Badger to blonde and botanically-powered skincare!

Well, it’s been just over a week since I returned to work and it feels like I’ve never been away – but for all the right reasons 🙂 I was glad to be able to get my nails manicured professionally and I’ve finally had my hair sorted! I realise I’m way behind the majority of my colleagues, who’d clearly planned ahead of time and booked in for the 4th July when we were legally allowed to! But, as my Nanny Timms would have said, ‘all good things come to those who wait’, an adage I am in complete agreement with.

It took a fair bit of time for the colour to take, as I’ve not had this much root growth in years, but I’m more than happy with my much shorter choppy look and thrilled with the highlights too. Also very grateful to Jo at my hairdressers in Windsor for squeezing me in for a late appointment!

It had been four months and 10 days since I’d last seen her, and although I’d taken the scissors to it twice, I was running out of ideas. I was quite chuffed though when she told me that I’d managed to maintain the condition and the colour very well considering. I told her I’d been using Philip Kingsley’s Elastisizer and more recently their new product Elasti-Styler that you apply to the ends of your hair before blow drying. It’s item number 241006 and really helps to strengthen and condition the hair. Jo set her salon up over 11 years ago, and for her, like so many other business owners, the last four months have been very difficult, so I was delighted to know that she’s been fully booked since the 4th July.

I have to admit to laughing out loud at some of the comments you’ve written here on the blog about your hair disasters. They reminded me of a hilarious Billy Connolly sketch where he’s talking about buying a razor for his beard and coming home late from the pub one night and using it on his hair… straight through the middle of his parting! 🙂 I hope if you’ve not had a chance to see your stylist yet, you won’t have to wait much longer.

Since I last wrote, the sun seems to have deserted us, but I’ve been outdoors anyway working on my latest DIY project. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen my first foray into the world of sanders and dremels! We bought a wooden garden bench some years back and it had become more than a little weathered, so I decided to give it a bit of a makeover.

I tell you what, this sanding lark is not for the faint-hearted!

It took me about a day to completely remove all the old varnish and stain, but I was very pleased with the way it looked once I’d finished it off with the creocote.

The next job I decided on was to re-vamp the teak chairs that we inherited when we bought the house seven years ago and haven’t been touched since.

They’ve come up a treat and have inspired me to make it a hat trick and sort the table out as well. I’ll post a photo of that too once I’ve finished it. 🙂

I had a lovely walk with Kathy Tayler just before I came back to work, and we spotted these beautiful poppies. It was pure fluke, as I know they flower for just a short while and as we had torrential rain later that day, I’m pretty certain they would have lost their gorgeous scarlet heads.

Talking of rain, although I had vowed I wouldn’t get bogged down with the weather, I had a wonderful day with my daughter Lucy and granddaughter Honey in spite of the dampness! It was so good to see them both again, and Lucy had packed a fabulous picnic, we headed to Old Town Gardens in Swindon. Such a beautiful place, opened in 1894, and boasts an aviary, a covered bandstand, a rose garden and a sunken garden too! Luckily the rain had stopped by the time we arrived, and we found a dry bench under a huge beech tree so we could sit and eat our lunch. We also found this fabulous statue of Peter Pan.

It’s been there since World War One, although it was stolen in 2004, returned to the gardens, but then beheaded in 2011! Mercifully, it was recovered and restored but is now in storage for safekeeping, so this one is a fiberglass replica. Honey did a good job of striking a pose, I thought. We headed into town to get some paint on our way home, and I bought a little flamingo for Honey. Unfortunately, the paint pot fell off the trolley along with Honey’s new best friend resulting in this disaster! Honey was inconsolable… until I discovered six more identical flamingos on a shelf and so she chose a new one. I was relieved although somewhat guilty that it wasn’t us who had to clear the mess up!

We had some wonderful news from Australia, when my niece Claire wrote to say that she is expecting a baby on the 17th December! My brother Peter and his wife Sarah are over the moon! Claire and her husband Cale lived here in the UK for two years, only just managing to get back to Sydney before lockdown. I miss them very much but am delighted for my brother and know how much he is going to enjoy being a granddad. 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy some of the special things we have lined up for you at QVC, not least the Liz Earle Today’s Special Value on Sunday. It’s on pre-sell prior to that (242633) and it includes a host of your favourite products: Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, plus the recently launched Brightening Botanical Drops and the new generation Skin Repair moisturiser. There will also be an Auto Delivery option too, so you can receive the entire collection again in 60 days time at the SAME price! I’ll be with you on Monday wearing a fabulous new leather loafer from Vionic (185570). It comes in four colours – Black, Navy, Wheat and Grey – incredibly comfortable with a suede upper, yet eminently stylish. Great with jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts. I think you’re going to be impressed!

Take care, stay safe, and I hope you can join me on Saturday when I will be reading the first part of a two-part story on Instagram and Facebook at 7.30pm. Do keep in touch. I’ll look forward to hearing from you whenever you have a moment.

With my love,

Alison xxx


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  1. Hello Ali
    Wow you have been a busy bee. Your hard work paid off and you did a great job. We did similar items earlier in lockdown and it was very therapeutic to see it change to something really nice. We are thinking of changing our garden to a more easy maintenance one. We have decided to be sensible and let someone else have the ideas and do the hard work! I am trying hard each day to do a little more to return to normal life. I am still not pain free with my IBS and diverticulitis and it is trial and error with medication to see which one works. The latest can take up to four weeks to kick in. It’s been a long haul but I am battling on and take each day as it comes. Honey seems to have shot up in height recently. My granddaughter has also grown before my eyes. Perhaps we notice more with not spending time and seeing then so often. Your photos are lovely and nature pops us with beautiful things when we least expect them. Your hair looks lovely. I am getting mine done next week with over two inches of roots to cover. I can’t wait. It’s lovely seeing you back on our screens and I look forward to your shows. Take care and stay safe. Sending love and hugs as always. Judith xx

    1. Dear Judith, I’m so sorry to know that your IBS has been bothering you. My mum had diverticulitis for the last 10 years of her life, and it caused her a great deal of discomfort. I very much hope you will find something to give you relief sooner rather than later. You’re right about honey growing taller – she has shut up and I’m certain will do more growing this summer! It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny baby in arms. I do hope you enjoy getting your hair done, and that it will be a good day for you. And you’re right about the unexpected things that bring pleasure in our lives – let’s hope for some more sunshine soon! Take care and thank you for writing, love Ali XX

  2. Glad you are feeling better and good to see you back on the screen. Love the hair.
    Take care of yourself
    Karen x

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for the compliment! Yes I am very pleased with my hair – it’s so much easier to style now that it has colour in it! I do hope that you are well and staying safe. Love Ali XX

  3. Hi Ali glad you are much better. I love your hair. Honey is just like you. Such a lovely smile. Glad you managed to sort out the flamingo disaster x Elaine

    1. Hi Elaine, yes the flamingo disaster was quite upsetting at the time, but honey has moved on as little children do thank heavens. 🙂 Yes, I’m really pleased with my hair colour and it’s interesting you say I look like Honey as I found some old photographs of Lucy when she was the same age and she and Honey identical apart from hair colour! I do hope you’re well, love Ali XX

  4. Your hair looks beautiful Ali , looks like you been very busy on the wooden seat and chair , Poor HoneyBee least had another flamingo 🦩 for her , that happened to us with fence paint all over my shoes up my trousers the handle broke as lifted on to checkout ,they gave it us for free , floor was right mess too .
    Lovely poppies such pretty flowers .
    Take care see you on Diamonique on Tuesday

    1. Dear Sally, that sounds like a disaster! I’m glad they gave you the paint for free and I do hope you managed to get it off your clothes. This one was water-soluble so I’m certain they were able to remove it without leaving too much of a mess but as I said I’m exceptionally glad they didn’t ask us to do it! Cheeky I know…. I hope you enjoyed the Diamonique show on Tuesday – I have a lovely show on Sunday afternoon with Michelle Mone And some of her beautiful Diamonique pieces. I hope you can join us. Love Ali XX

  5. Hi Ali,
    Your newly cut abs coloured hair is lovely as always. I don’t actually think that’s much of a wait! Your colleagues were just very lucky. Quite a few people I know have to wait til August so you’ve done well! It’s terrible the job losses that are starting. Unbelievable worry.
    Sounds like a lovely day with Lucy and honey and glad she got her flamingo in the end!
    You’ve done a great job with your garden furniture too. And glad you’re feeling ok now. Lovely you saw Kathy too and lovely news about her granddaughter.
    Keep well.
    Susan x
    Ps you know your pinned tweet is still January..makes me laugh 😂

    1. Hi Susan, I need to stick another tweet up there! I hadn’t realised it had been there so long! You’re right about getting my hair done – I was very lucky for it to be just two weeks – I know other people as you say are having to wait. I’ve got to wait until mid August to see the dentist which is a little unnerving as I have lost two fillings! Although somethings seem to be improving I realise for many folk there is a lot of uncertainty ahead especially regarding jobs. I do hope it will improve. I’ve still got to finish the table and then that’s all the furniture done. I have really enjoyed doing it but thank you for the compliment. I hope you are well, love Ali XX

  6. Dear Ali lovely to catch up on your blog as always. Your garden benches look great & you did well to persevere with them .What a beautiful photo of the poppies it would look lovely enlarged & put on the wall.
    Ooops re the paint & flamingo!! The worse thing I can remember was years ago we were in Harrods (only window shopping on a trip to London) & my youngest daughter was with us when I heard this almighty crash -as it happened it wasn’t Charlotte but my heart went in my mouth a full table of bone China was all smashed on the floor! Thank goodness it wasn’t as there was a sign up saying ‘all breakage must be paid for’ the poor woman whose fault it was had to have medical help she almost passed out.
    Well I had plans to book the train to London to finally see Charlotte & Ivy but fate had other plans. My husband who has been suffering from the effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer had a bad bleed. The ambulance came but as you know only too well no one can go with the patient. We were both in shock and I was very worried made worse by the fact that you can’t be with them. He was too poorly to be bothered with his mobile phone so apart from ringing the ward I felt helpless. Thankfully our wonderful NHS once again proved it’s worth and managed to control the bleeding and he came home after five days. He has to have urgent more in depth tests now. We are just waiting for the phone call. The best laid plans …
    On a much lighter note it was lovely to see you on air again looking so well too.
    The Vionic shoes look great & as the late great Victoria Wood would say you can tell when you are getting older when you see shoes & say ‘they look comfy’
    I am looking forward to finally getting my hair done this week – I am expecting miracles like coming out looking ten years younger, but I am sure I will feel it after all this time.
    Take care & everyone stay safe lots of love from Julia xxx

    1. Dear Julia, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a difficult time and your husband has been poorly and readmitted to hospital. You’re right about things being harder when you can’t actually be with the person. Going into hospital alone last month was scary, but the NHS staff were amazing as you said. So sorry you couldn’t see Charlotte and Ivy but I am certain you will be able to soon. I hope that the tests being run will find an answer and that whatever is causing the problem it can be fixed. I Also hope you enjoy Getting your hair done and I’m sure you will feel a lot better for it. Thank you for keeping in touch, do let me know how your husband gets on. Love Ali XX

  7. Hi Ali your hair is looking great. I know what you mean about elasticizer – it did save my hair in lockdown and my hairdresser also was impressed by how i had managed to maintain the condition. I placed my order yesterday for the elasti-styler and cannot wait to try that too. I have to say i was watching you on the Diamonique show on Tuesday and i loved that rose pink lace dress you had on. It really suited you. Cant wait for the Liz Earle shows – my favourite brand of all time. Honey looks adorable bless her. Great to see you back xx

    1. Hi Karen, glad that the PK products work for you – I’m certain you will like the Elasti Styler too. Thanks for the compliment – the dress I was wearing was from Phase Eight, but it has sadly sold out so I can I longer wear it. Mind you there are plenty of new styles I’ve got my eye on. I hope you managed to treat yourself to the Liz Earle TSV – what a great lineup of products. Stay well and keep in touch, love Ali XX

  8. Having my hair cut on Saturday can’t wait didn’t think I could get so excited about a haircut. Yours looks really lovely. Take care can’t wait for your story on Saturday xx

    1. Hello there Kay, how did you get on with your hair? I’m sure you must be delighted with it. So glad you’re enjoying the stories and I hope that part one last Saturday from Jeffrey Archer’s collection intrigued you? I’ll be reading the final part this Saturday. Stay well, and thanks for keeping in touch love Ali XX

  9. Hi Ali ,you may get two replies from me ,I’ve just typed one and it didn’t show up, so here goes again, I just love your hair, it’s so good when you finely get to the salon, I’ve not plucked up the courage yet to go ,I’m still colouring it myself but it does need a cut now ,I will finely get my nails done next week I have missed them more than my hair, but it is ready now for some attention, It was good to be able to go to Simon’s for a bbq for father’s day but its still strange having to social distance from family, it must be a huge relief to now you’re tests are all ok ,so no more worrying, to keep myself occupied during lockdown, once house work was done I’ve started knitting again, I was never a good one my mum was the knitter, she would tear her hair out trying to show me, I never got the hang of it but now I’m doing quite well, its only baby stuff, dresses,cardigans and hats for babies in Uganda and a refugee camp in Greece, I’ve also knitted a load of premature baby hats and incubator blankets to our local baby unit ,and I’m finding it very relaxing, your project with the garden seal looks lovely it’s so satisfying when you can make something look so good instead of having to buy new cary on the good work ,sorry if you get two replies, stay safe and keep well ,lots of love Linda F xx

    1. Hi there Linda, lovely to hear from you and I’m glad you’re going to be able to get your haircut. You’re right though about the nails – although I got used to doing mine – they never looked as good as they do now they’ve been done professionally. Well done for taking up your knitting. Are used to find it very difficult to do although my nanny tried to show me many times – but when I took a few years back I like you found it very relaxing. That’s very good of you to make all these special things for the children, and to make sure they get to those who need them. I have my garden table to finish sanding and then staying in, but my sister has been to stay so I’ve had two days of doing nothing! Back to work tomorrow, love Ali xx

  10. Alison your Hair is worth the wait very Chic also it suits you!! Family are a JOY and I have 2 Grandkids Sophie9 and Nyla 5 on August3rd so it will be a Garden Party in Wales I have been told ITS her BIRTHDAY haha such Fun one has in small Pleasures one thing COVID19 has made us all to Value Time and People 2 more Babies in December in my Family i sure in time they will be called The Lockdown Generations and we will all just Smile !!ITS ALWAYS A JOY to see you all back on QVC its like Family haha xx Pamela

    1. Dear Pamela, lovely to hear from you and delighted to know that you’ll be able to get together with your family for your grand daughters fifth birthday to. How lovely to have more babysit for two. My niece is expecting her first baby in December 2, but she lives in Australia so I doubt we will see the baby for awhile. I’m glad you enjoyed watching us on QVC – it feels like a family to me too! Take care and stay safe, Love Ali xx

  11. Hi Ali, I’m sure you feel better, as do us all for having your hair done. Worth the wait, it looks lovely. And you have been working hard on your wooden furniture, but what a transformation and how professional they look. All your efforts were well worth it! 😊 Glad you have been getting out and about again, what beautiful poppies you discovered on your walk. Lots of love Anne x

    1. Hi there Anne, yes it was a real treat to get my hair done, and it’s much easier to style it now it has colour back in it too! Thanks for your kind words about my wooden furniture – just the table to finish off and then it’s all done. I’ve enjoyed it, and find it quite therapeutic. Yes, the walk was lovely – I’m hoping I can meet Kathy soon and do it again. I hope you’re well and safe, love Ali xx

  12. Where did baby Honey go!!?? Is this a new little girl in the photo? She is growing really quickly xxx

    1. Bernadette you’re right! It’s a mystery where the last five years have gone, and Honey is really tall and so grown up! I love spending time with her though, and she’s very like my daughter was at that age too. Love Ali xx

  13. Hello Ali, You look wonderful, hair is fabulous & your sparkle is back. My appointment is on Thursday, I can’t moan as I was the last one in the salon on the day they closed & it’s held it’s style really well for 17 weeks, however, I now resemble Lucius Malfoy & that’s not how I want to look! I’m very impressed with your chairs & hope that you’re not doing too much… Honey is lovely & so like your Lucy, I can imagine her horror when the paint enveloped her flamingo, I always seem to be in the vicinity of someone dropping a tin of paint, the last time is was a bright purple emulsion & it sat on the floor quivering like an enormous jelly – mesmerising. Life currently consists of Colin running or reading & me gardening or reading so it’s really exciting that the shop that collects cat food pouches for recycling has reopened, we had a sizeable collection & even though I wash them out thoroughly they still retain an odour so wearing a mask came in very handy this morning as I handed them over. On a positive note we’ve had an uplifting email from the CEO of Malvern Theatres about their plans for the future, it’s one of our favourite places, I’ve lost track of how many incredible performances we’ve seen there & can’t believe that our last visit was only in January to see Blithe Spirit with Jennifer Saunders, it seems like a lifetime ago. The thought of theatres & concert venues closing forever has really bothered me & I’m keeping my fingers crossed that most will survive. Your comment last week that you’re older than me made me smile because it’s the other way round, I’m 17 months ahead of you; we’re both 62 this year with Colin celebrating his birthday last Monday (it was a very wet day) & mine’s in October. Like many I love the Saturday evening story, I think that writing successful short stories is a talent few have & including all the emotions, characteristics, descriptions & storyline in precis form must take some doing. Enjoy the lovely weekend we’ve been promised. love from Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, sorry I missed Colin’s birthday, but I remembered yours was in October like my Lucy. So glad that the Malvern Theatre is hopefully re-opening soon. I know how much you both enjoy your visits – I will be telling me about Jennifer Saunders in Blithe Spirit. How did you get on with your hair appointment? Hopefully less like Lucius Malfoy now? I’m glad you can get rid of your recycling effectively now – tuna tins always whiff even though I wash those out too! I’m glad you enjoyed last Saturday’s story, and I agree, it takes real skill to write a truly good readable short story which is probably why I’m having such a job finding a decent collection! Last weekend was definitely better than this one’s turning out to be although had changed from green to yellow so is desperate for it. Which books have you been reading? I would recommend Where the Crawdads Sing and A Single Thread – both excellent but for different reasons. Take care, and thank you for keeping in touch, love Ali xx

  14. Hi Alison your hair looks great makes you feel so much better doesnt it. Wow your chairs and bench are great Clare has,been repainting chairs,and the old rocking horse we bought the children surprising now they look brand new now.Ottilie is one on Sunday can’t believe it and Willa starts big school in September .Not had any luck selling the house yet someone wanted it but needed to park three big vehicles we can only get two cars on our drive. The weather is holding out but not looking so good for Sunday annoying we thought we might go to swanage for the day . Well time to get the tea best wishes to you all glad your feeling better now, btw have they said what caused you to faint. Love Loraine.

    1. Gosh Loraine, I can’t believe Ottilie is already a year old! It seems like yesterday when you wrote to tell me she was born. And Willa starting school too… so is our second granddaughter Calla. They grow up so quickly don’t they… I hope you maybe managed to get to Swanage on Saturday instead of Sunday – the weather was definitely better on that day here. Fingers crossed you may have a few viewings of the house by now. My niece is trying to sell her flat and I think it’s picking up a little now. I hope that you and the family are all well, and getting to see each other? Take care, love Ali xx

  15. Hi Ali,
    You look tres chic with your new hair style. I bet you couldn’t wait to get to the hairdressers. Well of course here in Wales we are lagging behind England as ours only reopened on 13th July. As I mentioned previously I have been cutting my own hair so I am ok for the time being . I might carry on cutting it but the only trouble is I have to have a shower every time I cut it as the hair gets everywhere. I will have to see if I can get one of those capes that you put on at the salon. It will save a lot of hassle.
    You’ve been busy renovating your garden furniture. Job well done.
    Even though there are a lot of things easing from lock down we still haven’t been going far as the public conveniences are still closed!! I don’t know how you are supposed to go out for the day when you can’t ” spend a penny”.
    It was lovely to see the poppies in your photo. We have some yellow Californian Poppies that have appeared in our garden. The birds must have dropped the seeds as we haven’t planted them. I tried sowing wild flower seeds but nothing came of them . Just got some more poppy , lupin , and Love in a Mist seeds. So fingers crossed they take root. I love getting flowers for the garden that remind me of when I was a child. We had lupins and wallflowers to. Some things can transport us back to our childhood such as smells and flowers. Where I lived as a child there used to be a country lane leading to what was always referred to as the Brook. We spent many a happy day playing there as children. To the left side of the brook was a field that was called the Bluebell field for obvious reasons. It would be covered in the spring like a blue carpet. It was truly stunning. I keep meaning to pay a visit there to see if it is still the same. Perhaps though its best to just remember it as it was in case the magic has gone.
    Well that’s enough of me reminiscing!
    Take care, all the best from Tina S. (S. Wales ) xx

    1. Hi there Tina, lovely to hear from you and you’ve certainly helped me to travel back down memory lane with all those flowers. Love in the Mist were my mum’s favourite and she gave me some seeds years ago, which flowered again this year. My dad used to plant lupins too, and irises were a firm favourite with him too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen yellow poppies but I do have some poppy seeds to plant which I shall do next year. How do you manage to cut the back of your hair?? I could only do the sides and the front and had to shave Colin’s hair at the back too! You’re right about the public loos being closed. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the number of people at Bournemouth beach and the toilets were closed! Nightmare! It’s raining here today so we’re not planning to go far at all. It’s good for the lawn. Take care and thanks for writing, love Ali xx

      1. Hi Ali,
        Hubby helps cutting the back of my hair. Its a joint effort. I must be very trusting, LOL !! Look forward to your next blog. x Tina S

    1. Thanks Sandra. I’ve really enjoyed working on the furniture but it was a real treat to get my hair done. Felt SO much better. I hope all is good with you, love Ali x

  16. Hi Alison , I love to Watch your shows you have some lovely clothes on you had a lovely dress on on last Thursday night do you buy on the show or is it one of your own please .

    1. Hi Tina, and thanks for the compliment. QVC provide me with most of the clothes that I wear on air because we sell them. I think the dress you were referring to was a Ghost design – one of our newer fashion labels. Have a look on line if you like it as there are quite a few options. Ali x

  17. Hi Ali, Your hair looks lovely well worth the wait. I got my cut on Wednesday got a different style well last time got it cut February just couldn’t wait. Honey is growing to fast she is going to be tall I think. What a difference in the garden furniture you have worked hard on them.
    Glad to see you back.

    Take Care x

    1. Hi Christine, Good for you to go for a completely different style when you had your hair done. A change is definitely as good as a rest I feel! And yes the same story for the garden furniture. Just the table to finish now. I think you’re right about Honey – her dad’s sister is also very tall! It’s good to be back, although the year seems to be flying by! Love Ali xx

    2. Hi Christine, Good for you to go for a completely different style when you had your hair done. A change is definitely as good as a rest I feel! And yes the same story for the garden furniture. Just the table to finish now. I think you’re right about Honey – her dad’s sister is also very tall! It’s good to be back, although the year seems to be flying by! Love Ali x

    1. Morning Denise, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Yes the blouse is from QVC – it is Marla Wynne Layers and is currently available in several different colours. Ali x

  18. Hi Ali

    Lovely blog as always and so wonderful to see you’re out with your gorgeous Honey! Can’t wait til I can share time with my granddaughters but as yet still sheilding.. So cruel not to be with them but won’t be long hopefully. Thank goodness for faith hope and love which I live by. May have to get myself the Dominique circle necklace with that sentiment on!! Still trying to source lulu s Time in a bottle perfume. I remember your friend also loves this. I think qvc would sell bottles of it . My very favourite of all time ( pardon the pun)!!! Can you have a word and make all us girls very chuffed.

    Love your hair and it definitely gives you a boost for sure. Do Take care and stay safe always.. You and all your lovely family..

    Sending love and hugs and blessings

    Christine x x x

    1. Dear Christine, I’m so sorry that you still haven’t been able to see your grandchildren. I can’t imagine how I’ll be feeling now if I’d not been able to see Honey or Calla for all this time… but I’m certain for you all to be well and very soon. I remember the necklace you are talking about, and totally agree with the sentiment. Hopefully will be able to join me on Tuesday for some more beautiful jewellery. In the meantime stay safe and well and I hope you’ll be reunited with your family very soon, love Ali Xxx

  19. Pleased you enjoyed your visit to the old Town gardens. My sister in law lives in Highworth near to Swindon and I must get her to go and see the gardens. Honey looks lovely and you suit your new hair do. Keep well

    1. Hi Judith, thank you for the compliment about my hair – it’s such a relief to get it done at last! I know some people still waiting… Yes I am sure your sister-in-law would thoroughly enjoy the gardens – we plan to go again in the not too distant future. I hope you’re safe and well thank you for getting in touch, love Ali Xx

  20. Hi Ali looking great as usual ! You have been busy it’s great to get some jobs done especially the kind we’ve been avoiding isn’t it? At the moment schools start back on the 12th of August here so I’m getting my hair done just before cant have an I’ll kempton lollipop can we? Honey is so big now but she still looks like her glamorous gran ! Take care n stay well xx

    1. Hi Susie, good to hear from you – are you looking forward to going back to work? I’m sure the children will have missed you and it’s a great job you’re doing. You’re right about getting those jobs done that you’ve been trying to avoid – I always feel much better for having done them though. Good luck with your hair and thank you for writing to me, love Ali XX

  21. Hi I have not replied before but just wanted to say I love the stories you have been reading. I have also just ordered the special offer from Elemis so looking forward to receiving this. I really enjoy reading your blog and pleased that you are feeling lots better now after your experience when driving. That must have been very scary! I think everyone will be relieved when this long last few weeks will hopefully pass and we can see our family. Best wishes to everyone out there. R w

    1. Dear Roz, I’m really pleased you felt you wanted to comment and that you enjoy the blog and the story time. Wonderful too that you managed to get hold of the Elemis TSV at that incredible price. It didn’t last the day! I must admit I am feeling far better these days although still a little loathe to go walking on my own. Colin and I went for a cycle last night – a first in many years – so hopefully that will be our exercise for the foreseeable. Take care, and do keep in touch, love Ali xx

  22. It shines through how important F❤mily is to you, lovely to see. Growing too with addition for December, Congrats 🎉.. I’ve ordered the Aqua Laser Duster set in my fave colour of blue, fave shade too. I’ve also ordered a Diamonique bracelet. Will be extra sparkly with my teardrop earrings.. Great to see you looking so healthy after your recent scare; you’re positively glowing.. Stay safe enjoying life, Maureen in Dublin 🤗 P.S. Looking forward to storytime. I commented after Jeffrey Archer part 2, with suggestions re Pigeon Gate 😊

  23. Hi there Maureen, lovely to hear from you and I’m glad that you got the Aqua laser TSV while it was still available. I can’t remember the last time something sold out before 9 am! Blue was Honey’s favourite colour too. Was the Diamonique bracelet the one with baguette stones? I think it’s a fabulous design and one of the largest and most sparkly that we do. Hope you’ll be able to join me for the next Diamonique show. And I’m glad that you continue to enjoy the stories – I will go and check out your comment now. Take care and stay safe, love Ali xx

  24. Hi Alison I just found out your birthday is in March can you tell me the date ,I hope you are keeping well x

  25. Hi Alison
    Love your hair looks lovely. It’s good to have our hair and nails sorted after so long!
    I was watching you on the Laura Geller show on Thursday 27 August and I loved your long sheer black over blouse. Is it from QVC?
    Enjoy your break, stay safe x

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