Another day another park!

Hello, I hope you’re all well and safe. So June trundles on and things seem to be easing off, I hope the news of bubbles mixing means you can see loved ones, although it still may mean tough decisions with regards to choosing who to see.

Sadly, after all the glorious weather, June is turning out to be a bit damp! Grrr. My plants are grateful but I am not. Had to put the heating on and have discovered a leaky roof! Urgh!

So when the sun shone this week, albeit briefly, I packed the kids, some snacks and their bikes into the car and we went to Virginia Water Park near Windsor which was beautiful. There was a huuuuuge totem pole carved from one piece of wood over 600 years ago, and some Roman ruins, and these wonderful forests that looked like mangroves! We bumped into some friends and had a great day.

We also went on a great bike ride along a disused railway track from Finsbury Park in North London, to Alexandra Palace. When you get to Highgate there are some old tunnels that are being used as bat sanctuaries! Bonkers! Had no idea we had bat caves nearby!

I was wondering what I could chat about with you this week and I thought I’d share with you what cleansers I’m using. We have such a huge variety at the Q but I have four firm favourites.

My new daily cleanser that I use in the shower is from Elemis, it’s their Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser, currently on supersize. It’s a gel formula that you apply to damp skin then rinse off. Rather than feeling tight after a shower, this leaves my skin hydrated. The gel formula means it’s great for guys too… although Scott is not allowed to use mine!

After work I love using the Nourishine Cleanser from Jane Scrivner, that comes with a fluffy mitt, it melts away all make-up, and doesn’t sting my eyes. You simply rub the balm onto your skin and it melts into a beautiful oil. Jane is all about organic, quality natural ingredients and her range has won numerous awards.

My skin really loves this cleanser. I love the way the fluffy cloth feels when you wipe the skin . I run it under the hot tap, as hot as I can bare, and then when I wipe my face it feels soooo good! I find that so relaxing after a long day! Does that make me weird? LOL! Oh well, maybe I am a bit!

As you’ve probably heard me mention on air, sometimes on the way home from work I will use some Elemis Micellar Water on pads to remove make-up. I have sensitive skin and some foundations will start to irritate me after a while, so the ease of this means I can do a quick wipe and get most off before I’m home so my skin can breathe. I think we may have currently sold out of the large bottles but you can get some as a set right now with their Pro-collagen Marine cream, which is dreamy!

Most regular evenings, I go for the trusted Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish, again I do the thing with the cloth, making it hot (I can’t be alone with this? I imagine it’s how men feel when they get a hot shave!), and I like how the muslin helps to very gently exfoliate my skin too.

Thanks for reading my blog! Next week I think we’ll pop to Gibbard Garden in Harlow, so I’ll let you know if that’s worth checking out!

Oh, and there’s a new QVC Podcast. Will talks to the lovely Jemma Forte. I’m a big fan of Jemma, she’s very funny.

Speak soon, stay safe.

Lots of love Alex xx

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