Putting Dyson to the test

Hello. I hope you’re all well. I’ve really been feeling the anxiety of life recently. I’ve had to stop listening to the news as it’s all just so overwhelming.

My mum and stepdad were going to have the kids for half term, they haven’t seen their Grandpa since February and were so excited. They had loads of fab stuff planned, but unfortunately they can’t go. Mum lives in Wales and they have just gone into a lockdown so households can’t mix.

The kids are disappointed, and we hadn’t planned anything for the week as we thought they’d be away, so now struggling to sort things for them to do. Also all the birthday things I’d planned for us to do for Scott’s birthday now can’t happen. It’s just a big thumbs down all round.

In the grand scheme of things it’s fine, we are all healthy, but still disappointing.

Also it’s proving tricky to sort out the kitchen extension, so that’s taking up lots of head space and now I’m trying to get organised for Xmas! I’m a woman on the edge! LOL!

It will pass. I’m laying off the coffee and trying to do some meditation to chill out.

I’m also putting my Neom room diffuser on ALL the time! And my Neom TSV candle.

If you missed the TSV we have the Neom Ultimate Candle Collection. Keep the big one for yourself and gift the rest! I’m using the lavender to try and stay calm, also it helps to hide the smell of winter dog! Urgh! She, and her bed, are getting a bath today! No doubt she will find some fox poop to roll in as soon as we’ve cleaned her… Beagles don’t like being clean!

Anyway, it’s not all doom and gloom at my end! Perks of the job are we get to try out lots of the fab stuff we offer you at the Q. This week I got to try a double whammy of Dyson!

First up the Corrale… in the gift option.

TOP TIP – when this arrives it has the aeroplane tag out – do not pull this off! I did this cos I’m a muppet and it was very very hard to get back in. So take your time and unwrap it slowly, not like a kid at Xmas, which was what I did!

So why choose the Corrale over other hair straighteners on the market? This took Dyson 7 years to make! It has copper plates instead of ceramic which means that you can achieve smooth hair without the heat damage.

The flexibility of the plates adapt to the thickness of your hair so you don’t get splaying, meaning less going over the same bits. There are 3 heat settings, so this will work on all hair types, and it has an intelligent heat control sensor that regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times a second! Less heat, less damage. I can style my hair on the lowest setting 165degrees. Much less than my current straightener.

It has a charging dock which makes a great table stand, but you can use it cordless, so LOADS easier to use for different styles, and also means you can take it with you for touch-ups on the go! It will give you 30 minutes of charge time. You can even pack this into your hand luggage on a plane!

As this is the gift version you get a beautiful velvet travel pouch, the hairbrush and the comb. I looooove the comb!

Yes this is pricey, but if you straighten or style and colour your hair then this is going to save your hair in the long run and because it’s Dyson you know it’s built to last. In terms of pence per use, if you use this every day it’s so worth it!

I apply Percy & Reed hairspray to each section BEFORE I style – it’s the only hairspray you can do this with, and it makes the curls stay but they’re soft! It’s amazing stuff!!

If you’re gifting this remember our money-back guarantee is until the 31st Jan. Try it out and if you don’t love it, send it back… but you won’t want to 🙂

I also got to try the V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum cleaner.

I have the V10 so I wanted to see the difference. Both have 60 minute run time – if you’re using the Max setting this will be less. I have a terrible habit of having it on Max as I’m so used to a vacuum being loud. My brain thinks if it’s really loud then I’m getting amazing suction! But you don’t need to use the Dysons on Max. Medium and low still give you really powerful suction and really quietly!

So let’s look at the things the V11 has that my V10 does not:

1 – A digital screen – now this is awesome! I can actually see how my battery life is doing. Also, if anything gets stuck it will give me picture instructions on how to fix it.

2 – It has 20x more powerful suction and even better, it has intelligent suction. If you put it on Auto setting it will adjust for different floor types, preventing wasting battery life.

3 – It’s quieter.

4 – It has a different head called the High Torque – this has stiffer nylon bristles so it can really get down into the fibres of the carpet, but it also collects fine dust too.

They both have HEPA filtration, removing 99.9% of allergens in the air, washable filters, are cordless, and have the easy to empty chamber. Plus they’re lightweight.

I love my V10 but if you’re looking to go cordless it’s definitely worth going for the V11. You get a docking station, and a bunch of tools with it too to tackle all sorts of jobs, and a 2 year Dyson guarantee.

If you’re enjoying our podcasts then Will has just released episode 57 which is an interview with Dragons Den’s Sara Davies, who’s recently been appearing on QVC with her brand Crafters Companion, and episode 58 with our jewellery expert Hannah Clemmow.

Also, we have a voucher running right now FOOD2Z where you can get 2 Easy Pay instalments on selected items in the Food category on our website until 1st November.

Right, Scott has just taken the kids on a bike ride, so I’m going to make the most of the quiet and make my way through my list of building quotes and paperwork I need to sort before I head into the Q.

Stay well and warm!

Much love
Alex xx

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  1. Like your hairstyle and colour atm Alex. Can you tell me how long did it take to do your curls and is it heavy.
    I’ve stopped listening to the news too. But now we have a vaccine so fingers crossed.
    Keep smiling xx

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