Happy Halloween!

Hello! Hope you’re all well. We have just survived half term in our house and are now getting ready to celebrate Halloween and Scott’s 40th! The kids are very excited and we’ve properly decorated the house this year which has been loads of fun.

In the spirit of all things witchy I took the kids to see Wicked at the theatre. They watched it but weren’t really impressed – tough crowd! I think they were still a bit young for it. Fabulous production though.

We have tickets to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe around New Year, I think they will enjoy that a bit more. I love the theatre; Scott normally falls asleep as soon as the lights go down though. He can sleep anywhere!

We also visited the V&A museum of childhood, which was fun to show them how much toys have changed.

And we visited The Beasts of London, at The London Museum, which I would not recommend at all. It was eight rooms with projectors and narration, not very interactive at all and visually quite dull. I’d rather of popped them in front of an episode of Blue Planet and saved myself £30 and a needless trip into central London.

However despite getting back home stressed and making threats of “no iPad for life if you don’t stop hitting each other”, I popped on my Neom Wellbeing Pod and we were all calm and relaxed and zen in minutes.

I love this. Like reeeeaaaallly love this. Since I got it there’s not been a night that it’s not been on. Not only is this visually beautiful and amazing quality, and I love the quiet bubbling noise it makes, but it instantly fills the room with gorgeous Neom organic natural fragrances. It comes with Happy and Sleep and I can’t wait to order more. If you’re gifting this, the packaging is beautiful!!

Now the kids are back at school, I’m getting back on top of the housework. I give up while they’re home, it’s too soul destroying to see them trash a room you’ve just cleaned in seconds! I was lent the Shark Duo Clean Liftaway Hair Wrap Technology Truepet Vacuum, catchy name LOL!

I couldn’t wait to test this out and I wasn’t disappointed – wow is this powerful. I have been using a handheld, which I enjoy, but I do find it lacks power sometimes. Any larger bits it can’t cope with as well and pushes them around, so the job takes longer as you need to keep going over areas.

This Shark is brilliant if you have pets or have a family home where you’re constantly having to cut out hair from your attachment. Shark have developed tools that make this impossible to happen! The hair simply gets sucked up!

Now the first thing I noticed with the Shark is that it is heavier than I’m used to with the handheld – 7.4kg, so bear that in mind. But with that weight comes the power. I was amazed at the dust that this pulled out of my carpet!

It is very well made, easy to put together, and easy to use and really quiet. I also like the lights so you can see under the bed and sofas. It can be separated and turned into a handheld too which is great for your stairs, or the car, and emptying is easy and not at all messy.

There are settings at the touch of a button on the handle for hard floors or deep pile, so that you’re not bending down to adjust the head. And everything is really clearly labelled.

I’m still going to keep my handheld, as it’s great for whizzing around, but for a once a week blitz with this I’ll know that the dog hair is gone, the dust is gone and my home is brilliantly clean… well for 5 seconds!

The other thing that never ends in the house, as well as tidying and cleaning, is laundry! OMG how is there always so much washing?? Where does it come from?? I think the neighbours have found a way to secretly add theirs to ours! It’s not possible for there to always be a load on or a load that needs putting away!

So, lots of clothes go in the tumble drier – all hail the inventor of that wonderful machine. But lots of pieces can’t be tumbled so we have clothes horses with items drying. But I’ve just discovered this! The Heated Airer from Lakeland.

Apologies if I’m behind the times here… but this is brilliant! Each bar is independently heated so you can bespoke dry items! And this costs just 6p an hour to run which is nothing compared to the tumble drier! It’s also perfect to pop on your coats and clothes if you get caught in the rain, or to pop the little ones clothes on to warm them up for after their bath time if you’ve not got the heating on. It is very efficient, very easy, very light and folds away really neatly. Fantastic review for this online too.

Talking of getting caught in the rain, I can see some dark clouds brewing and the dog needs a walk. Lovely catching up with you. Happy Halloween!

Speak soon,

Love Alex xx

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