A winning start to 2022, a £300 prize and plenty more!

They do say “better late than never” so I hope you’ll forgive my tardiness in wishing you and yours a very happy New Year! I’m hoping to make it even better for you with a HUGE prize giveaway worth £300 that you can enter here on the blog – but more on that later.

How were your Christmas and New Year festivities? I do hope they went to plan and that you managed to avoid Covid and all the restrictions? Unfortunately, Colin and I weren’t that lucky and having tested positive just prior to Christmas, all our celebrations that I wrote about in the previous blog were scuppered with both of us feeling pretty poorly for the best part of 11 days!

At least we had each other for company though and of course, plenty of food in the house, although we didn’t feel much like eating for the first week. I can imagine it was really heavy going for those on their own – and such a disappointment especially after last year. If that was the case for you then I have everything crossed that you will be able to see those you love in the not too distant and it will be all the sweeter for having waited.

I have heard that some folk feel nothing more than minor cold symptoms with Omicron but unfortunately, Colin got a rotten chest infection and we both had all the aches and pains and awful cough that were associated with the very first variation! We sounded like a couple of old boilers and felt very tired so we stayed in the warm and watched a great deal of TV!

TV talk

There were a couple of beautiful films we saw that I’d definitely recommend the first being ‘Summerland’ with Gemma Arterton who plays the reluctant carer of a young boy who’s been evacuated from London during the Blitz. Beautifully shot and very well acted, there is a tenderness and poignancy to it that I really enjoyed.

The other film starred Timothy Spall – The Last Bus – but be warned, you will definitely need something to wipe away the tears for this one. I loved the storytelling and it does have a happy ending but there’s a lot to take in – a cracking performance by Mr. Spall! We did watch a fair few comedy and quiz shows too but our ‘go to’ are the cookery programmes. We’re currently enjoying Rick Stein’s Cornwall and Colin is a huge fan of Masterchef.

Ready, steady, cook

Being home and not working has meant I’ve had more time to cook and made a fab soup from one of my many Gino De Campo recipe books – Zuppa Di Cipolle E Pancetta! An Italian version of Onion Soup – absolutely delicious and very easy to make using onions, chicken stock, tinned tomatoes and chopped pancetta. Dress with parmesan and fresh basil and serve with warm bread – it is SO tasty. If you don’t have any pancetta swap it out with smoked bacon. I’ve also made a spiced pea and leek soup but I’ll give you the recipe for that next time.

Competition time!

I think it’s probably a good juncture for me to tell you more about the very special prize I have safely stashed away from the supremely successful kitchen brand Ninja! It is their 7.5 litre capacity Ninja Foodie Max – a 15-in-1 Smart Lid Multi Cooker. It’s worth £300 but you could win it simply by telling me what would be the first thing you’d cook in it! And just in case you weren’t aware, this cooker will enable you to pressure cook, air fry, grill, bake, dehydrate, prove, sear/saute, steam, slow cook, steam meals, steam air fry, steam bake, steam bread, steam roast and even make yoghurt! You can serve up to six portions in one go and it cooks 70% faster than the more traditional methods. Think of the reduction in gas and electricity usage too? And, you do all this without needing to change the lid or controls!

We had it as a TSV some months back and it sold out by early afternoon. I’ve managed to get my hands on this sample and thought the competition would tie in rather nicely with our Winter Warmer feature on QVC – don’t just think fashion, there’s so much more on our website @qvcuk.com. Ninja will actually be featuring at the weekend with an impressive TSV but why wait?! You can take part now by telling me what you plan to cook in the comments box below – T&Cs available at qvcuk.com – and I’ll be making the draw this Friday 14th. GOOD LUCK!

Obviously having not been anywhere or seen anyone I don’t have many photographs to share this time, but I did get out for my first walk last Thursday, spotting my Hellebore Christmas Rose in the garden that is now in full bloom.

Roz and Chris bought it for me years ago and I hadn’t even realized it was there until I went outdoors. But I so enjoyed the fresh air and just look at the blue skies and the sunshine! It is absolutely my kind of happy and such a tonic for the soul. What do you do to lift the spirits and escape the world for a while?

Normally I’d be exercising indoors while the weather is bad on my cross trainer or the AeroPilates Reformer with the rebounder, but both are in the enormous container on our drive as we grind through the house refurb so I was so glad to have the chance to stretch my legs outdoors. I should alert you though as we currently have the AeroPilates 4 Cord Reformer 435 with the cardio rebounder and a full DVD Library on sale NOW for £449.95 – the first of 5 Easy Pay instalments just £89.99 – as opposed to the RRP of £600, saving you £241.10!

I started using my Reformer about five years ago and it has helped me enormously with core strength, flexibility, improved posture and tightening of the tummy muscles! Give yourself the chance to experience all it can do for you with our 60-day money back guarantee and we’ll pick it up if you decide not to keep it.

There’ll be more exercise opportunities on Saturday 22nd January when I will be joined by Davina McCall who has something rather special from her Fitness at Home range to help us all be our best selves! Hopefully, there are a few ideas here that you’ll make good use of. By the way, if you’ve not seen Davina in ‘The Language of Love’ that began last week on Channel 4, treat yourselves. It’s a really clever concept; interesting and highly entertaining to watch.

A Covid Christmas

Something that I am definitely going to be making good use of is our Christmas present from my son Sam and his girly Elise. This beautiful pottery is handmade by a lovely Frenchman called Marius Roux who owns and makes everything he sells in ‘Trecarne Pottery’ in Mullion, Cornwall. We discovered it the year before last when we went to Cornwall and I bought a few pieces. I really want to collect more and so I put it on my Christmas list. It was made to order and now has pride of place in my kitchen. I’m hoping to start a collection :).

We’re hoping to recreate Christmas lunch for the family in the next few weeks, as it’s been really sad not seeing everyone – particularly the grandchildren. I did though have a hilarious couple of hours FaceTiming Honey where we did everything together – drawing, playing Articulate (she’s really good at this) reading stories and even tidying her room! All remotely, bless her.

So, as we move full steam ahead into 2022 let’s hope that we’re through the worst of the Covid bugs and that we will have a healthier year to enjoy.

I’ll be back with my Diamonique Jewellery show at 8pm on Tuesday and then I have an hour with cosmetician Judith Williams at 10pm who will hopefully have a few of her Deluxe Life Long Beauty TSVs left that includes two supersizes and a brand new product! If your skin is a little more mature and needs some TLC then these original and active formulas which include sweet almond, rose and argan oils will give you all you need to cleanse (with a new product Cleansing Water), to hydrate, smooth and treat your skin. It’s perfectly timed for use during the colder weather, and extraordinary value at £42.98 plus p&p – if you bought it directly it would be £268! Save yourself over £220 and buy it while stocks last.

Take care, stay well, and don’t forget to enter the competition here or on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Someone’s going to be VERY lucky 🙂

With my love,
Ali X

529 Responses

  1. Hello Ali, the first thing I would cook in the Ninja would be a simple roast chicken – nothing better! Kind regards, Vicki

    1. Hi Ali
      I think I will cook a lovely half leg of lamb with roast veg.
      Glad you are feeling better
      Happy New Year
      Luv Sue x

    2. Hi Alison
      I would make a huge pot of bologna and would add to the leftovers making it into a heart and delicious chilli. Healthy and hearty cod the whole family. Cooking in one pot, what could possibly be better?!

    3. Wow, I think the first thing I’d cook in one would be a warming beef casserole , with lovely warm bread , amazing giveaway ☺️☺️☺️

    4. Hi – I would make a lovely chicken and lentil soup, or maybe lentil and bacon. Love soup and could make loads. Yum.

  2. Hi Alison glad your both better, I’ve got another bad cough only had it about 5 weeks before xmas but hopefully on the mend now. hows,the refurbishment going i bet it will be lovely when finished. I did write to you on the previous blog but you missed me understandable when you have so many to reply to. Hope you have a nice time when you all finally meet up it will be a nice thing to do in January such a dull month isn’t it? Roll on nicer weather we have our holiday booked in May to Sicily I think I told you before. I like the pottery you are collecting I think I’ve seen it before. Les is going to paint our Kitchen cupboards soon they are dark wood so we are going for a sage green should look ok with the light tiles and work surface normally grey or cream would be the choice but I think it would look to bland. Nice to see you back on Qvc keep well take care Loraine xxx😀

  3. Hi Ali, enjoy reading your blogs. I would love to win the Ninja and probably the Ist dish I would make is a hearty beef stew and dumplings made with very tender skirt or shin beef and perhaps some ox tail with it . This dish is just the ticket in this cold weather and in the oven takes a long time x fingers crossed love Carole .

  4. The first thing i would cook would be a surprise valentines dinner for my husband, would love to surprise him as he does all the cooking, would be nice to surprise and spoil him for a change!

  5. Hi Ali,

    I wish you a big family gathering with good meal in a good health!

    I would like to cook something including ingredients from the DASH diet,which is lowering my blood pressure,hopefully (I just recently diagnosed with high blood pressure,unfortunately),perhaps a nice fish with veggies.
    All the best to the New Year!

  6. Great competition Alison…. I have lots of weight to loose and this looks like a great way to start a healthier lifestyle…. First thing I’d try would be sweet potato chips 😂😂…. Good luck everyone xxx

  7. It would be fantastic to win the Ninja Foodi SmartLid 7.5L 15 in 1 Multi Cooker. To be able to cook a full roast dinner with all the trimmings in next to no time after a long winters walk. Then followed by a hot pudding and custard. Making for a happy relaxed family. Taking the stress out of cooking by reducing the time and cost of heating my main cooker. I often see these Ninja foodi’s that everyone raves about, so would love to try. Xx

  8. Hi Ali, I read your podcasts (again) this morning and you have the most soothing voice. Think you would be a wonderful counsellor and a great go to person for help and advice. I hope you are both feeling better after your covid. How are your renovations going ? If I won that wonderful Ninja I would cook my lovely husband a nice dinner as hes the chef in our house, hes retired and I still work so it suits us as hes home more. I’m sure he would enjoy to have his dinner cooked for him for a change. He would enjoy using it to I’m sure. Love to hear from you and to hear about your family. Take care Ali.
    Karen xx

  9. Hi Alison,

    My miraculous 84 year old Mum has just beat covid after a 3 week stay in hospital and so I’d slow cooking a special meal for her in the brilliant Ninja Foodie Max – her favourite one-pot meal: chicken cacciatore with orzo and red wine in a tomato/herby sauce, followed by a school-days syrupy sticky toffee pudding with cream – yum! Would be all so much easier in the amazing Ninja Foodie.

  10. So glad you both have recovered from the dreaded Covid, lovely blog as usual, what a lovely prize to win, I would like to cook a roast chicken dinner in this x

  11. I’d like to be able to cook more healthy, quick dinners after I come home from long shifts for the ambulance service. This might prevent those naughty drive thru visits or cheeky takeaways I get as having to wait for my oven to warm up is a chore. Would love to win this

  12. Hi. Alison, about the competition…the first thing that always springs to my mind is chips 😃🍟 but that’s not what I should be saying….I think Bread would be a nice choice…so bread it is!

  13. Glad you are feeling better Ali. Rotten hacking Covid twice but shows we aren’t immune to this (I keep hoping I avoid a second bout!)

    I LOVE Ninja! Have quite a few pieces which came in handy when I had a new kitchen fitted. Only thing I missed was the actual sink!

    What would I cook first 💁🏼‍♀️….. I think a good old fashioned roast with all the bits and bobs. Fingers crossed. X

  14. Hi Ali
    I would cook a piece of beef as having lost my treasured mam(who always cooked the best ever beef roast) last year due to covid having lost the cooking mojo ..am sure this would give me incentive to start again Di

  15. Hi Alison,

    So sorry that your Christmas plans were disrupted but the important thing is that you are both better and you will have your family get together. Love your beautiful pottery and will look out for the Trecarne Pottery when next in Cornwall.
    If I won the competition the first thing I would cook would be a Portuguese Cataplana. I think it would be delicious,

    Best wishes,

  16. I would attempt to bake bread in the ninja as my daughter has an intolerance to gluten, we now eat a lot more gluten free products. I have bought the bread but it’s like cardboard.

  17. Hi, Ali, so sorry about your ‘covid Christmas’ – exactly the same as we were last year! I didn’t really feel like myself again for six weeks, but I know some folk are far worse off than that. I hope you are able to have a lovely belated get together with family very soon. Also hope the house refurb is going well – we are doing the same, pre a planned move in a year or two. I hate living in the chaos, but it will be worth it! Very best wishes for a peaceful, happy and healthy new year. Lots of love xxx

  18. Hi Ali

    Lovely to read your blog. Do you remember the times of the QVC beauty Bash days? I am sure you do. I met you there once and you were so kind and wonderful. We talked about your gorgeous ring and you were beaming with love and joy. You also very kindly allowed me to go ahead of you in the queue to have face mapping done!

    I would love to win the prize and the very first thing I would make in it is my mother’s famous vegetable soup. This was a staple in our house and my memories of it as a child are so rich and vivid. She would make a huge pot of it which we would batch freeze for winter lunches. So delicious. It is my mum’s 80th birthday this week!

    Sending love and best wishes for 2022.


  19. Thank you Alison – if I was lucky enough to win this little multi functional beauty I would love to make EVERYTHING! however I am fascinated to find out how steaming cakes, bread etc works. Best of luck everyone x

    1. Hi Alison ,

      I would steam bake a celebration cake for the queens platinum jubilee, I know it would come out perfect, as only ninja can do. I would share it with all my lovely neighbours who have been so supportive over the pandemic.
      Pleased to hear you and hubby are now well and you bring a sparkle to all your presentations on QVC.
      Thank you

  20. I have started to eat healthy and joined slimming world I am waiting for 2hip replacements so I would use the ninja cooker for lots of low fat Curry’s and rice dishes I have always been afraid of pressure cookers this one looks like its so easy to use get well soon allison

  21. I have just moved home and kitchen space is very valuable at the moment, a ninja would certainly be a great added addition for our limited space,
    First thing I would cook in this ninja would be a great family roast maybe beef or pork

  22. Having been without a oven for many months and more to come this would be really handy to replace it to be able to have cooked meals other than the Hob.

  23. Always such a pleasure reading your blogs, Ali. Down to earth, realistic, with a tailwind of optimism and positivity. You got me thinking about the Ninja, and the ‘good’ me was thinking teriyaki salmon on the grill, with steaming veg on the floor below and fluffy rice in the basement. The real me was thinking – air fry some sweet potato wedges, smothered in cheese, and then pop in the baking insert for a chocolate sponge with gooey chocolate insides. Angel or devil me? Probably both! I also spent the holiday receiving the gift of Covid from hubby, so you have my empathy! Happy 2022. xxx

  24. Hi Alison, so sorry to hear that you and your hubby succumbed to the dreaded virus over Christmas of all times, the last thing you needed, especially whilst living through major home renovations!! The first thing that I would cook in the Ninja is homemade bread and ham and pea soup!!
    Best wishes

  25. Hi Ali. I love to go out walking too especially on a cold sunny day. I had an operation 2 weeks before Christmas so haven’t been able to do alot of walking as of late but can’t wait to go out again. Sorry you were poorly with covid i wish it would do one now as my mum had it and she is 82 but luckily she just had a bad cough with it. Anyway stay safe and hope the renovations are going well xxx
    Love from

  26. My Grandchildren Ellis 10 and Annabelle 9 love to cook with me when they visit so they would have great fun with the multicooker…a gadget that does everything! I know they would choose to roast chichen drumsticks and potato wedges
    They are fascinated with drumsticks and have lengthy conversations to establish who has the right leg or the left…hilarious!!

  27. Hi, Alison, sorry to hear your Christmas plans were scuppered as we’re mine but look forward not back. I have to say I would cook my Christmas ham in the Ninja as it is still in my freezer. It would be left to rest so that I could do a lovely lemon curd steamed pudding for dessert and as I’m not very fond of custard it would have to be a jolly good dollop of clotted cream.
    Happy New year to you and yours.

  28. The tomato and onion soup looks delicious, foul you put the recipe on please?
    So pleased you and Colin are feeling better. Happy New Year to you both. Xxx

  29. I would love to cook a chicken in the ninja, do a chicken roast dinner for the family.
    Would be such a wonderful prize to win, especially as it cuts down on energy useage.
    Am keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Xx

  30. The first thing I would cook would be a roast of beef on dehydrate. I have seen pictures of this and it looks like Prime Rob you get in the USA. Yum 😋

  31. Hi Ali, so sorry to hear that you and Colin had Covid over Christmas but I hope that you have both now recovered. Hopefully you’ll be able to celebrate belatedly with your family soon.
    I was lucky and able to spend Christmas and New Year as planned with my sister catching up on things, along with playing a few games, such as charades which was great fun and really needed due to the current climate!
    What a lovely plant your Hellebore is – very pretty and such a beautiful colour!
    I am hoping to start doing more exercise (fibromyalgia permitting) and am looking to eat more of a gluten free vegan diet.
    I have just bought a new pair of Skechers boots with a fur collar which are very comfy and suitable for the colder weather. I am also looking to get a new compact food processor so that I can cook more recipes from scratch.
    I hope to catch you on your Diamonique show later today.
    Take care Ali – so glad you are back.
    Love Tina xx

  32. Hi Ali Happy New Year. Glad you and Colin are feeling better. We also had a family Covid Christmas!😷
    If I won your Ninja competition the first thing I’d cook would be a lovely Beef Stew and Dumplings! mmmm😋
    Love Jane X

  33. Hi Ali, sorry to hear that you and Colin had covid for a Christmas present, one you could certainly have done without!
    especially as we were able to see our families over the festive season compared to none last Christmas, pleased to know that you are both okay now. I’m sure you are both looking forward to having you belated celebrations with your family.
    John and I spent Christmas Day with our daughter, husband and grandchildren plus our great granddaughter Gracie who is now 18 months old, it was lovely to spend quality time with them. The Monday was spent with our son and his wife.
    John celebrated his 78th birthday yesterday I don’t know where the years have gone.
    Take care love to you both. Merche

  34. Hi Ali sorry to hear you were unwell over Xmas but hopefully you can have a redo soon for you and your family.

    Having read your blog I would say the first thing I would like to cook in the Ninja is your Zuppa Di Cipolle E Pancetta it looks delicious and I was also watching one of the chef shows at the weekend who were cooking french onion soup so it must be a sign! Second would be some bread to go with it yum yum😋

  35. I would cook something like a slow cooked lamb shank or lamb henry, some delicious home made bread, yum. What a great start to the year it would be to win a fabulous Ninja

  36. Hi Alison,
    I would cook stuffed red peppers stuffed with jasmine rice, served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and honey & Sesame seeds chicken wings.

  37. I would bake a cake for my husband’s 60th Birthday on the 7th February. I can’t believe it would actually work……

  38. Hi Alison. I would use the Ninja to steam some fish and vegetables. Very healthy after all the Christmas food.

  39. If I was lucky enough to win the Ninja the first thing I would cook in it is my Grandma’s special cheese pudding, which she made for me as a child and which I now make for my own family. It’s like a ‘hug on a plate’.

  40. Hi Alison. Sorry to hear you and Colin were unwell over Christmas and missed out on all your celebrations/ Glad you are feeling better now and hopefully you can soon make up for lost time seeing all your family. If I was lucky enough to win the Ninja the first thing I would make would be some homemade bread. Take care x

  41. I would make a beef and vegetable stew and share some with my elderly neighbour who lost his wife last year. Then freeze some portions for busy days at work. Love watching you on qvc and enjoy the diamonique shows lots. Xx

  42. Hello Alison, Very Best Wishes to you for a fab 2022 which we all now need and hope we have some fab weather to go with it.

    I am quite torn as to what I would cook first in the Ninja, Maybe it would be between a Chicken Curry, Sirloin Steaks or a small Gammon joint of which me and my partner whom I only see at weekends enjoy every Friday evening due to him working and living over an hours drive away from where I live and I see him Friday evening until Sunday 2pm, then we say bye again until the following weekend. We love to have a nice evening meal together as soon as he arrives each Friday having not seen each other for a week.

  43. Hi Alison, Being a Scot in England I would cook a haggis for my family on 25th January. Rabbie Burns birthday, and wash it down with a lovely malt whisky.

  44. First thing I would cook is a roast chicken delish 😊then some homemade soup nothing better after a walk ,dogs roast chicken too😊

    1. So many things I’d love to cook in a Ninja 15 in 1 multi cooker.
      We’re (aiming) to eat more healthier this year. Home made chips and chicken nuggets using wholemeal bread or cornflakes (try it, it’s delicious)
      Or maybe a katsu curry.
      Whatever I cook I’m sure it’ll taste fantastic

  45. The first meal I would cook in my Ninja would be a Sausage / Bacon / liver / Onion / Mushroom Casserole and I might just throw in some Black Pudding, My mouth is watering now just thinking about it.

  46. Hi Alison,
    I think the first thing I’d cook is a pork, apricot and pine nut casserole, it’s a firm favourite of my family, served with a large portion of proper mash and some green vegetables, yum!

  47. It’s my son’s 6th birthday soon & all he will eat is roast chicken so I’d definitely be cooking that if I won! Many thanks

  48. Hi Alison,

    So glad to hear you are better and happy to see you on with Diamonique this evening! I think the first thing I would try in the Ninja would be brownies. I’m sure that they would turn out just the way we like them, soft in the middle and chewy on the outside. Such a treat!

  49. Hi Alison. Lovely to see you back. Looking lovely as always. I was born in 1961 and remember my mum at the end of the week making stew feom all the left over vegys as we had run out of money. She always said it was our special tea. I loved it. So as a vegetarian now i would make a vegy stew in the ninja. Elaine xx

  50. I would love to win the Ninja would enable me to cook all manner of things but I would cook my favourite Greek meal of Kleftiko which is a lamb dish, would remind me of the beautiful island of Kefalonia during the winter months the warm breezes sun sea and smells of cooking sheer paradise!

  51. Ooh hard call for first dish to cook – something I wouldn’t have to bend down to put in my oven! Bliss. Air fried chips next on list, trying to be healthier this year 😂

  52. Sorry to hear you and Colin were not well over Christmas and New Year, but glad to see you back on QVC. The first thing I would cook in the Ninja would be lamb shanks for my family as they are my granddaughter’s favourite.

  53. Hi Alison I would make a Sunday Roast for my family and my new granddaughter we couldn’t be together at Christmas so this would be just perfect to be together 🥰

  54. Hi Alison
    Glad to hear you and your Colin are on the mend. I’ve just lost a lot of weight on a very low calorie fasting diet so something to excite my taste buds would be fabulous cooked in the Ninja would be fabulous. Perhaps a nice salmon recipe would be lovely
    Stay safe and much love

  55. Hi Alison
    Glad you are feeling better.
    The first meal I would cook if I was lucky enough to win
    Would be a roast chicken with all the trimmings.

  56. Hi..
    Would just be lovely to have dear friends and family around we have missed so much,and cook whatever they want.xxxx
    So pleased you are feeling better xx

  57. I would to love to win this just to prove to my daughter who lives across the road that I can cook it would be great to cook chicken in for my to little dogs and cook some stew for myself and practice other things now I’m retired I need things to do and try

  58. I would cook a delicious Vegetarian feast for my daughter on her return from Uni for her birthday.A yummy mixed bean lentil and vegetable chilli

  59. Hi Alison.
    Sorry you have not been well. Let’s hope 2022 is a better year. As a baker I would love to bake a cake using the steam bake setting which sound interesting. Take care🙂

  60. Hi Alison
    If I were to be lucky enough to win this fab cooker I would slow cook a Lamb Naverin as you can use really cheap lamb which turns into an amazing meal.

  61. Happy New Year If I was lucky enough to win i would cook everything in it it seems so versatile but the first thing would be a lovely slow cooked beef stew like my mum used to make.

  62. The first meal I would make would be a wonderful roast for my sister who, despite suffering from COPD has worked tirelessly delivering parcels during the pandemic and over the Christmas period to make sure no-one was left waiting….she deserves some pampering as she always puts other people first !!

  63. Hi I do a lot of baking but would love to try steam baking but also in these cold days steamed sponge puddings syrup, jam , ginger any of these go down well on chilly days!

  64. Glad your feeling better. I was ill for 3 weeks before christmas & was totally miserable & feeling unchristmassy come the big day. The first thing i would cook would be steak & chips with mushrooms & onions, delicious, then would try bread & bake a cake. I would always have the Ninja on as i love cooking & baking 😋.

  65. Hi Alison, I bake alot so it would probably be a cake or pudding. My choice would be lemon and blueberry but my nephew can always persuade me to bake something chocolate!

  66. Hi great prize the first thing i would cook in the ninja if i won is comfort food cosy beef stew for my family.
    Fingers crossed
    Take care Xx

  67. Glad you are feeling better. We were fine over Christmas, but picked up heavy colds (not covid) the week after. I would cook Turkey curry as the first thing in the Ninja, followed by air fried chips. Yum!!

  68. Hi alison glad your feeling better glad to see you back on qvc your such a beautiful person in side and out first thing i wouid cook is a chicken stew with dumpings im single parent to 19 year oid autism son eating bean hard thing he now loves chicken stew wishing you a very happy and healthy new year x

  69. Hi Alison, so glad to hear that you and your hubby have recovered from that wretched COVID; and that you are fully recovered.
    The first thing I would cook in the Ninja 15 in 1 would be a good old fashioned prime Beef Stew with Dumplings!!! Wholesome and filling, done in half the time, ideal for these chilly winter evenings.!

  70. Hi Ali, So glad you & Colin are recovered from Covid, so even though Christmas date has come & gone your family Christmas Day hasn’t just postponed so when you get together with your loved ones you will enjoy it , you know what they say what’s worth having is worth waiting for!!
    As for my first meal in the Ninja it would be my first mother in laws Sausage bake, which is sausages browned first along with red onions & mushrooms then cooked on in low Ninja, potatoes par boiled then added on top of bake along with a lovely rich gravy cook for another hour & half then served with delicious veg including Brussels sprouts which I have discovered taste so much nicer if you just cut in half like treating a small cabbage, carrots & any other vegetable that takes your fancy, yum, yum.
    Please all stay well & safe at QVC, remember to a lot of us you have been an essential service during these strange unknown times, Thankyou so, so much on behalf of everyone who watches you.

  71. I would love to cook an all in one recipe for 4 people in the slow cooker and then I could set the table nice, have a nice leisurely shower, dress and the food would be beautifully cooked and all I would have to do is serve it. No hassle. Guests and myself would be relaxed.
    Glad you are feeling better. Looking amazing doing the Judith Williams tsv.

  72. The first thing I would be a slap up meal for our 50th wedding anniversary as my husband has lung desires from Asbestos so we have been shielding and not going for meals to keep him safe so would love to cook something special

  73. What a wonderful offer…. I’d love to win this for my family. I work at a local hospital and after a 12hour shift it’s near impossible to get the enthusiasm to cook a meal for my parents.
    I think the first think I would try to cook would be a lovely Sunday roast…. probably beef as we need to push the Ninja for more than just a roast chicken. Hopefully with roasted potatoes or veg. Delicious
    I have watched presentation after presentation but at £300 it”s way too expensive for me to purchase so this is an ideal opportunity to try and win.

  74. Hi Ali, so glad you are feeling better and lovely to see you back on air.

    If I was lucky to win this fabulous Ninja I would do a slow cooked lamb pathia curry. Something that needs time to be juicy and tender with all the rich flavour.

  75. First use would be a big pot of Ragu Sauce and Pasta to feed the whole family, (always a particular favourite with the grandchildren!)

  76. Hi Alison, I would have to slow cook a beef brisket in red wine and tomato with onions, shrooms, lots of garlic. Let it cook till it falls apart and then serve it with either pasta, rice, a mountain of buttery mash or slathered in sourdough toast.

  77. Hello Alison, glad to see that you have recovered. I would make a spicy chilli from scratch, since losing 2 stone 10lbs over twelve months ago, I make everything from scratch so that I know what’s in it! I would love to win this so here goes nothing 😘

  78. Hi Ali the first thing I would love to make in the Ninja would be Bread lots and lots of Bread …
    The smell around the home of fresh Bread is so comforting not to mention the butter melting on it when it’s still warm … wonderful and then I would explore the oh so many options of meals I could make .

  79. Hi Alison ….I have my 5 grandchildren coming for a sleepover so I think the first thing I would cook in the ninja is bread I love baking all kinds of bread with the children and then we’ll probably cooked our favourite roast chicken dinner …mouth is watering already

  80. Glad to hear you are feeling better now lovely lady. Always look forward to your blog to find out what’s going on with your family.
    Soups of all kinds would be perfect in the Ninja, and a look to the future months,for the ingredients would be my favourite Piccallilli recipe. I am well informed that a leg spoonful added to homemade soup transports it.🤣

  81. That soup looks delicious, so would look up the recipe for it. However, being able to do
    a complete roast beef or roast chicken dinner may win its way to top of the list.

  82. I would make a traditional Welsh cawl followed by a sponge pudding which was my dad’s favourite that he used to make in a pressure cooker

  83. hi Alison, I’m on a weight loss journey. at the moment and i have lost 20 lbs so far. I would make healthy fish and chips ready to add lots of salt and vinegar!!

  84. Hello Alison,

    Sorry to hear that you and Colin were both unwell but glad to hear you are now on the mend.

    If I were lucky enough to win I would cook a lovely stew in memory of my late Dad who I always made a stew for on his Birthday on the 14th December. I am going to be 60 this year and so it is a special year for me and I so wish my Dad were here to celebrate it with me.

  85. Hello Alison, I am terrified of pressure cookers, but would love to make a vegetarian stew so tasty, that my meat eaters husband & son would ask for more!. Thank you

  86. Hi Alison,
    I would steam bake a celebration 🍾 cake for the queens platinum jubilee, using the ninja as I know it will bake perfectly, I would share it with all my lovely neighbours that have been so supportive over the pandemic.
    Lovely to hear you and hubby are now well, and thank you for being such a sparkle on all your QVC shows.
    Thank you

  87. Hi glad you are both better ,the first thing I would cook would be a lovely steamed syrup pudding ,would be lovely in this miserable time we are all having ,keep our spirits upxxx

  88. Hello Alison, What rotten luck to be hit with the dreaded lurgy bang on christmas. Hope you can salvage your origional plans & have a re run with the family for a fabulous post christmas/ new year celebration. Best wishes to you, Colin & the family for 2022. Good Luck with your new arrangements ! MY 1ST ATTEMPT WITH THE NINJA WOULD NOT BE TOO ADVENTEUROUS . iT WOULD BE A VEGETABLE , PULSES & LENTIL CHICKEN WINTER BROTH .

  89. It is my wedding anniversary on Valentine’s day and although my husband is no longer here I would could a roast chicken which he loved. I would share some of the chicken with my three wonderful cats who have been such a comfort during these difficult times. They deserve a nice treat.

  90. Hi Alison , the first thing I’d cook would be to pressure cook a ham joint then roast it with honey mustard and sugar and have a lovely roast dinner, hope you feel better soon xx

  91. I did not see my family at christmas due to sickness so would love to cook a meal with brisket of beef, sprouts, etc. for all of them.

  92. I would LOVE to cook my Son Alfie a ‘ Big Daddy’ rump steak (16oz) when he comes back at a Easter from Uni.
    His most favourite thing as he is mine
    I am just coming out of COVID managed to miss it for the last 2years – had all my vaccines as well, so wasn’t able to have Alf home at Christmas – roll on Easter
    Stay healthy and happy everyone

  93. Hi Ali,
    Sorry that your Christmas was ruined by Covid but I’m pleased that you are now both recovered. I’m triple jabbed but not convinced that I couldn’t catch it, despite always following all self care advice, face masks, hand washing, social distancing etc since the outset. Being a wheezy old asthmatic, it’s a bit of a concern but we carry on, with a few precautions.

    The Ninja looks like an amazing bit of kitchen kit and I can’t decide if I would cook a Stifado or a low and slow Chilli using Brisket first. I suspect my partner would want a Chicken Dhansak! The possibilities are endless.

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing machine.


  94. Hi Alison
    I would love to cook a spaghetti bolognese in the Ninja Cooker.
    I real heart warming winter meal just satisfies everyone.
    I have to imagine it would be easier to cook in the Ninja instead of on the stove top.

    1. As I live on my own but support my son I would do some batch baking as they call it and save myself some money, that would be lovely, it’s a shame you were both I’ll, but it’s lovely to have someone with you at that awful time. We all need each other.

  95. I would give it to my daughter and ger her to cook me something, as I generally do all the cooking in my house. I am 50 next week and a home cooked meal made by someone else would be a real treat xx

  96. Hi Ali,

    I think I would try and cook my 15 year old daughter’s favourite dinner.. tortellini bake (it’s actually a WW recipe, but you wouldn’t know it!) I discovered it whilst losing 3 stone in 2020! It would be good to make up for all the meals she cooked for me while I was suffering & recovering from covid (on top of my M.E & Fibromyalgia!) & sounds like a fab bit of kit that could take over from my rather pathetic oven in my rental house.

    Wishing you health and happiness in 2022 & beyond! X

  97. Hi Alison

    If I was lucky enough to win I would cook everything I possibly could and enjoy new creations.


  98. Hi Ali, glad you both are feeling better. If I was lucky enough to win I would love to cook a gammon. Yum 😋 Yum 😋

  99. Hi Alison, I’d like to cook a roast chicken dinner to celebrate my forthcoming birthday with friends. They are all keen ‘foodies’ and none of us saw each other for a Christmas get together due to illness. It’ll be good to show what the Ninja can do. Xx

  100. I would love to cook Chicken Provencale as I love it but have never made it myself as I have not been a very adventurous cook and would like to change this now I as I have always been a little wary of trying new things. I feel now is the time to be more adventurous in my cooking!

  101. Hello, i would cook a lovely sugar free cake especially for me as sugar gives me migraines and its really hard to find any sugar free cakes.

  102. Hello Ali. I would cook barbecued pork. This was the first recipe I made in a slow cooker and the meat falls off the bone when it is cooked all day. The sauce is made of brown stock, onion, tomato purée, mustard, brown sugar, vinegar and a touch of Worcester sauce – yummy!

  103. Hello Alison, nice to have you back!

    the first thing I would cook in the Ninja Foodie……well it would have to be Roast Turkey and all the trimings followed by a coffee and walnut cake since we are having our family Christmas meal 6 weeks later than scheduled!

  104. Hi Alison
    I think the first thing I would cook would be good old fish and chips, the oven variety just don’t taste the same
    Best wishes

  105. I would love to slow cook a minted shoulder of lamb in the new Ninja. I am developing a little obsession with Ninja products.
    Sorry to hear you were both poorly and glad you are better now.
    Best wishes

  106. Hi Ali,

    If I were to win this I would cook a nice roast dinner with all the trimmings for my Dads upcoming big birthday. Nothing beats homemade food. Having a 15 in 1 foodie would mean the possibilities are endless. Thank you for such a generous give away. Happy New Year.

  107. Oh Alison..

    So many choices, as this has a pressure cook option I would cook a lovely multi bean and barley stew with lots of yummy vegetables, perfect for this time of year. The timing features mean that I could pop it on and forget it which is perfect for after work.

    The air fryer option would be great for some quick hot wings and homemade chips!

    I love roasted vegetables but sometimes don’t want to use the oven so this would be perfect for a lot of roasted vegetables… sweet potato, beetroot, butternut squash, courgette, red peppers, fennel with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

    Okay, I am hungry now!


  108. Hello Alison
    I love my original Ninja multi cooker but it is getting rather old now! I think I would cook my cauliflower and potato curry.
    Thank you and enjoy your family Christmas celebrations at last.

  109. Hello Ali,
    I would like to attempt a full Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Victoria sponge cake for later, I maybe a little adventurous. Nothing to lose..

  110. Hello Ali,
    I would like to attempt a full Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Victoria sponge cake for later, I maybe a little adventurous. Nothing to lose.. loving the pottery, beautiful.

  111. Hi Ali, after being in hospital before Christmas with pneumonia and still trying to get over it, I would make a big stew and dumplings to try to build me back up, which would help to keep me warm and well nourished and help get my strength back. And it would also save me using my cooker which I am struggling to use at the moment.

  112. Having had my present cooker for 20 plus years I think this Ninja would mean I don’t have to replace it. So I would cook a meal using every function and treat my friends and family.

  113. The first thing I would cook would be a surprise meal for my son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons. Due to Covid restrictions which we have all had to endure I am moving to live near them, which is over 160 miles from where I currently live.

  114. If I was lucky enough to win, I would like to cook salmon or bake bread or roast a chicken or make a stew. I would be spoilt for choice as there are so many good healthy and naughty foods to cook. 🙈

  115. Hi Alison

    First I would pressure cook a chicken. Then Aircrisp it for the perfect roast chicken and in less than an hour. Yummyness in super quick time

  116. I hope you are both feeling better now. If I win I will cook a big roast dinner for myself and my mum. I will also invite my sisters family and make a day of it. As we don’t do it often maybe only Christmas. As we don’t have the oven space but with this I can.

  117. Hi Alison
    I would cook spicy vegetarian curry/ biryani and tandoori broccoli.
    In September I had two mini strokes and my one side is very weak and i am bit slow.
    At the moment I find difficult to stand for too long cooking on stove.
    Ninja multi Cooker will help me with healthy spicy cooking using less oil.
    Ninja foodi cooker will make my life easy day to day cooking.

  118. Hi Alison
    I would cook spicy vegetarian curry/ biryani and tandoori broccoli.
    In September I had two mini strokes and my one side is very weak and i am bit slow.
    At the moment I find difficult to stand for too long cooking on stove.
    Ninja multi Cooker will help me with healthy spicy cooking using less oil.
    Ninja foodi cooker will make my life easy day to day cooking.

  119. Hi Ali, starter hearty vegetable soup, main toad in the hole, dessert sticky toffee pud, all good for a cold winter dark January day and a large glass or 2 of something red. Cheers!

  120. Hi Alison.
    I would cook spicy vegetarian curry/ biryani rice/ pluses beans and tandoori airfry broccoli and other vegetables.
    In September I had two strokes so my one side is very weak and I am bit slow now.
    I find difficult standing for too long cooking on stove.
    With Ninja multi cooker I will be making healthy spicy food with less oil.
    Ninja cooker will make my life easy day to day cooking.

  121. Hi Alison, I would make a slow roasted lamb with redcurrent sauce and roasted vegetables. I would invite the whole family round. We are getting quite used to using anti-allegen tests to keep everyone safe. I have seen a few Ninja demonstration and it would be great to try all the different ways of cooking with it.

  122. Hi Alison
    I’d cook a joint of gammon in the pressure cooker, not that I’ve ever done this in my life but I’d like to think with the help of a Ninja I’d be knocking out all sorts!

    Glad you’re feeling better.
    Wishing you all the best,

  123. Happy New Year!
    If I won the Ninja I would want to try everything! Lol, but seriously I have started healthy plant based eating for my MS so probably a nice veggie bean chilli, good luck everyone x

  124. Hi Alison. I would to do a lovely pork roast and turn it into pulled pork. Then while it’s rests bake a super crunchy bread loaf to eat with it. Serving it to my family in my new home. My mouth is watering now. Would love to own it. Take care.
    Phyllis xx

  125. The first thing I would make is my favourite dish. Roast Chicken with all the trimmings. Imagine being able to have a roast in 1 hour!!!

  126. Oh wow, a ninja would be amazing for my family kitchen. We try our best to cook from scratch on a daily basis and this would make life so much easier. The 1st thing I would make would be a rich hearty beef & ale stew with dumplings….or maybe 40 glove garlic chicken or butter chicken masala or an indulgent spicy minestrone soup….the ninja woukd be well used feeding my hubby & 3 boys at home aswell as me on my nightshifts

  127. I’d make a slow cooked beef stew with root vegetables, my family’s favourite winter warmer. And dumplings!

  128. I would make bolognaise mince and then either have lasagne or spaghetti bolognaise or just pasta mince finished off in the oven with cheese and tomato.

  129. Bridget

    Glad to hear that you are better. Looking wonderful as usual this evening.

    I would cook a lentil and vegetable curry if I was lucky enough to win.

  130. I would cook a casserole, I love the smell it emits around the house as it cooks on slow and would be a delight to look forward to at the end of a day!

  131. I’d be cooking homemade breaded chicken goujons, just love them especially with some garlic mayo, homemade as well ….. yum!

  132. I have been checking for stock of this on different sites everyday, they are so hard to get hold of at the moment.
    The first thing I would cook would be a chicken – I am told I need to do 20 minutes on pressure cook and then 20 minutes on air fry for the juiciest best tasting chicken ever!

  133. Hi Ali sorry to hear your Christmas couldn’t be what you would have liked but have a lovely time when your able to soon.
    I think I would like to make a lovely birthday cake for my daughter who will be 30 next week and my mother who will be 86 . It would be great to make a cake that might look as lovely as the one in your photo.
    Take care luv Jill t xx

  134. Hi Alison… I love the Ninja products and would cook Chicken Paprikash. But also keen to try the air frying.

  135. Hi Alison … Glad to hear you have recovered, I am just on the mend and have got to isolate until the 15th! I hope 2022 will see the back of Covid as it has been such a difficult few years for so many people.
    I have been struggling to get back into my workout regime but hope once we move house and have more space I can acquire some equipment to help! I agree that getting outdoors is a great tonic.
    I would love to win the Ninja and firstly I would have to cook my favourite Roast Chicken with Stuffing but there are plenty more dishes I would love to try too!
    Wishing you the best for 2022.

  136. I think that the very first meal I’d cook in this would be something relatively straightforward such as a beef stew, but I’d then experiment more the longer I had this machine and would cook more exotic dishes later.

  137. Ooooh there are so many recipes that I would use it for but I think our favourite would be french onion chicken.

  138. Glad we have all survived Christmas and New Year. I would cook stew and dumplings while I am out trying to play golf, so at least one thing will turn out good.


    Love to everyone

    Diane xx

  139. It would have to be roast lamb with all the trimmings. I am not a good cook but I am sure a Ninja Foodie Max would improve my cooking skills and experiment with more exciting recipes!

  140. I would love to try a good old fashioned stew and dumplings using my grans recipe. Two essential ingredients are pearl barley and a pint of Guinness. Great dish for this time of year and a good pick me up after us both having covid. 🤞🤞 xx

  141. I would cook a full roast chicken. Not only would it taste delicious but would be far more energy efficient then putting it in the conventional oven.

  142. I have never used a pessure cooker before they always seem a bit to complicated for me , so I would probably give that a go first by cooking a lovely roast chicken with all the trimmmings.
    I would then go on to trying the steam function there seems a lot more to it than just steamed veg….steam air fry now that I would love to know more about.
    The yoghurt maker would be next simply because I have never made yoghurt before.
    This machine seems to have so many functions it looks amazing I would love to own it.
    Keep well everyone
    Sheila xx

  143. I wouldn’t be too adventurous for my first time of using it, I would love to make the healthier chips in it that my slimming class consultant keeps talking about!

  144. Hi Ali, My hubby is 50 in April. I’m not a great baker and need all the help I can get. I would love to make hubby a cake, he would be really surprised!!! I would need to practice a bit first and the Ninja should help. We also love a roast and are trying to be healthy so win win. Lots of love, keep well Angela xx

  145. Hi Ali I’m not sure if my comments came through but my hubby is 50 in April and I would love to try to bake him a cake, that will be a first. Might even make a whole birthday meal. Lots of love Angela xx

  146. Wow this would be so incredible! I have a long list in my head already of what I would make! What a cracking 2022 this would be! Thank you and good luck everyone!

  147. Dear Alison, l would love to cook a proper steamed treacle pudding,to cheaper me up, and it will help me restore my life, l am soon to be on my own and this would be very helpful for me in the future,love your shows, thankyou Happy New yeat toYear x

  148. I think I’d try making yogurt. My mum always used to make it when I was a child and the price in the supermarket seem to be sky rocketing

  149. Good morning Alison,
    A gift would be my first use of the Ninja …. a cake for my Nephew of 17 who is going through a very difficult time over the past few days. He is a great lover of any cake so a great way to experiment with something very new for the New Year.
    Take care.

  150. Hi Ali,
    I would make a gammon joint with pease pudding. It can be so messy and take such a long time in a pan on the hob. In the Ninja I could just switch it on and leave it, I could even go out. That couldn’t be done without the Ninja. So many other things I could do for everyday living and eating, with a fantastic machine. I’ve got everything crossed for hopefully winning this.

  151. I think i’d cook a lasagna soup recipe i’ve got in my new slow cooker book – it looks lovely and also something the kids would like!

  152. I would love to cook a risotto – I never seem to get it cooked quite right and I have been told this wonderful Ninja Cooker gets perfect results every time.

  153. Hi there. I can think of nothing better to cook with this incredible looking machine than a simple chicken curry. Nothing too spicy. I can almost taste it now. It would certainly seem to make all food preparation etc much easier. Good luck to all with this competition.

  154. First choice is most definitely chicken. I’m used to putting it in the slow cooker and the result is boiled chicken but the Ninja can roast it!

  155. Wow this looks so cool with so many functions, the first thing I’d make would be a minty lamb & root veg casserole with dumplings on a cold wintery day to warm the family up! ❤️

  156. Super machine ! I would use it to cook some slow cooked lamb shoulder with Moroccan spices – a lovely warming dish and you can shred any left for a pulled meat sandwich

  157. My husband is the cook in our house, and as he is Portuguese I am sure that he will start off with a Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew.

  158. The Ninja looks like a great bit of kit! I’d probably go for some lamb shanks cooked in a really rich sauce – always amazing on a chilly winter’s day!

  159. I would love to cook a chilli in the Ninja cooker, this meal works for everyone and would be amazing to cook for longer and let all of its beautiful flavours and aromas come out.

  160. Hi Alison
    Lovely to have you back on QVC
    So sorry to hear you and Colin have not be well and I do hope you and all your family have a healthy happy and lucky
    I would cook a loaf of bread
    Take care

  161. I would try to make yoghurt first, I have always wanted to try to make my own. But I would mostly use it to make quick family meals on school days, there is not enough time to spend hours in the kitchen.

  162. I know this is probably really boring as you can do so much with this ninja but I would be so excited to cook air fried chips as I have heard so many good things about the chips in this ninja machine.

  163. Hi Ali
    I would cook roast duck as I love it but have never managed to cook it successfully in a conventional oven. Somehow it always comes out overdone and makes a huge mess.

  164. I’d like to cook some healthy veg dishes to help me with my continued weightloss – I lost 6st last year, and I have lots more to go this year!

  165. Wow it really is all in one. I’d make crispy tofu teriyaki.

    Sorry to hear COVID messed with Christmas for you.

  166. The first thing I would try would be air-fried chips, just to see whether it cooks them evenly and to find out how easy/difficult it is to clean afterwards.

  167. I would cook loads of food in the Ninja cooker but I must confess the first thing I would cook would be chips because I have heard they are fantastic cooked in the Ninja.

  168. I’d have a go at making bread. A fresh granary loaf to go with cheese and pickle is a simple meal, but pretty awesome!

  169. The first thing I’d cook is a lovely beef roast dinner. Always goes down well in our household. A really great prize that would be used again and again. I’m glad you’re feeling better and here’s to a happy, healthy new year.

  170. What a fabulous piece of kit the Ninja Foodie Max is, after looking at the website I would love to give lamb shanks with roasted carrots a try first, sounds delicious and easy!

  171. always wanted to try the Ninja multi cooker, the first thing I’d cook is salmon it’s onw of my favourite things and also some veggies to go with it.

  172. Wow – amazing prize!!! I would love to go for the full roast with all the trimmings… and then venture down the delicious pudding route as well.

  173. Oh, tough choice! I’d live to try out air frying some courgette fries but right now I’m fancying a curry so probably a nice lamb Biryani to share with the family.

  174. I’d make mince & potatoes using the pressure cook. My mum used to make it this way, it’s lovely! What a fabulous cooker the ninja looks, good luck everyone!

  175. I’d probably do a lovely roast chicken, although I’d be very tempted to try making some flavoured bread as well.

  176. Hi,
    I think Id actually like to try baking a cake, something like a beetroot and chocolate cake than with chocolate fudge icing.. For something different.
    I’d definitely find plenty of meals to make in it esp seasonal dishes.

  177. Wow, I am just thinking of all the wonderful things I could make. Far to many to list. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to win
    Love, Liz

  178. I would love to make a brisket or a pot roast using the pressure cooker setting – I’ve never had a pressure cooker so I’m excited to try that!

    I also rather fancy some roast potatoes… Hmm, I’m hungry now!

  179. Hi Ali,
    I would love to cook a vegetable stew and dumplings in the Ninja Cooker.
    Filling, warming and delicious.

  180. Fries 🍟 and home made fish fingers! 🐟 – I would love to prepare healthier versions of my little picky eaters’ favourites.

  181. Hi Alison WOW I’d love a ninja cooker I’d cook everything in it Probaly start with cooking my roasties xx

  182. I’d love to steam our vegetables in this cooker as it’s so complicated with a pan and steamer on top we never do it!

  183. Well Ali, this lovely toy would bring me joy!
    So many delights to choose, nothing like it for banishing the blues.
    To you and Colin, warm wishes;
    For me and mine, I hope, some lovely dishes!

  184. I’d love to cook a slow lamb in red wine casserole in the Ninja Cooker – It would be such a fab kitchen gadget in my home as we all love slow cooked meals ready when we are !

  185. I’d definitely start off by making lots of roast veg to serve with goat cheese on top, but I’m very curious about making bread with it!

  186. Hi Alison

    I would cook a lovely roast chicken. As a family we always get together when shifts allow for a Sunday roast. These have been low on the list after all six of us have had Covid at some point over Christmas and new year!

  187. Oh, my goodness. What a versatile little gadget this is. The first thing I would try is seared tofu with noodles and Spring greens.

  188. I would cook a warming, nutritious, tasty traditional Welsh Cawl – it is my go to winter comfort food and it would definitely be my first make. I serve it with a wedge of cheddar and a chunk of fresh white bread. Yummy! However, for the second make I would call upon the skills of my resident chef son and allow him to serve up some kitchen wizadry magic.

  189. I would cook a beef casserole as it is our family favourite with sides of season vegetables – so tasty -thanks

  190. a nice slow beef casserole ready for us coming home after our daily walk! Need the warming food this cold weather

  191. Hi Alison I love to cook this would be my dream prize first thing I would cook is a lovely beef stew with dumplings. so many casseroles and stews and Chinese and rice dishes and pasta ,Know my teenage son would love me to cook chips and homemade southern fried chicken though he loved my ham joint slow boiled and finished in the oven honey glazed at christmas. A ninja would cut cooking time with excellent results be fantastic as my son thinks its open all day cafe as it is be much used and loved a very popular edition to the kitchen thankyou.

  192. I would make a chicken casserole and dumpling, packed with healthy seasonal vegetables. Perfect for this cold weather.

  193. The first thing I would cook is a simply free range roast chicken. Always a family favourite. The stock will make great soup too.

  194. Hi Alison, I would love to win the Ninja Foodie cooker and the first thing I would try in it would be a turkey crown and roast potatoes – we sold our house in the autumn and are in-between homes so I had no kitchen to do my turkey! I think it would be a great treat during this cold January to recreate Christmas Dinner!
    Thanks for all the inspiring ideas.
    – Tracey xx

  195. I would love to make a lamb and apricot tagine – perfect winter food. This would be perfect for ensuring it is perfectly ready when I get home for work.

  196. The first thing i would cook would probably be a nice hearty Beef Casserole with herb dumplings. Proper comfort food!

  197. I think I’d live dangerously, and try a sweet and spicy Carrot Cake. Straight in at the deep end! Thank you for offering this super prize – I’ve heard a lot of great things about Ninja. Hope the dreaded lurgy will soon be a distant memory.

  198. I was diagnosed coeliac 2 years ago so have to cook from fresh. I would love to win the ninja and make a delicious gluten free sausage and bean casserole perfect for this cold weather 🤍

  199. Would make a hearty chicken casserole for my lovely family! Using tasty chicken thighs and lots of veggies

  200. I’d love to win the ninja! I was diagnosed coeliac 2 years ago so really have to work hard to cook everything fresh. This would really help me prepare food and I’d cook a delicious sausage and bean casserole in it and dunk in some gluten free bread 😍

  201. I’d make my favourite winter warmer – a sausage casserole made with chunky vegetables and meat-free sausages!

  202. So sorry your Christmas was ruined by illness Alison, ditto in our household too, I was laid flat out in bed for 5 days too, all our plans were scuppered but we are ok now I’m pleased to say.
    Sadly we lost my brother on Sunday to Covid-19.
    If I was blessed to win the Ninja I would cook a chicken curry and rice with all the trimmings to make up for not having family together at Christmas.
    God bless, Margaret xx

  203. I am so sorry to hear that you have been so poorly Alison but glad to hear that you are on the mend. Luckily I and all my family have managed to avoid it so fingers crossed this continues.
    The first thing I would make in the Ninja if I were the very lucky winner would be a warming Beef and Ale Casserole with dumplings.
    Thank you so much for offering this lovely prize.
    Chris x

  204. Hi Alison so sorry to hear that you had a ‘covid Christmas’. We both had it at the end of October so thankfully were fully recovered. I would love to try the Ninja for soups and stews but my husband is much more adventurous with kitchen equipment and would probably be trying something new every day

  205. Hi Ali, the first thing I would cook in the Ninja would be a delicious roast chicken dinner. I would love this in my kitchen, it would make life so much easier. Thank you for the chance to win.

  206. I’d definitely put it to the test doing the Sunday roast. I hear the chicken cooks super quick and stays moist and tender?

  207. Hi Alison ,
    Hope you are both feeling better and have a healthier new year.
    I would cook Bongooli Bongooli which is a kind of stew. It was my a recipe handed down from my late mum. I have no idea why we called it that, but it is very delicious.

  208. Hi I would love to win the ninja to cook a family meal of a winter stew for us all to thank the kids and their partners for everything they have done for my husband and myself over the past few years 😀

  209. What a fantastic giveaway. I would make great use of this Ninja Cooker and the first thing I would cook is a family favourite, spaghetti bolognese

  210. I would be mad keen to try out all the functions but I’d first do my weekly big pot of vegetable soup…it’s my go to if I’m hungry but too busy to cook anything from scratch 😋😋

  211. I’d love to make a vegan pulled jackfruit style dish with lots of yummy spices in the Ninja Cooker, to go alongside rice and a side salad. I love hearty and warming dishes like that in the winter time!

  212. Fantastic, I would make a roast chicken first, as that’s something the whole family will eat! Hope you’re feeling better

  213. Hi Alison, hope you and your husband are both well. If i won the ninja cooker i would like to cook a nice roast venison. My mouth is watering at the thought.

  214. Hi Alison,love your blog and always read it, glad you are feeling better,sounds really horrid with the chest infection,but glad you are on the mend now.
    If I won I would cook myself a nice salmon steak and some nice veggies to go with it yum! I just love fish and would eat more if it was cheaper. X

  215. I’d have to cook a roast but there would be a bit of a debate about the meat in our house. I’d vote chicken, hubby would go for lamb.

  216. I would definitely use it to make bread. This is something I already do every Saturday morning, our favourite is a mozzarella stuffed tear and share loaf. Would love to see how it cooks my bread compared to the old fashioned way (in the over)

  217. Hello Alison,
    I would love to slow cook a lovely leg of lamb, marinated in fresh rosemary, lemon thyme, garlic and mint. A Ninja would take it to the next level and really lock in that flavour!

    Praying for a win!

  218. I would make a warming stew with sliced potatoes & greens. We’ve been shielding our youngest son who is immuno compromised, for coming on 2 years, so the last 2 Christmas’s (& all other celebrations), have been without extended family. Would be wonderful to think we could all get together over a decent meal this year…fingers crossed!

  219. Hi Alison
    I would make Diet coke chicken, i know it doesn’t sound nice but its gorgeous, will me doing slimming world and the husband and daughter calorie counting we would be so much use out of this

  220. Evening Alison Thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize. I love anything that is energy saving and have heard great reports of the Ninja so would love to win, if I did the first meal I’d cook in it would have to be my winter go to meal of a chilli con carne

  221. I’d love to make my family’s favourite, lamb tagine, we all really love it however it takes so long to cook in an ordinary oven, with the time saved I’d even make the flatbreads to go with it

  222. Hi Alison,

    I was new to your blogs and am loving catching up. I love cooking but have never been a serious baker. The Ninja is my inspiration to change all that.

  223. Hello Ali, the first thing I would cook in the Ninja would be a simple roast silverside – nothing better! Kind regards

  224. My sister has this and it’s amazing. She says it has made her life so much easier!! If I won this the first thing I would cook is a roast Chicken dinner for my family.

  225. Since ditching the chip pan for healthier eating three years ago hubby and I still miss home made chips. As this Ninja multi-cooker has an air fry function it would definitely be chips we would try first. The size makes this a great cooker for batch cooking as well to feed our freezer (and us) We find this saves us time and money.

  226. Hello Alison! You can’t beat traditional lamb stew in the winter months so that would be my choice. Thank you for running a lovely competition.

  227. I would make a real ale beef stew – and serve with buttered crusty bread! I would invite the family round as we were all poorly at Christmas

  228. I’d love to first try dehydrated citrus fruit – oranges, lemons, limes & grapefruit then use these as garnishes for food & drink.

  229. I would On first use I would cook a nice piece of silverside or topside and would have the traditional roasted veggies, Brussel sprouts, and goose fat roast potatoes, would use the juices of the meat for the gravy, and of course some homemade Yorkshires

  230. I would make the full works – soup starter, roast beef main with veg followed by a cake. I’d love to try out the cake function, they look delicious and so professional. Win, win!

  231. I would definitely slow cook a pork joint in a barbecue sauce, as my lot loved pulled pork wraps for dinner.

  232. The Ninja Foodie Max sounds fab! I love fish so I would try that first, maybe with fresh ginger and spring onion and would have some lovely crisp green vegetables with it too and perhaps some flavoured rice. If I won this I would be trying all the different ways of cooking and would probably find it hard to choose which one to start with! Thanks for offering this brilliant prize!

  233. Hi Alison,

    Good to hear you are better!
    I would love to cook beef stew and dumplings in the ninja cooker, my boyfriend loves making dumplings so it’s something we can do together & it’s a lovely warming meal to have in winter!

  234. I would cook a beef bourguignon – it would lovely to be able to taste it and have delicious tender meat rather the shoe leather I always serve up

  235. Hello. My first instinct is mini apple tarts, especially at this time of year. A topping of whipped cream with my Cozee Home heated blanket. Perfect night in!

  236. I would love to try and bake some cupcakes and a lemon drizzle cake. My two children would ask for some seasoned crispy chicken

  237. I’d love to cook a vegetable and lentil soup to begin with 🙂

    Sorry you’ve been poorly, but I’m very pleased you’re feeling better now. Feels like every time we start to get back to vague normality along comes the next mutation!

  238. Hi Alison

    The Ninja looks amazing. My favourite dish is chilli so would love to see if this gadget would make cooking it easier, quicker and tastier!

  239. Sorry you were both ill over Christmas, and glad you have recovered.

    The first thing I would cook would be a bulk batch of Bolognese to put in the freezer. Saves so much energy and time.

  240. Hi Alison after 52 years of making basic everyday meals I would love to try out new and interesting new meals with a Ninja Foodie. Take care x

  241. Hi Alison
    It would have to be the richest long cook Lamb Curry. I have a recipe that takes an age to prepare and cook. Shaving any time off this would be such a boon.

  242. Would love to have this in my kitchen, a bit like a live in chef, which would suit me very well as after a hard day at work, I can rarely be bothered to make myself a decent meal.

  243. I would love to make a roast in the Ninja. Our favourite meal but it does make a mess when done in my oven!

  244. I tried my first ever croque monsieur just before covid lockdown – it was absolutely delicious and I’d love to make my own version in the Ninja Cooker

  245. I would cook so much in this ninga cooker. Anything from homemade KFC chicken, homemade fish cakes, home chicken Kiev’s. I would cook stews and lovely one pot dishes. Oooh the ideas!!

  246. So sorry your Christmas plans were scuppered by the pesky covid but glad you’ve both recovered and are feeling better now. The Ninja looks an amazing bit of kit, so versatile you could probably completely do away with using the cooker. If I had one the first thing I’d cook would be a nice cake, probably lemon drizzle, to say thanks and treat my Colin who does most of the cooking these days. Next up would be a tasty Vegatable Stew with some Crusty Bread then I think I’d attempt a full Roast Dinner and a Sticky Toffee Pudding.
    Stay healthy and best wishes to you, Colin & the rest of the QVC family for 2022

  247. I’d be spoilt for choice for what I’d cook first. It sounds like this ninja could do anything! I think I’d start by making my fave winter beef stew and I’d be planning what to make next while that cooked!

  248. it would have to be a teriyaki barbequed pork joint yummy we love Japanese cookery and there are so may useful gadgets on this it would be perfect

  249. I’d use the pressure cooker to make a lentil soup like my mum used to make in her big old pressure cooker when I was little

  250. Hi Alison

    I would make a full Sunday roast and invite family round as they think I can’t cook. They would be so surprised

  251. Would have to be a rendang to celebrate my wonderful wife and as a thank you for the happiness she has brought me in our years of marriage.

  252. Fabulous prize! I think I’d play it safe and start off with a proper Sunday roast, it’s ages since I’ve had one (and I didn’t have a Christmas dinner either).

  253. I’d cook my favourite bbq pulled pork in the Ninja if I won! It’s delicious done in the slow cooker and makes a versatile meal loved by all the family

  254. Hi Alison,
    I would love to cook a roast in the Ninja along with the side dishes, I’d also try a chicken curry…mmm making myself hungry just thinking about it

  255. Happy New Year Alison,

    I’m all for comfort food at this time of year and never more so than now, so I’d choose to make a creamy, slow-cooked rice pudding with lots of nutmeg, or an indulgent, steamed syrup sponge. Yum!

    Here’s to a happier, healthier 2022 for everyone!
    Best wishes to you and your loved ones,
    Louise x

  256. This NINJA looks amazing, I have an AGA, so using this would be such a bonus. Being vegetarian, I would be experimenting with cheese souffles to use up the Christmas cheese. Good luck all

  257. Hello, I am currently waiting for an operation on my jaw which the wait maybe some time. Id have been told this week to eat only soft unchewable foods to ease the pain. I would have the opportunity to make lots of lovely soups

  258. My Ninja is the best thing ever bought from you. Used every single day by someone in the family. My favourite is simply a whole chicken in one side and roasties in the other, finishing at the same time !. A machine in which you can have a huge variety of foods with no effort or energy use !! Keep going with all your blogs, love reading them

  259. This ninja cooker looks amazing, you can even make yoghurt in it would have to try that first imagine home made yoghurt sound yummy, wishing you a happy healthy 2022.

  260. Hi Alison,
    I would make a rich beef stew and invite all my lovely family, how lucky am l. Perhaps save a little for Lou my constant companion ( my dog).

  261. Happy New Year to you Alison. I would bake bread or should I say try to bake bread. Always something I have planned on doing but never done. I don’t think there is anything more comforting than a hearty bowl of soup – yours above is a prime example, with some gorgeous warm crusty bread. Good food doesn’t need to be complicated. Take care, Dawn.

  262. Hope you and your hubby feel much better soon. I remember the beauty bashes too with very fond memories of going with a very good friend who’s sadly no longer with us. If I won I would cook Lancashire hotpot like my mum made, yummy. Kind regards Teresa xxxxxx

  263. Just love the ninja products I have the duel air fryer and I can honestly say its the best thing I have purchased over the many years I’ve been shopping on here I would love to win this never won nothing in my life.

  264. Hi

    I think I would cook something nice like a roast, either beef, chicken or pork along with the roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  265. I love stew and dumplings this time of year. However if I was lucky enough to win, the first thing I would cook would be Lamb Kleftiko – one of my favourite Greek dishes.

  266. Hello Alison,
    Thanks for arranging this competition prize. The winner will feel very lucky. I would make a slow cooker beef joint in it with all the traditional roast trimmings to warm us up on these chilli days.

    Take care.
    Virtual hugs from Lisa x

  267. Would love to make a really delicious curry for all my family to make up for all the meals we’ve missed together through covid

  268. On let me think what I would cook in the Ninja Cooker, it would have to be something healthy. Certainly fat free so as you can air fry in it I would have to try my slimming world chips. I bet they’re delicious in it mmm yummy

  269. Hmm…. I’d make a lovely creamy fish pie and then I’d make a clementine upside down pud with custard !
    So glad you’re feeling better xxx biggest hugs 💞

  270. Hi Alison I d make a lovely Greek kelfdiko to remind me of our beautiful family in Rhodes and bring us closer together Glad you are feeling better looking forward to Dimonque on Tuesday

  271. I think the first thing I would love to cook in the ninja is a lovely warming jambalaya . Happy New year to you Ali

  272. I will be making a veritable feast for my grandson who I have hardly seen in 2021 because of lockdown and COVID – he is 9 months!

  273. Lovely blog again – the first dish I would cook in the ninja would be a warming beef casserole which my grandchildren love.

  274. The first thing that I would cook is labscaws…a Welsh dish like the Liverpool scouse. Had covid and been terribly ill and couldn’t go home to Wales for Christmas…making it would bring back memories of Welsh get together at Christmas. Good luck everyone xx

  275. I am not a very good cook but with the Ninja I would love to cook a Sunday lunch of roast beef / Yorkshire pudding plus all the trimmings and surprise him with a lovely perfect Sunday lunch .

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