Spooky fun!

Hello! I hope you all enjoyed Halloween! It’s one of the kids’ favourite times of the year. This year Josh was a zombie and Izzy was a cute witch!

For me I enjoy it because it means we’re close to Xmas! It’s also Scott’s birthday – he’s a Liverpool fan so we went to see the game against Brighton. Unfortunately Josh poked him in the eye by accident in the morning and after the game he was in so much pain he had to go to A&E where he was told he has a very badly scratched cornea! Poor Scotty! He did get to meet Jose Enrique with the kids which was fab! Even if he does look like he’s been crying in it!

I know lots of my friends do a bit of a deep clean of the house about now as they start to think about where they’re going to be popping up the decorations and to make room for new deliveries from Father Christmas.

If you’re like them then a TSV we have on Saturday 6th Nov from Shark might be for you! It’s on pre-sale from the 3rd if you want to jump in early.

The Shark IZ390UKTQ is a configuration and colour only available at QVC.

This clever cordless works on all floor types with its Duo Clean floorhead enhanced with Power Fins, which are motorised brush rolls, to give a deep clean. It has the Anti Hair Wrap technology, a run time of 60 minutes and an LED display screen, plus Flexology to get to all those hard to reach spaces, and it folds down for easy storage!

It’s a clever machine! And it comes with lots of tools to clean around the home and in the car and only weighs 5Kg.

As well as fab TSVs of course we also have some great Big Deals this week…

A HUGE 16-piece nesting container set from Lock & Lock! You can never have too many pieces of Lock & Lock.

And a lovely coat from Centigrade which is reversible and becomes a faux fur.

Right, short and sweet blog today as I’m off to take down the Halloween decs and start sorting through the Xmas ones!

See you all very soon.

Love Alex

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  1. hi alex nice to see you and your family are all well, and yes christmas is fast approaching. i swear the years fly by so quickly as we get older. i was so sad and disappointed to hear that you no longer have your dog as your partner didn’t want to keep her, well i know what i would have told him, the dogs staying and you can go, and shut the door on the way out, i’d never choose any man over my fur babies, especially as he’s a liverpool supporter as well, there’s no accounting for taste! i hope the fur baby is rehomed now with a loving family, enjoy christmas.

    1. Hi Katie! We’ve not rehomed our dog! She’s still very much with us! Scott adores her he’d chose her over me for sure! LOL! Xx

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