I’ve survived half term – pass me the wine!

Hello! How are you all? I hope you’re well and haven’t been too badly affected by this bad weather we’ve been having. My mum and stepdad live near the river Wye and it’s been really bad by them.

They were planning on having the kids for half term, but because of the roads and the weather, decided it was best not to. So the kids and I have muddled through. This is a rare moment this week at the park where they weren’t complaining about each other and were actually having fun!

We also took the dog out for lots of long walks when the weather allowed… this day I think we broke her, ha ha. She’s 10 now so gets tired, bless.

We have great bits and bobs for your pets here at the Q. There is one item I think we definitely need – the Mud Daddy Portable Mud and Dirt Washing Brush. This is great not only for dogs and horses, but also for your bikes and wellies etc.

We washed Lulu down a year ago with a tap in the park after a very very muddy walk! We noticed when we got her in the car her tail was between her legs. We thought maybe she was cold, so we wrapped her in the blankets we keep for her in the boot and got her home and put her next to the fire to warm up.

The next day her tail was still like this so we took her to the vets – they told us it was Limber Tail Syndrome – also called cold water tail, which is a relatively common condition in some dog breeds that can occur after swimming or exposure to cold or wet weather!

After a few days her tail bounced back and she didn’t seem to be in any pain or discomfit, but since then we’ve never washed her from the park tap, instead going through mounds of towels to try and clean her off.

This is such a fabulous gadget. You can fill this with hot water, so that at the end of the walk its cooled down and is warm and then rinse your dog off before putting them in the car or walking them through the house! It’s portable, and lightweight and such a clever idea! You could even use it for your washing up outdoors when camping or at festivals!

If you need a new pet bed then we have a lovely selection including this one.

The Silentnight Airmax Pet Bed is so soft and comfortable, and very stylish! It’s machine washable and has a reversible filling with a teddy fleece for winter and a quilted fabric for summer. It has clever airflow technology too to help regulate the temperature and a non-slip base.

Mother’s Day is around the corner – one of my favourite days! If you’re looking for gift ideas then here are a couple of my favourites…

Flowers that never wilt or die from Peony. This set is stunning I love the roses and eucalyptus, and they come with a vase.

The Liz Earle botanical fragrance. I wear 100. Absolutely love it! But there are 5 to choose from and they’re all stunning.

White Heron Pink Gin is gorgeous as it has a hint of blackcurrant. Serve with her favourite tonic on ice while she puts her feet up and you make her a yummy Sunday lunch 🙂

To keep you in the loop

The Big Deals this week are this beautiful top from Phase Eight a collaboration between QVC and Phase Eight so you can’t currently get this in any of their stores!

These Supersize Shower Oil Eco refills from L’Occitane, a set of two non-stick frying pans from Le Creuset and the Thigh Perfect Exerciser.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Catch up soon,

Love Alex xx

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