‘Allo Alliums!

Hey there. How are you all doing? This is such a weird time and it feels strange to be blogging as I’m sure some of you are going through some very tough times. So I’m gonna try and keep it light – as is my way, but please don’t take that as not acknowledging what’s going on for some families right now.

So in general terms let me tell you what’s been going on in my household… and maybe some of you can relate!


Home-schooling has its challenges! Ask me a question about Orangutans at the moment, and I reckon I could answer it. However, ask my 7-year-old, 4 days into learning about them, what the ape we are learning about is called and she looks at me like I asked her to recite Harry Potter backwards in Latin! *Slaps forehead with hand and pours more wine!

The 5 year old, soon to be 6, which basically means he thinks he’s 21 and knows everything (not annoying at all), had maths work the other day which was – and I kid you not – ‘fold a piece of paper into 4 pieces to show quarters’ That was it! That was maths for the day! Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful that we don’t have as much as some of my friend’s schools, but really?? Anyway, at least I could do that one and didn’t’ look like a muppet!

So yeah, its not something I’m really enjoying, I also hate crafty stuff, well it’s more the extra mess, so we are not excelling there either. Argh! Queue the mum guilt at social media showing every other parent making fairy houses, doing puzzles, making cakes, building tree houses. Urgh. *tops up wine.

I also cannot stop eating!! Like what is that all about?! Thinking about it, it could well be because of all the wine. I am contemplating putting a lock on the treat cupboard and only giving the kids the code!

Lulu has never been walked so much! The kids gave her a little makeover the other day – it’s kids hair chalk don’t worry, and Scott wouldn’t let her keep it as he said the other dogs would laugh at her! Izzy also gave him a little makeover too!

My favourite flowers are out in the garden. My Alliums! The whole garden got the Richard Jackson treatment with the Slug and Snail control, so my other fave plants, my Hostas will look fab this year and hopefully be hole-free!

We are certainly very grateful for our outside space right now.

Here are just a few of my QVC beauty products that I’m using daily…

The Shay & Blue Blood Orange fragrance is amazing. I love this. I struggle with fragrances, most make me feel a bit sick and give me a headache, but I don’t get that from this range.

The Gatineau Tan Accelerator is a must to keep hold of your tan! Don’t forget to use our Supersize of the Month from Ultrasun in the day to get the best tan with protection. I’m in love with it!!

My skin is very dry so I’m using The Quench from BeautyBio daily. And day and night I’m using the Talika Eyelash Serum which is giving me longer and stronger lashes! Dreamy!

Also I’m using the OPI Nail Envy treatment, I’m desperate for a mani and pedi! I can paint my left hand but then my right hand will look awful! LOL! So at least a treatment helps keep them strong.

Do keep an eye out for all our Big Deals and TSV offers to grab some fabulous savings. We have a sandal from Earth Spirit on the 20th May.

Also check out our podcasts. Will has been chatting to Laura Geller in the last one and I believe Richard Jackson is next!

And whilst you’re on our website please have a look at our Giving Back Campaign, where we are raising money for the Nation Emergencies Trust, with your help we are hoping to raise £200,000! You can take a look here.

We are also sending 10,000 QVC care kits to 6 hospitals across the country, put together by QVC and the wonderful Abi Cleeve, that will contain skincare for the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff working tirelessly right now. Thank you so much for all you do.

That’s all from me for now, thank you for allowing us into your homes to keep you company, I hope we make you smile. Sending loads of love.

Stay well, stay safe,

Alex xx

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  1. Alex you made us laugh…loudly! As two retired teachers the prospect of having had to homeschool our son and daughter in the day would have been more than interesting, for them and us. Keeping you spirits up and sense of humour is the winning tonic and you have it in bucket loads! Keep on laughing. Good luck anyway as I’m sure your kids will look back on this time with lots of positive and happy memories of you and them together. You’re doing a great job keeping it real and a super mum.
    Stay well.

    1. Thanks so much Angela 😊 And I agree, I think my kids will remember this very differently to me. A time when mum and dad we’re home all day and they played and ate ice cream every day. Sending lots of love xx

    1. Hey Rachel, I planted them last year – I love them!! I’ll be sad when they go back into hibernation xx

  2. Hi ALex, Thank you for sharing your blog. Keep them coming. I am enjoying them. Your garden looks beautiful with my favourite plants. I Had a good laugh at the dog and your other half make over. Thank you for all the up to date deals. Loving them all. Stay safe. Antoinette x

  3. Hey Antoinette – what a beautiful name! Glad you’re enjoying the blogs… I will try and do a new one soon! Lots of love to you! Xx

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