Happy new year!

Hello, I hope you’re all well and managed to have a lovely Xmas and new year. We managed to get away for new year and went to Tenerife. We were so lucky with the weather, it was 28 degrees some days! We had a great time and was so nice to escape. We went quad biking one day which was awesome!

The kids mainly spent all day in the pool though. I think Josh is part fish, he loves it so much!

We also went to the water park, which they love and I hate. Walking around in a swimsuit with your cellulite out for all to see is horrendous! So, inspired by the wonderful Alison Cork I’ve decided this is my year to get fit…. not gonna lie I say this most years… but I’m really trying this year.

I’ve got a PT and I’m working out 3 times a week and I’m looking at treadmills. We have the brand Echelon coming to QVC soon – so I’m excited to see what they have. But we do have a good treadmill from Roger Black that I have my eye on and I love the 60-day money back guarantee with items like this, because if within 2 months I’m not using it I know I can return it rather than turn it into an expensive clothes hanger!

I love using something like this after a workout though – the Homedics Physio massage gun. I bought a Pullseroll for Scott for Xmas when we had a promotion. We have some of their large models still on our website which are fab! So yeah, I work out now, but I don’t like to talk about it.

So what I really wanted to tell you about is a TSV offer that’s imminent from Dannii Minogue. These pull-on coloured jeans.

You can grab these on pre-sell from the 21st Jan but I’ll be launching these with Dannii on the 25th. I do hope you’ll join us!

Have a lovely day, thanks for reading my blog.

Loads of love,

Alex xx

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  1. Happy New Year Alex. Love reading your blogs and commented on your lovely Kitchen. Yes I noticed Alison Cork had lost a lot of weight. She looks great. Can’t say you look like you need to lose weight. But only you know how you feel.
    So look forward to 2022.
    Pat Daly

    1. Hello pat! Thanks so much for your lovely words!
      Just trying to get fit really but if a little weight comes off to off set the chocs and wine then no harm done 😉
      Hope 2022 is wonderful for you!

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