with the time off already booked I’ve been thinking of what we can do with the kids and what jobs around the house we can get sorted.

I’ve bought some paint as I want to re-paint the front door… I’ve gone for salmon pink – might be horrendous! I’ve not told Scott LOL. I’m also wanting to paint the shed, so I’ve got grey for that. Our garden is such a mess. After storm Dennis and the other one, two fence posts are down and it needs a good day or two of weeding and cutting back. Hopefully we will get some sunny days to do this!

If you’re like me and thinking of using your time productively, then do check out our gardening section. Our Garden Inspirations page is a great place to start if you’re looking for ideas.


Our Council is charging for green bin pick-up now… don’t get me started! So we are just going to take it to the tip. These bags are fab for collecting garden waste, but also storing things and keeping the shed organised.

Maybe you’re thinking of doing the decking or patio, then this pressure washer is great, and it also works as a wet vacuum cleaner too, so great for cleaning out the garage etc.

In terms of keeping the kids from killing each other and driving me mad, I recently spent a small fortune on card and glitter and general crafty bits, in case their school shuts. It is no coincidence that in the same day I also bought 6 bottles of wine! Imagining the noise and mess and fighting over the pritt-stick gives me shudders. If you love your New Zealand whites like I do, we have a set … who needs loo roll 😉

If you are a crafter then we have some lovely Anna Griffin sets too. There is some Christmas paper available at the moment, if you wanted to get ahead of your card making, these are great, and some Xmas shadow box card-making sets. If you are not a crafter this will sound bonkers to be thinking of Xmas, but a crafter will know how crazy they get before Xmas as everyone expects a homemade card, so it’s actually a good idea!

There’s an amazing selection on our website of all kinds of Dies and Embossing plates and beautiful paper, so definitely worth checking out.

If you’re also thinking of what to do with the kids, apart from keep the germy little monsters in the shed and throw Wotsits at them… jokes… we are more of a Hula Hoop kind of family, then we have some brilliant glow in the dark play foam to keep them occupied and encourage their creativity. We also have a telescope for looking at the moon… not the neighbours, as I inadvertently did with ours! It was an accident, honest!


For the grown-ups, this week we have some great Big Deals for you:

Beautiful bedding from Silentnight.


A sassy mop and bucket set – Clean Spin 360

Orly nails set – seven pieces.


A MarlaWynne dress.

And next week we have a brilliant Big Deal, from the 20th April, from Tweak’d. You get their Choco-loco Cleansing Volumising Scrub – you use this once a week in place of your usual shampoo, then follow with the Choco-loco Volumising Clayditioner with Rhassoul Clay, Chaga Mushroom and Cacao.

And you get the Dhatelo Restore Hydrating Treatment Balm – a serum-in-cream treatment balm that helps to seal split ends and protect hair against heat and it’s ideal for dry and damaged hair that need a little extra TLC. Your hair will never have looked or felt or smelt soooo good. Just don’t be tempted to eat its chocolatey goodness when you’ve eaten all your quarantine snacks after one day… I maaaay have already munched through our supplies! OOPs!

On a serious note, look after yourselves, loved ones and those you can.

Loads of love
Alex xx

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  1. Hi Alex

    Watching the Rieker show and loving the styles! I don’t have access to any social media and wonder if you can please tell me what the wonderful pink nail varnish is? Thank you. Stay safe and thank you for still being there for everyone.

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