Summer’s here!

Hello, I hope you’ve all been keeping well.

How lovely that the weather is shifting and summer is here!

We don’t have any holidays booked as yet. I’d love to take the kids on a camping trip to Scotland to look for the loch ness monster in my father-in-law’s camper van. But Scott needs to pass his heavy goods driving test before we can drive it… so lots of pressure on him! LOL!

Hopefully, we’ll also get away to Mallorca but I’m a bit nervous after watching all the half-term flights get cancelled!

If you follow me on social media you may have seen that the house went on the market… I’m mad after doing the kitchen extension I know! Anyway, it’s under offer now… EEK! So the pressure is on to find a place.

Someone who didn’t feel the pressure was the lovely Brenda Edwards who had her first show on QVC the other day! So lovely to have her at the channel, and she’s a really lovely and genuine lady so it was great to work with her.

She’ll be back soon so keep an eye out!

Also popping back to QVC is Davina. We have a great TSV on the way which is already available on pre-launch. If you’re trying to get your steps in but you find that it’s too hot, or too wet, outside or the only time you have is in the evening and you don’t want to be out in the dark, then having a treadmill at home can be a great solution.

Sometimes you might just find that you like to watch your favourite programme while you walk, like I do, then again treadmills are great!

This one from Davina is lightweight and compact, comes in 3 colours, and is perfect for a walk or light jog. It also doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can literally put this anywhere in your home for a workout. It also has 8 resistance levels so you can make that walk a little bit tougher if you want to and burn more calories.

On 5 ezpays of £37.99 it’s a great deal!

Just seen the time! Off to do a Lola Rose hour on air!

Will drop you all a line very soon

Lots of love

Alex xx

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  1. Dear Alex. Connection here. I feel you’re energy. Love your personality and humour. So like my personal friends I miss since I was forced to move to Devon from Epsom and leave people behind. Loads of time to watch Alex. Ex nurse with many health problems so sort of confined. LOVEthe top your wearing on the sale jewellery program today. Where please u get it?

  2. Hi Alex
    Lovely blog your daughter is a lot like you and your sister around the eyes. I only follow three presenters via blog.
    Selling and buying is always a bit of a roller coaster I did many years ago. got a buyer without knowing where we’d end up but I knew I wanted a bigger house and nicer area it did work out in the end. I also had my kitchen done last year. and it was A never again moment. The radio going all day was the worst and I couldn’t really tell them turn it off. I’m one of those people that buy home magazines So I can have a nose and get ideas although You Tube is quite good.
    So look forward to hearing of your new ventures and hope you get what you want. Good Luck

  3. Hi Alex
    On Wednesday night you had a lovely dark green all in one on please please did you get it on QVC I have looked but cannot find it

    Thank you

    Debbie Hills

  4. Hi Alex

    On Wednesday night you had a dark green all in one on it was amazing was it from QVC

    Thank you xx

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