It’s nearly over!

OMG!! Guys it’s my last week of home schooling!!! I’m so relieved that’s over. I can’t wait to see what the kids have bought me for an end of year teacher’s gift! Ha! Blimey it’s been tough but fingers crossed for a fresh start in September!

So as usual we have been venturing out. We took a trip to Farnham’s Sculpture Park – It’s a warren of wonderful pieces of art – lots of naked statues which Josh thought was hilarious! God help me when he hits teenage years!

We also went further afield and stayed in a cottage in Devon for a few days. It was lovely to get out of London, but it was very wet and windy! We still had a great time though. We looked for crabs but only found this tiddler!

Always looking for a way to have eyelashes as long and as full as my little boys, I’ve been trying out the UK Lash Conditioning Serum, so far I’m loving the results. They seem to be coming through longer and fuller. At the moment we have a 90-day money back guarantee on this formula so it gives you plenty of time to try it out and see the results for yourself.

I’ve also started trying their new UK Brow. I’m just using this in the area between my eyebrows as I really want some growth back here and years of plucking have done their worst! Fingers crossed for eyebrows to rival Cara Delevigne and eyelashes for days this summer!

We have a brand new cleaning range at the Q Sunny Valley Apple Cider Vinegar range is a non-toxic, eco-cleaning alternative to other home cleaners. The vinegar helps to eliminate bacteria naturally, and the results are fab. I love that it’s kinder on the environment and has an appley fragrance. This cleaning trio is a great way to try out the brand all over the home. I especially like the multi-purpose on my floors.

As it’s July obviously we have some fab new offers…

Our new Gardening Pick of the Month. This amazing hydrangea has gorgeous flowers that change colour from green toned white to a deep pink! It’s stunning! I do love a hydrangea.

Our new Diamonique Design of the Month are these simulated watermelon earrings. Sterling silver but plated in gold or rhodium. Very pretty.

New BeautyPrai Ageless Throat and Décolletage Crème in the rainbow pot. Prai are leaders in this field of beauty, with neck bars all over the world. This is also a supersize and the results are fab. Def give this a try if you’re noticing ageing on your neck.

New Supersize – another beauty from Tan-luxe, leaders in the world of faux tanning, these are Anti-ageing Serum Drops that you add to your moisturiser for a beautiful soft skin with a beautiful glow.

Heads up ….

We have a brilliant Today’s Special value offer on the 25th July for you from Sealy. With everything going on you may be wondering if they will still offer their usual wonderful service of room choice for set up, removing packaging, assembly etc. The good news is yes, and the crews come with all the sanitation gear they need so that you feel safe.

We have a new podcast from Jamie O’Banion who is the CEO of BeautyBio. I’m a huge fan of this range and her. She’s lovely. So grab a cuppa and have a listen here.

We have a Beauty at Home Event happening on our main channel on the 19th July. Lots of fabulous tips and at-home hacks from our industry experts, as well as great offers from the wonderful ranges that we offer. If you’re out that day don’t worry as the deals will continue online until Sunday 26th July.

I think the weather looks set to be lovely this week, so whatever you have planned I hope the sunshine makes it to you. We are off for a little break this week… it’s officially the holidays! Hooray!

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages you send me on social! They make me smile so please keep them coming! @alexkramer on Twitter and @alexkramertv on Insta.

Lots of love
Alex xx


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  1. Hi Alex. I love your presentations – always informative and positive. I just read your tip about eyebrow ‘disfunction’ and lo and behold what appeared on my screen but UK Brow. Im just about to order and see how it works. After some chemo treatment my eyebrows didnt really grow back terribly well so this may well do the trick.

    I wonder if i could ask a QVC product related question? Youve popped onto my screen recently wearing a lovely pink necklace. Looks like beads and with a heart. Is this your own or could i find it on QVC? Ive tried a few searches but no luck so far…

    Im sure you have loads of messages so not to worry if you dont grt to this.

    And your blog is fun to read also☺☺

    Kind regards

    1. Hey niesa- I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through chemo. I really hope this brow treatment does the trick for you.
      The necklace was a birthday pressie from scott, I follow the company on insta if you message me there I’ll send you the link xx

  2. Hi
    Was wondering if the necklace That you werewearing on Saturday nights shows were from Qvc. 25.7.20 If so could you tell me the item number.

    Thank you

    1. Hey! If it’s the pink one it was a birthday present from scott – if you message me on insta I can send you the company link xx

  3. Hi Alex can you please tell me what was the necklace you wore when you launched elemis at 9oclock tonight it had a lovely red or pink band just loved it is it qvc

    1. Hey heather it was a birthday pressie from scott I’m not sure of the company but I follow them on insta – if you message me there I’ll link it for you xx

  4. Hi Alex I loved the beautiful blue and white floral midi dress you wore last night to launch the Elemis TSV. Can you give me the details of this dress please?
    Susan xx

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