Happy Valentine’s!

Hello! I hope you’re all OK and had a lovely Valentine’s. I received breakfast in bed, some flowers and some lovely artwork from the kids. Cute!

It was nice to have a theme to the day though! We are all well, so grateful for that, but going a bit stir crazy now.

The kids and I are soldiering through the home schooling and were very glad of the snow the other day, which provided us with some much needed fun and a break from the rain keeping us prisoners!

Keeping on top of the housework while having a full house is a full-on challenge! If you’re also feeling the struggle, then have a look at this amazing Today’s Special Value on the way soon from Dyson!

The cordless Dyson Cyclone V10 will launch on the 20th, but if you want to get it early then we have it on pre-sell from the 17th! I have one of these and I love it! If you are still using a corded one because you think it’s the only way to get a powerful deep clean, then think again! When Dyson invented this vacuum, they then stopped developing their corded vacuum cleaners, that how good it is!

You get up to 60 minutes of run time with this powerful machine, and it has a 40% bigger bin than other models for bigger cleans!

It also has a fully sealed filtration system that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns! So it’s actually pumping out cleaner air! It’s also been engineered to be quieter than most vacuums too. There are three power settings, and you get tools for every job – dusting your Venetian blinds or shutters, or cleaning the car – and it only weighs 2.7kg. We couldn’t be without our Dyson!

It doesn’t lose suction when you’re cleaning under the bed and look how much is sucks up! URGH! I promise you I only vacuumed last week!!

It’s a great deal, and you have our 60 day money back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not for you can always return it for a full refund!

We have a new cleaning range called Tincture – the packaging is so lovely, it almost looks like a beauty product! These guys are all about powerful cleaning without harsh chemicals – so great for anyone with sensitive skin or worried about using products around pets and children. They’re naturally derived from essential oils, so they smell lovely too!

There are various options to choose from, but this set is a great way to try the range. You get the all purpose cleaner, floor concentrate, washing up liquid, and a glass and steel cleaner.

If you want to listen to something while you’re cleaning, then check out our new podcast with the lovely Rose Galleger from IT cosmetics.

Now, if you follow me on social media, you may already know this, but I’ve had some amazing news.

My mum and dad split up when I was very small. He is Portuguese, and I used to spend summers there with him. He had another daughter who was 10 years older than me, and lived with her mum in Switzerland, but would also spend summers with him.

So every summer we would hang out. I thought she was so cool and beautiful. We were very close. When I turned 9, I decided that I no longer wanted to see my dad, and unfortunately that meant not seeing my sister. It was before social media and mobile phones and so we lost touch. I never knew her surname, or her birthday or her address, so every now and then I’d look on Facebook but didn’t really know what I was looking for.

Well, out of the blue, she found me! On Linked-in of all places! It’s been so emotional, but I’m so happy to have her back in my life. We’ve spoken and talked about a few family things and she has five kids, so I’m an aunty, as is she. It’s really wonderful.

As soon as we are able to travel I will go and visit her in Portugal where she now lives. Here we are as kids!

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all travel again and be reunited with our families.

Thanks so much for reading my blog.
Stay warm and well. Speak soon,
Love, Alex xx

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  1. Oh Alex, what a lovely story! I’m thrilled for you! The utterly brilliant dragon drawing had already disproportionately cheered me (this from a woman who, tbh, doesn’t really “do” kids). I was actually jealous of how good it is. If I’d produced that, it would still be on my fridge and I’m 54! And then the long lost then found story. Ooh, you are smashing! I shall spend the rest of the day with a real spring in my step. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely message! I’ll let Josh know you love his dragon he’ll be very proud. Have a great week 🥰🥰

  3. What a beautiful story and what a fantastic result to find your sister again. Family matters and as we get older we realise this more and more. She looks amazing as you do and I am sure that it will be emotional and tearful when you finally get to meet up again but so rewarding. Lets hope that will be soon.
    Your son has a natural flare for art – very impressive and clever you should be one proud mum x

  4. Just wondering why all the presenters need to have a product to try in their homes?

    Because everyone is different what one presenter’s experience is will have no relevance to what the customer experiences, especially when it comes to skin care.

    In fact it would be more helpful if the presenter had zero experience with the product then they’d be more likely to ask the BA useful questions to help the viewers make a considered judgement instead of saying ‘I love this’

    I work in retailing and I manage to sell merchandise without personally using the products.

  5. Hi Alex
    I love reading your blogs and finding out how you, your partner and the children are all doing. You are a brilliant mum, home schooler and entertainer. Your son Josh is becoming quite the artist now. I was a primary school teacher for 38 years and always loved the children’s drawings. I was so pleased to hear that you have finally found your sister again and that you will be able to visit her when travelling is allowed! That will be fantastic!! You so deserve this.
    Sending you a big hug. Love Sue x

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