Getting ready for Xmas!

Hello. I hope you’re staying safe and well. We are in lockdown in London so, as I’m sure you’re all going through too, every time I think ‘I’ll just pop over to….’ the sentence is finished with ‘oh, no I won’t’. I’m feeling a bit stir crazy!

So this weekend I’m getting the Xmas decs out of the loft and we’re gonna go for it! I’ve even had the chimney swept ready for the obligatory ‘roaring fire’!

I’m trying to use my time for more than completing Netflix! Although I am loving the Queens Gambit on there this week. I’ve spent hours lost on the internet looking for kitchens we can afford – blimey they can be pricey! But I’ve cracked it and have sourced our new kitchen! Hooray! Still need to pick the colour but we’re thinking blue… thoughts?

So now my mind is free to think about who needs what for Chrimbo! The kids have no real concept of money so have asked for about 10billion pounds worth of items! *rolls eyes and slaps forehead.
We need to chat about Santa’s budget!

One item I’ve got my eye on though, is this Arcade1Up Partycade Games Machine – on the way as a Today’s Special Value offer this Sunday 22nd November! I’m not sure if I want this for them or for us!! I definitely foresee some competitiveness in our house!! Katy and some of the other presenters have been giving it a test run!

As always and at this time of year especially, we have some more great TSVs on the way. One on the 19th November is from Shay & Blue. These guys create the most decadent fragrances, all created in an artisan style. Really contemporary and ooze quality.

There are 3 gorgeous fragrances to choose from. In each set you get a massive 100ml of Eau de Parfum, beautifully packaged. You also get 200ml of hand and body lotion and 200ml of shower oil both in gorgeous glass bottles.

The shower oil is like nothing you’ve tried before, it cleanses and softens your skin, but when the oil comes into contact with the water it becomes a creamy mousse! So dreamy! Plus in every set you will get 10ml of their brand new fragrance Tallulah’s Camelia!

An amazing gift idea!! Expect to save over £50 on this TSV compared with going direct.

There are some great Big Deals happening too

A brilliant 4-Piece SBC hand and body collection
An extra large hot water bottle – looooove a hot water bottle!
Cozee Paws Odourology Fluffy Round Pet bed
Lulu Guinness Large Holdall.

There’s a new podcast too from Alexis Murdoch at L’Occitane. I hope you all managed to get that TSV. The next podcast I believe will be with Ruth Langsford celebrating 3 years at the Q!

And welcome back Kathryn Goldsmith!! Kathryn has been on maternity leave, enjoying her beautiful daughter. It’s lovely to have her gorgeous smiley face back at the Q. Take a look at her latest blog here.

Stay safe, speak soon

Lots of love
Alex xx

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  1. Navy blue kitchens are ever so sleek and stylish….. Go for it! Enjoy your festive weekend, we all need cheering up don’t we?

    1. Thanks Karen! Yes I’m Veering towards a very dark almost black blue! Inky! Feel the pressure of getting it right though 🙈🙈 x

  2. I’m right with you on getting the Christmas Dec’s out. I normally put them up on the 1st,but this year, after shielding for most of the year, like you I think, who cares, up they go. Woohoo

  3. Hi Alex l really love your black and grey jumper that you wear you had it on Wednesday 18th presenting Muk Luke where did you get it from .

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