We had a cheeky little vacay!

Hello! I hope you’re all well.

Josh is a bit poorly at the mo with croup, so we are all a bit sleep-deprived in our house, but it’s always the way when they start school again and are subjected to a massive germ fest!

For my birthday, which was in March, Scott booked us a little get away weekend to Copenhagen, which finally rolled around. Mum very kindly, and bravely, had the kids for the weekend while we took in the Danish sights. Everyone bikes over there, but electric scooters are legal over there too, so we scooted everywhere which was brilliant fun.

We did cultural things, like visited the little mermaid statue in the harbour, that has been there since 1913. And we visited a castle… where they had Dyson fans dotted around! To be honest they are fantastic so I’m not surprised they’re good enough for royalty!

We also saw some crown jewels, ooo eeer!

Whilst having one’s own diamond encrusted crown might not be in one’s budget, we do have some stunning pieces of jewellery here at QVC and we have a new jewellery designer that’s just joined us, the wonderful award-winning Sam Ubhi. I love her peacock earrings.

We have launched some beautiful personalised jewellery on QVC this month, I have this pretty friendship bracelet with Isobella & Josh engraved onto the gold.

They come in Silver plated, Gold or Rose Gold and a choice of colours for the rope (including, blue, purple, pink and taupe) or a metal chain in the co-ordinating metal. They have enough room for a name or a special date. A gorgeous gift idea or a treat for yourself.

If you head on over to our website there is also a section for birthstone inspiration. If you’re a September baby your birthstone is sapphire, if you’re looking for an October prezzie then it’s Opal. How gorgeous is this little owl opal pendant?

I need to go and pick up the kids now, and it’s pouring with rain! Argh! But before I dash let me tell you the Big Deals for this week, all of which are fabulous:

La Tweez Hollywood Style Mirror with LED Tweezers & Bag Pro Collection.

Neom 3 Piece Luxury Candle Collection.

Emu Explorer Bourke Ankle Boot.

Living Proof 5 Piece Ultimate Full Volume Haircare Collection.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Chat soon, lots of love Alex xx

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