The Christmas countdown is on!

Hello, I hope you’re all well.

I’m so relieved that Fireworks night is over. I’m not a massive fan. Izzy loves it but Josh is in my camp and is really not bothered! He’s more interested in the rides and candy floss!

Lulu really struggles with the bangs 🙁 I don’t know why we don’t just only have silent fireworks now? She was allowed on the sofa for a cuddle – special treat. She sheds so much, we had to stop letting her up. Excuse the state of the house in the background. Oh the shame! Piles of laundry everywhere! I’m sure you can relate!

We have a Christmas TSV for you – which is bound to go off with a bang! Seamless link there! It officially launches on Sunday 21st Nov, however we are offering it on pre-sell from the 17th! The L’Occitane Full of Festivities 7pc Collection (item: 243944). What a gorgeous set it is! You get the cutest velvet Santa style bag full of lovely goodies.

The options to choose from are:

The Warm collection – with NEW Shea and Vanilla fragrance. This has a matching 200ml of the Ultra Rich Body Cream, 500ml of Shower Gel, 1 x 150ml Limited Edition Hand Cream, 1 x 30ml Hand Cream and 1 x 30ml Foot Cream, a Lip Balm and an Extra Rich Soap Bar, perfect for sensitive skin. This comes with a yellow velvet Santa bag.


The Aromatic collection in the Lavender fragrance with matching creams and shower gel. This one has a purple Santa bag.


The Floral collection with the Rose shower gel and the large Limited Edition Hibiscus Hand Cream, and all the other wonderful items, which has the red bag. The value is amazing!

We have some great Big Deals this week too!

From Prai – An Ageless Throat and Decolletage Christmas Gifting Collection.

Fab mirror from Kelly Hoppen!

SFIXX Set of 2 USB Rechargeable LED magnifying glasses.

Julien Macdonald V-Neck sparkle knit jumper with stud detailing.

Plus of course it’s Black Friday and we have loads of great deals online! Including this jumper from Dannii Minogue in Navy that I’ve just tapped the app for this morning!

And I’m eyeing up the Ruth Langsford faux leather trim jumper too.

The L’Occitaine 4-piece liquid soap refills are also calling me! Their hand soap is my favourite.

Can you believe there’s only 6 weeks til Xmas? Argh! I must stop buying for me and sort out the kids. LOL!

I hope you’re more organised than me and all these deals are helping. I wish we did sofas as the one we were waiting for has just fallen through, and now I need to try and get one before Xmas! I’m not holding my breath! Stress levels are moderate to high right now! LOL!

I’m off to trawl the internet – wish me luck!

Loads of love to you all

Speak soon

Alex xx

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  1. Hi Alex
    I hope you are well. Like you, Josh and Lulu, I’m also relieved bonfire night is over for another year. I can’t understand why it’s not compulsory to only sell silent fireworks, as so many animals are so terrified by the noise – here’s hoping things will change in the future.
    I also hope that you manage to sort out a new sofa soon – it’s a lovely picture of Josh and Lulu snuggled on your current one.
    Although it’s still a few weeks away, I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas 🎄 Take care
    Love Jules x

  2. Hi Alex I enjoy reading your blogs. I got medication from the vets for my dog, I had to give her it about month before “bonfire “ night. It did help to calm her without making her drowsy. You and your family have a wonderful Christmas.x

    1. Hey Julie – I never thought about asking the vet! Will definitely check that out next year.
      Thanks for the tip! Have a wonderful Xmas too 🙂 xx

  3. Hi Alex
    I too am against fireworks, we have 2 German Shepherd’s they are petrified of fireworks, they end up sitting on our laps and they are big dogs.

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