The renovations have started!

Hello! I hope you’re all OK.

I’m in a great mood! The kids go back to school any day now and the building work for our new kitchen has finally started!! There is dust EVERYWHERE and we are all camped out in the front room but it’s so exciting!

I’m feeling the pressure though! Buying a new kitchen is expensive and we only get one shot at it, so I’m just hoping the vision I have in my head actually pans out! EEK!! Follow me on @alexkramertv on instagram where my feed is now full of pics of the work! Sorry… not sorry 🙂

So there’s a few things happening at the Q that I need to tell you about… On Friday 5th, our Today’s Special Value is the All New Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice remote (including TV controls). Lee Hobein is launching it for us and I know he’s really excited! This version has 50% more power than the previous generation!

You plug it into the HDMI port neatly at the back of the telly – no wires to be seen! It then gives you quick apps and full streaming in Full HD, plus you can use it with your voice by just telling Alexa what it is you want to know! You can find your content quickly, and if you have cameras in the home you can link it up and then view what’s happening on them at any point on your telly! You can also then use your telly to look at anything online – even check your Facebook! It’s crazy tech at a bonkers price.

The reviews for these are amazing. Some customers have multi-bought and take them on holiday with them! I’m launching this with Lee on the 4th March at 9pm, so do come find us!

We also have a new designer at the Q! Danni Minogue brings us her collection for petites – don’t worry there’s regular, too! What’s exciting is Danni properly tailors her range for petite women. Not just reducing the leg length for example, she adjusts everything, and when I met her she explained that you could maybe be a petite just in your top half. I actually think I am – shirts always seem to be too long in the arms for me, so I’m so excited to try her range. I’ve ordered the jumpsuit and her fab T-shirt so far! Don’t forget to select whether you want Petite or Regular – they have different item numbers.

There are of course some new Big Deals this week:

Getting ready for Easter, we have a fab deal from Hotel Chocolat – 96 pieces of gorgeous egg-shaped tasty chocs.

And if you’re still looking for Mothers Day Gifts check out this – 5 piece Osmanthus Fragrance Collection from L’Occitane with a gorgeous bag!

I also stumbled across these on our website and I’ve just bought them for Izzy – they’re on clearance price! You need to size down half a size with these though, as they’re quite roomy! I didn’t do this and I’m now exchanging, but they’re super cute and keep their feet toasty! Izzy chose the chestnut… I really want the pink but we don’t do them in adult size. Gutted!!

Also, don’t forget we have a code running TRIPL3, which will allow you to turn certain items on our website into 3 Easy Pay interest-free instalments! Its only on until the 7th March though.

Sorry this is short, but need to finish home schooling and clean, again – this is my life now… although not the home schooling… did I mention they’re going back to school!?! Yeeee-haaaa!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog. Stay warm and well.
Speak soon,
Love, Alex xx

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  1. Hello Alex you certainly are busy. Very exciting for you and your family.
    Just saw an old clip on repeat extra channel and you had on a neon yellow v neck top with sleeves. Do you remember which one that was? I think it was for the infrared fire.
    Anyway if you are doing your hair in lockdown you are doing a stifling job. I wonder if qvc sell mens clippers?
    Keep up the good work you definitely have a rapport with Gok. All the best

  2. Alex, I love that you are so open about your dyslexia. Most people would shy away, but when there is a hiccup you are quick to claim it.
    I have recently been diagnosed and never realised all my life ( 60 years old ) that I was dyslexic, but you make me lol and teach me to own it as it is a part of who I am, but not what I am.

    Thank you, I hope you will be an inspiration to many more people.

    1. hi barbara so sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.
      I’m so happy to hear you say this!
      Absolutely nothing to feel shy or embarrassed about! Just our brains are a bit different! Still can’t tell my left from my right and my kids spell better than me! LOL
      How boring if we were all perfect!

      Much love to you xxxx

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