A four day, four Easy Pay event and a fond farewell… for now

Well, we seem to be motoring through May and I’ve definitely had a busy 10 days or so since I last wrote, but having turning up a tad early for my manicure in Windsor I decided to take a walk around the town and re-visit one of my favourite places in the town.

The castle is probably top of my list, but this beautiful Jubilee fountain (pictured above) was inspired by the Queen’s crown jewels and constructed to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  And so here we are, 10 years on and about to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee next month!  There’s a definite buzz around Windsor with celebrations planned for the 2nd and 3rd June – street parties, fireworks, river trips and more – but at QVC we’re one step ahead with a very busy and exciting four-day event starting this Saturday.  As someone who is invariably chasing my tail, being ahead of the game is an enviable position to be in, but all that is hopefully about to change – I’ll tell you more in a moment.

Firstly, thank you for your kind birthday wishes for my granddaughter Honey who was seven years on the 6th May.  I drove up in time to collect her from school and then we went to the local carvery for her birthday tea but saved her cake until we got home.

Lucy had suggested I make ‘Pickle’, a Pokemon character for her, and luckily she was delighted!  It was actually one of the tastiest chocolate sponges I’ve made as I swapped out the caster sugar and replaced half of it with muscovado – of course, all mixed in my KitchenAid.  I think I’ve only missed making one birthday cake out of the last seven, and it’s a lovely thing to be able to do for her. 🙂

Honey’s proper party with her school friends was on Saturday when Colin and I looked after our youngest grandson Corey (who’s just turned one) and his seven-year-old brother Rhys.  We had such a lovely time, playing football, feeding the ducks and generally pottering about. It gave Joe and Hayley a day out at Ascot too, so definitely a win win situation!

I had a very belated celebration of my own too – a dance lesson with the Strictly Come Dancing star Ian Waite that my friend Jo bought for me for my 60th birthday present. What with the pandemic and then Ian’s various TV and touring obligations I’d not been able to book in with him until now, but my salsa lesson last week was amazing! I’ve always been an avid fan of the TV series for years so this was literally a dream come true.  Mind you, I’d not got a clue what to do, but Ian made it so easy.  Not only is he a fantastic dancer, teaching me the routine in less than 40 minutes but he is also charismatic, friendly and a very genuine man.

I have the memory forever on film and you can find it on my Instagram page @alikeenan1 if you fancy a watch?  I was too nervous to look up and away from my feet, but you’ll get the general idea! When I was younger and fitter it was always my dream to be on Strictly but this was definitely the next best thing.  Just magical. 🙂

I’ve digressed, and I really do need to tell you about this very special four-day event at QVC that runs from Saturday 14th May and finishes just before midnight on Tuesday 17th May.  There’ll be a ‘Summer Garden Celebration’ over the weekend, and then our ‘Looks to Celebrate’ event for the following two days with FOUR EASY PAYMENTS ON EVERYTHING – including clearance and sale items too! So let’s celebrate summer together with everything you need for the home, the garden and yourself! Maybe you’re planning a weekend get-together or a Jubilee street party?  If so, we’ve got food, lighting, BBQs and fire pits – everything you could possibly need to get your space ready for all manner of feasts and fiestas!

If you bought our Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer you’ll know I’m a huge fan of this brand so I’m delighted to be launching the Ninja Creami Ice Cream and Dessert maker with Gail Samways at 9pm on Saturday 14th.  This incredible machine makes ice cream, gelato (which is denser than ice cream), sorbets, milkshakes and frozen yoghurts. Plus, with five tubs to enable you to pre-freeze and prepare ahead of time, you can make up to 2.25l of frozen desserts! I paid £3.80 for a single scoop of ice cream in a cone at the weekend and I wasn’t sure exactly what was in it either! Buy this and you can create your own desserts, your way with YOUR ingredients.  So, if you prefer soya or oat milk, maybe skimmed or full fat, or if your choice is dairy-free, low sugar, keto or vegan, you take control.

You can create a much healthier dessert by adding fresh fruits, your favourite ingredients, and no artificial flavours, and it may be possible to get the fussier ones in the family to drink milk or eat eggs when they’re disguised! Fill the tub with your ingredients and freeze for 24 hours then process it within minutes!  Join Gail and me at 9pm and then again at midnight and we’ll show you how. We also have a fabulous stand mixer from Cooks Essential’s if you fancy making other desserts, and a 22L multi-oven incorporating an air fryer and a rotisserie – perfect for cooking your party food in half the time.

But, you can also order ahead of the street parties from the fabulous range of food we have on offer. If you don’t fancy baking your own cakes then let The Baking Boys do it for you! They bake tarts too, but if you want muffins then The Original Cake Company are already on it and will be spoiling us with their 18-piece British cake selection too. Chunk of Devon will be providing the pies and the 6’O Clock Gin Company will have the alcohol and mixers. Remember everything will be available on 4 Easy Payments too! I might see if I can sample the gin before I’m with you at 11pm for an hour of DIY when we’ve got a brilliant lawn scarifier from Darlac, the Sport-Brella Premiere umbrella (I bought two for the grandchildren) and an aluminium folding ladder with a platform from Buildcraft – perfect for hanging your bunting!

But before you do that, or send out your invites and bake your cakes, maybe have a think about refreshing your wardrobe and stocking up on beauty supplies ahead of the two day Bank Holiday? On Monday and Tuesday, we move into our ‘Looks to Celebrate’ event. Bearing in mind it’s going to be a mighty Platinum Jubilee, we thought you might like to treat yourself to something new for what is bound to be one of the most photographed events in some years. We have a whole raft of your favourite fashion labels, headlining with DuJour and a stunning Wrap Front Printed Maxi Dress in both regular and petite lengths. It’s our Today’s Special Value on Sunday at 9pm so if you can see yourself in this beautiful print and bold colours, then I’ll be with you at midnight after an hour featuring another one of our original fashion ranges – Denim and Co. Also featuring across the two days are White Stuff, Masai Clothing Copenhagen, Wynne Layers Fashion, Moda in Pelle, Monsoon, Ruth Langsford Fashion, Skechers and Kim and Co. Many of these brands you won’t find anywhere else but with us – online and on-air!

The same will apply to all the beauty brands showcasing their very best offers in skincare, nailcare, and tanning products. You’ll find everything and more on our website QVCUK.com and remember, EVERYTHING including clearance items are on four Easy Payments across the entire four0day event! Phew! It’s a lot to look forward to and it’s been months in the planning, but we’ve got something for everyone and I know you’re going to enjoy it. 🙂

And so, to my final bit of news…

The midnight show on Sunday will be the last one I present at the Q for a while as I’m taking some time away from work. As you probably gathered from my last blog, I’m finding everything is taking so much more effort than it used to and so this three-month sabbatical will give me the time I need to recharge and regenerate and hopefully return rejuvenated! Colin and I also hope to get away for a while – he needs a break from the building work too – and then we plan to spend more time with the family over the summer.

Sadly, it means that there won’t be another blog for a few months or more but I’m sure I’ll post up a few photos on Instagram or Facebook over that time if you’d like to follow me and keep in touch? In the meantime, thank you SO much for your continued support and kindness over the years. It means more than you know. Take care and “au revoir”.

With my love,

Ali xx


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  1. Dear Ali, very best wishes for your time away. I hope you are able to rest and feel renewed and have a wonderful time. I will miss you – love your style of presenting – and hope to see you back in good health and spirits before too long. Much love xxxx

    1. Take good care of yourself, Alison ❤️
      Make the most of your time away to refresh and recharge 💐
      Sending lots of love,
      Joanna 🌈

  2. Oh Ali, you will be missed. I hope you and Colin enjoy your time together and that your 3 month sabbatical will help you both to feel rejuvenated. I know you have lots going on with the rebuilding of your house and this does take its toll. Have a well deserved break and rest, and I look forward to your return. With love and best wishes Colette xxx

    1. Enjoy your sabbatical, it will be good for you to rest and have some quality time with the family, and we can look forward to seeing you back at QVC, in 3months.

  3. Dear Alison
    What a very interesting blog to ‘pause’ on! You always provide such lovely photos and discussion, and news etc. Honey’s cake looked amazing – how lucky for her to have a Grandma/Nana like you! Sorry to not see you on QVC for a time, but I can SO empathise with how you feel, so I am sure you are making the right decision for now. Enjoy your time of ‘freedom’ and reflection. I know you will have a lovely time, with family, friends and enjoyment, and come back totally refreshed! Good luck!

    1. Dear Alison I haven’t replied for a good while but I always read your blog. What a great cake you made for Honey I bet she loved it you are so creative.
      You have been so busy alongside doing massive home improvements. Sometimes we are on autopilot but there is a need to switch off both the mind and the body for a while.
      I have found that while grieving and your body tells you to slow down and take stock.
      I had a very up & down few months but thank goodness for lighter nights and the garden I find the garden a great comfort. I ordered Richard Jackson lawn food – there is enough for Wembley Stadium so will share with friends!
      . The drop in group I attend has been a great help and although there have been many tears along the way we have shared laughter too. I have just got back from a lovely two weeks in London with Charlotte Adam and the little ones. Ivy (5) asked if I could stay till Christmas and Edith just 1 while I was there melts your heart. It did me the world of good. I am having some surgery at the end of June I have waited 2 years for so hopefully no hitches along the way.
      You will be missed on the screen as well as by your colleagues I’m sure but you will be able to come back well rested and have more interesting blogs to write about the time with your family and friends.
      I haven’t succumbed to Facebook yet maybe I could tackle Instagram !?
      But until the next time make some more wonderful memories and I and many others will look forward to hearing about them on your return lots of love and thankyou as always, Julia xxx

  4. Hi Alison am going to miss you terribly on presenting would never know you are struggling you are such a professional. I don’t have Instagram or Facebook so never aware of your struggle. Hope fully your break will succeed and you will be welcomed back with enthusiasm and love by us all. You live in a lovely part of the country and have wonderful friends hopefully will be able to catch up with the lovely Kathy Taylor another lady we miss .Your blog as always so interesting I wish I had replied to you before but not being very techno savvy not very courageous.So dear Alison take care enjoy your time away with Colin your children and those special grandchildren lots of love and hugs always in my thoughts Sue xxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Alison so glad your taking some time of to recharge sounds like you need it and Colin does, we all push ourselves sometimes and need to listen to your bodies, time to be together and see family is important. Clare and Geoff are back from Euro Disney and we had a nice time looking after the dog and chickens, we are now looking forward to our trip to Sicily and my cousins party before we go. I will look out for you Facebook posts have a lovely time both of you. xxx 😀

  6. Hi lovely Ali yes i totally agree with you about the lovely Jubilee fountain in Windsor. It really is lovely sitting near there. Have been many times. I used to live very near Windsor and miss it so i love to visit there whenever i can. Wow Honey’s cake looked really lovely. What a treat to finally get your dancing lesson with Ian. Am enjoying your recommendation of the Julia series. Many thanks. Finally well done on the decision to take time to recharge. I really dont blame you at all. Enjoy every moment. You will really be missed on QVC for now as will your regular blogs. Take care Ali. Sending you loads of love for a restful time xx

  7. Oh no, missing you already, but needs must! Take great care Alison. Hope to see you soon x 💐

  8. Hi Ali, like everyone else I hope you take the time to look after yourselves, you’ve had so much on recently I’m sure it’s the right thing to do. I will miss you on screen and your lovely blogs, but hope that you enjoy your time away and time with your family. Take care of yourself and hope to see you refreshed and recharged soon. Lots of love, Anne x

  9. Hi Ali best wishes for you and your familly. You are just another presenter that we hope to see on QVC soon. Ihave been watching for years and one by one the best presenters have left or whatever else happened to them.Some of the presenters do not come over as genuine about the products but you always do. Hope to see you presenting in a few months. Enjoy your time together. xxx

  10. Hi Ali , I’m going to miss you so much! Such a lovely kind warm person that always cheers me up,but happy for you, it will be lovely for you and your family to spend time together, precious time, and to recharge you batteries,sorry to hear you have struggled recently your such a professional we would have never have known. Honey’s cake was amazing! Keep well Ali and enjoy my lovely, miss you already! Xx

  11. Hi Alison, how very sensible of you to take a break. You have been through a lot and we know only too well life is short. I think sixty is a point when we take stock and realise what is important. Enjoy your sabbatical, we will all miss you but come back refreshed. 🤩

  12. Hi Alison. Love it when you are presenting – you always look so elegant and I just love your hairstyles. Have a wonderful break with Colin – put your feet up and enjoy the rest. look forward to your return.

  13. Sending lots of love! We will miss you! Enjoy time with family and friends….. they are the most important and most precious things in life. Hoping you will come back soon – if and when you can. X

  14. So enjoyed reading your blog,what a wonderful Birthday cake, and I’m sure Honey was thrilled with it , as for your dancing, maybe we will see you on strictly next year 🤞 I hope you have a very special time away from Q enjoying life relaxing and making beautiful happy memories. I will miss you take care lots of love xxx

  15. Dear Ali, so sorry to hear you won’t be around for a while – I’ll miss your presenting and lovely blogs but, of course, it is important that you take some time away for your health and to recharge your batteries! The Q won’t be the same without you😥
    I had a lovely time seeing Keith Urban’s show (he was brilliant)! and, of course, seeing my brother albeit for such a short time. I think it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! (Do take a look at some of the Hammersmith performances on YouTube).
    Well, take care Ali.
    Love Tina xx

  16. Alison,

    So sorry to hear you will not be on QVC for a while but you are always there for others (and us fans of QVC) so enjoy your time off with Colin and your family and make some new memories for you to treasure.

  17. Hi Alison, I will miss you as you are not only a lovely person but also brilliant at describing the items, everything I always want to know you seem to answer! Ian White is an absolute joy isn’t he, my friend and I met him when he did a strictly tour, we literally bumped into him in the street and he chatted for ages. Have a wonderful rest and recharge and look forward to seeing you later in the year. Love Linda x

  18. Have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you refreshed and healthy in a few months time. Take care

  19. I wish you well – you’ll be missed, but health and well being are important and I hope you have a lovely break. It’s good to step away from things sometimes.

  20. Dear Ali, will miss you, but health and well-being comes before anything. I hope you have quality time with your family…..and RELAX!! I’m sure you’ll both feel so much better for it. Look forward to hearing your news in the future. Love Merchexx

  21. Enjoy your well deserved break, but please come back Ali. You’re a great presenter and seem such a caring lady. Take care Ali xx

  22. Hi Alision I am going to miss you so much you are a lovely person and I enjoy watching you and reading your blogs I do hope you have a lovely time with Colin and your family some times we all need to take time away from things we do to recuperate and rest our body’s sometimes we all do more than we should .Look after yourself and can’t wait to see you back.All my love to you and your family .xxx

  23. Dear Ali, I’ve not written before but feel I need to this time. I will miss you, I do love your shows. You are an inspirational lady. I hope during your time away from the Q you will take care of yourself and enjoy your time with your lovely family. Lots of love and best wishes Beth x

  24. You will be missed Ali, you are always a joy to watch lovely lady. Thank you for brightening my day with your cheerful and professional presenting. Enjoy your well deserved break and especially your family time. Love Sue xx

  25. Ali carr. Am gonna miss u but totally understand that u need a break. Every 1 does from time 2 time. Gonna miss u presenting the diamonique shows at 8pm on Tues. Will look forward to seeing u bk after your break. Take care stay safe x

  26. Hello Ali. I seem to get longer and longer to say hello to you but as you know my health issues have been so challenging that time runs away. I have read all your blogs and I love hearing what you have been doing.a little late I know, but belated happy birthday ! Although you will be missed on screen, I am sure you will find the break from work will do you the power of good. Sometimes you just have to step back for a while. John is trying also to slowdown, although his services have been required this week as my son injured his ankle and is wearing a boot! Needless to say he cannot work. Apart from keeping his puppy occupied whilst he is at work, running round trying to run a business and looking after me he is beginning to look and feel a tad tired. I’m sure all will sort out. Take care and enjoy your “you” time with Colin and the family. Love and hugs Judith xx

  27. Sorry to here that your stepping back, but glad for you, there comes a time when we all have to sit back a while and smell the roses life is too short as you yourself know only too well. You, Colin and your family have a wonderful life you so deserve it. Your one of my favourite presenters on QVC and I will miss you, hope to perhaps see you back there one day, but until then do not be a stranger, love and hugs lovely lady, be happy! X

  28. Enjoy your break, it’s important to have special time for you & family. Your presenting is lovely to hope to see you back before long xxx

  29. You really do feel like a long time friend on QVC.so you will be missed,so many changes don’t hardly know any of the lady presenters anymore,enjoy your time with your family but don’t forget to come back afterall who’s better than you with diamonique 😂

  30. Sorry we will not see you for a while but hope you can get some well deserved time off to rejuvenate over the summer months. I love reading the presenter blogs and yours is always so interesting. Take cares x hopefully see you soon back in air.

  31. Best Wishes to you Alison, you do need to take it easy but you will be missed on QVC will look forward to viewing again when you are refreshed and back on tv in the meantime enjoy your trips and family get together and take care xx


  32. Hello Alison. Enjoy your time away and take care of yourself and your family – and your QVC family will be here when you return X

  33. Alison I wish you a very much deserved review and hope that you get to rest, recharge and spend time with the ones you love..you so deserve it and life is precious..please take care and I’m sending lots of love and hugs . Thank you for the wonderful blogs, for reading mine and supporting me through sad times..your kindness is generous, sincere and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mary x

  34. Hi Alison I hope you have a very peaceful few months off to recharge your batteries,,looking forward to seeing you when you get back,will miss you

  35. Take care lovely lady and enjoy your much earned rest . It’s so important to go with what feels right for you ,and you will get to spend some time with your lovely family and have a wonderful summer xxx
    Much love – Will miss you xx

  36. Looked like you enjoy your dance with Ian Waite a memory to treasure, and as usual Honey’s cake looked lovely. We all come to a point when we need to look after ourself and recharge our batteries, you and Colin will both be able to do that and spend more time with your family.so Alison you go and enjoy your time away and I look forward to seeing your posts now and again on facebook, take care and good luck xx

  37. Hi Ali,
    As the other ladies have said we can empathise with your feelings very much so hope you feel more rested with these months off. So good of qvc to allow you that time. Hope you return and good luck with the house and your health. Take care x

  38. I will miss your lovely smiley face on QVC Ali but wish you and Colin well for your travels and time with your family. Have lovely break, you deserve it x

  39. Hi Alison hope you feel well and rejuvenated after your break you will be missed take care enjoy your time with your family

  40. Hi I’m so please you are able to take some time off. It’s good that you have told us too not letting us wonder. I hope you enjoy your summer but please come back we will miss you xxx

  41. Dear Alison I like watching qvc when you are presenting the jewellery as you have such a nice voice and a kind and easy way with you I also love just watching qvc to see what you are wearing as you are always so smart in your appearance I will miss seeing you all the best to you and your family from Roberta in bonny Scotland take care x

  42. Hi Alison this is my second reply I don’t know what happened to the first one! I always read your blog but I haven’t replied for a while struggling with the long winter nights that made me feel more alone than ever since Keith died. But once again the garden is a great comfort and sunshine & lighter nights lift the spirits. You have replied with kind and comforting words that have meant a lot to me.
    The cake for Honey was fabulous you are so creative and I bet Honey was thrilled.
    I recently had a couple of weeks stay in London with Charlotte Adam Ivy (5) & Edith had her 1st Birthday while I was there. Ivy asked if I could stay till Christmas and Edith’s smile would melt any heart. I am so lucky to have such a supportive family with my 3 daughters.
    You too seem to have such a loving husband and family and to spend more time with them over the next month can only be positive. Sometimes both your mind & body need to take stock and recuperate.
    The last item I got from QVC was Richard Jackson’s lawn feed there is enough for the whole street such good value. I will share some too.
    Take care and I along with many others will look forward to seeing you back on our screens once again.
    Lots of love Julia xxx 🤗🤗

  43. Enjoy your time away …..and recharge your batteries ….🙁 to see you will not be on qvc for a while ….but best wishes and enjoy the time away with the family .Look forward to seeing you when you return.

  44. Have a great summer Ali, you and Colin have had a really hard time over the last few months so take a breather, re-charge your batteries, treat yourselves to a lovely holiday and come back to QVC fully refreshed. See you again soon but don’t stay away too long.

  45. Hi Alison. I echo all the other lovely comments left for you… I wish you a very happy sabbatical! You’ve picked a lovely time of the year to rest and rejuvenate. See you again on the other side. Jane X

  46. Hi Ali, loved reading your blog. Sorry you wont be on our screens for a while, but pleased you have recognised you need a break. I think our bodies tell us when we do. Hope you get plenty of R and R and enjoy spending time with your friends and family and your lovely Colin. Have a lovely holiday and hope you come back to us fully refreshed and chilled. Much love Karen xx

  47. Dear ALI i have not written before but l was missing you on QVC and wondered why you were not on there but have a lovely break wish you all the best

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