What a month!

Hello! I hope you’re all well.

So last time we spoke I was off to Portugal to meet my long lost sister… and I can report it was amazing! She’s loads of fun and has a great sense of humour and we absolutely hit it off and now are planning our next catch up in May possibly. It’s just fantastic and I’m so happy! Do you think we look alike?

I also now have my Portuguese passport which is amazing. Need to sort the kids out with theirs next.

Easter is round the corner and we are taking the kids on holiday, I’m very excited and looking forward to some sunshine! When we get back, I’m thinking about putting the house on the market… I know I’m mad, after all the hard work creating my kitchen of dreams! LOL!

Our issue is high schools – we have a school we’d like to the kids to go to but we’re not in catchment… in London the catchments are so tight, 0.2 – 0.3 miles! It’s mad! So, we’ll put it on and see what happens. It’s kind of exciting though.

Anyway I digress… Easter! I have a show with Hotel Chocolate on the 24th at 8pm… obviously these things can change but at the moment that’s the plan, and have a look at these delights! Eggs and bunnies of chocolate dreams! This is a fab Big Deal (816245), available from the 21st!

If you’re looking for a gift for a special little one this Easter then we have some new Charlie Bears bunnies, how cute are these guys!



Or perhaps some jewellery – how stunning is this Diamonique simulated emerald necklace?

I’m sure you’re all thinking of the poor people in Ukraine at the moment, and I’m very proud that QVC has made a sizable donation to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency that’s on the ground supporting those families forced to flee their homes in Ukraine.

Give your loved ones an extra big squeeze, life is precious.

Thanks for reading my blog and I’ll be in touch soon.

Sending you all my love,

Alex x

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  1. You and your sister are very much alike I suppose it was exiting for you to meet your long lost sister

  2. You do look like your sister. You should write a book about loosing her then finding her! Then sell the film rights! I think I digress!

  3. That’s so exciting about your sister, Alex! A new member of the family – and yes, there is a resemblance.
    We are also thinking about putting our home on the market in the not-too-distant future. One part of me can’t cope with the thought of all that sorting, packing and general chaos … but it is exciting. Rightmove is becoming a hobby!
    Enjoy your Easter break, we are also going away. Lots of love xxx

  4. Hi Alex
    Hope you had a lovely birthday
    You do look like your sister, hope you had a nice time.
    Just watched the replay of you and Samantha oven presenting an accessories hour on style.
    Samantha done a great job presenting, as so used to seeing her as a model. I enjoyed your show together, you are always great to watch so fun.

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