I’m being tormented by a squirrel!

We have a squirrel that planted a nut one year in my window box and now every year comes and digs up my boxes searching for it! It’s bloomin’ annoying! He also hid some by my roses once and so does the same there! Grrr! So the kids and I had a little go at re-potting them and tidying them up, and squirrel proofing with a bit of chicken wire. I also heard they don’t like some fragrances so I’m going to plant rosemary by my roses.

Izzy is very lucky in that she has lots of beautiful hair, it’s thick and has a curl to it. Dreamy! Except for when it comes to brushing it every morning before school, then it’s tricky and painful. I recently had my very first show with Rock & Ruddle, hairbrushes designed by two wonderful women whose background is in the hair industry – not mentioning the names of the companies they worked for, but trust me these ladies know their stuff! The brushes have gorgeous designs and after the show I thought, I’m going to have to try these.

They are a huge success in our house! We opted for the mixed bristle style with a nylon tip in each bristle bundle, which is ideal for de-tangling and conditioning normal to thick hair. The bristles are very strong, and have a natural stiffness that means they brush the hair but don’t pull it. They also draw the natural oil down through the hair making it super shiny and they pick up dirt so they keep the hair clean, and are very easy to clean.

And the great thing is that with our money-back guarantee you can try this and if it’s not right for your family send it back for a refund. Fabulous! Nothing to lose but everything to gain! That guarantee is extended right now for gifting until the 25th January.

The nights are drawing in now, which I love as I get to convince my kids it’s very late much earlier in the evening, and that they should go to bed. Winning! But being in the dark does make us feel more vulnerable, namely because we can’t see anything! Well wait ’til you see this Today’s Special Value offer – three pop-up lanterns, with batteries, coming up on the 25th October.

Pop a note in your diary, you are going to want these! The value is crazy! You have lovely smart colours to choose from, but it’s more about what these can do! They generate 358 Lumens of light with COB and LEDs. They are bright!! They can easily light up a shed, a garden area, a car, the path on your dog walk, tents if you’re camping, show people where you are if you’re stuck at the side of a road. They can light up to 37m in distance! They also withstand temperatures of -20 up to 60 degrees!

They have strong magnets at the base, great for using under a car or if you’re DIY-ing and need light. There is also a hook to hang them and collapsible handles for carrying, and these are very lightweight. I’m currently using one of mine in the cupboard under the stairs, but we will be taking one trick or treating too!

I have also booked us a family holiday to Lapland to meet the big fella, so I’m taking them there too where it gets dark at 3pm, as they’re light enough to pack! I have popped one in the boot of the car too so that I know it’s there if we have an emergency. These would make great gift ideas too. They come individually boxed so you can separate them out.

And speaking of gifts, check out the new range from Bibi Bijoux in collaboration with Kate Thornton! I love these lightning bolt studs.

We have a Big Deal offer the week of the 21st October from M. Asam.

It’s the Resveratrol Essence of Youth Collection. This is a great range if you want your skin to feel soft and hydrated. You get 100ml of the 24hour cream which can be used morning and night and has loads of beautiful ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, grape seed, argan and almond oil.

You also get 50ml of the Essence of Youth Serum to use day and night, apply before your 24hour cream. And you get 30ml of Magic Finish which is quite frankly magic! This looks scary when you open it, as it’s dark, but when you pop it on its moussey texture just disappears and it helps to blur redness, dark spots and circles, leaving you with a matte finish, and you can’t tell your wearing make-up!

I think a good exfoliation once a week, to remove any dry skin, and applying your creams first before popping on the magic finish, will give you the best flawless finish. I love this!! For those days when you don’t want your skin weighed down with make-up but you want to look flawless this is a winner!

Other Big Deals this week are:

The Vagabond Long Hot Water Bottle. Perfect for lying with to keep yourself toasty all over, or to pop in your bed, so that it’s lovely and warm when you climb in.

Also, Wilfred’s Set of 12 Welsh Steak and Chicken Pies! These are just so yummy! Wilfred’s are a family-run business renowned for their deep-filled British beef pies made from home-made short-crust pastry. The really are like serving up a home-made pie.

Incredible value and quality you’ll never buy any from the frozen section of your supermarket again! If you freeze these on the day of delivery you’ll get six months out of these. Fill your boots! Autumn is definitely the season for pies!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Speak soon

Alex xx

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  1. Hi Alex could you please put a suggestion to your good friend Gok. I would really like him to do a handbag. If he’s up for it could he put a little squishy auntie Gok charm on it. Just so when I am shopping I can give it a little squeeze and think what would Gok say. Thanks Alex x🤗

  2. Please don’t shout when presenting. I had to close my window today whilst watching Carol Hochman presented by you. My hearing is impaired, but even a low sound level was too loud because you shout. My neighbour complained

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